28 November 2008

Cum Craver Loosing His Virginity Part 2

Brian arrived late that night. It was the first time I had ever snuck out of the house. One reason for it being easy for me to sneak out was because my parents were out of town. My sister was still there but she sleeps like a rock. I remember calling him at the predetermined time and he said he was waiting on the side of the road about a 1/2 mile from my house. I snuck out and walked out to the road and then looked farther down the road and saw a car with no headlights on just sitting there. I started walking towards the car at a quickened pace because I didn't want anyone to see me out walking around. I lived and grew up in a rural area with all family members living around me and of course everybody knew everybody. I reached his car and got in on the passenger side. I immediately got the same feeling as if I was standing back at the urinal and just noticed Brian's dick swelling in his hand. He greeted me and asked how I was doing and I replied cordially. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place and I said yes (emphatically).

On the way to his house my age finally came up in conversation. I knew damn well that what he was doing was illegal and could land him in jail, a sex offender status, and most of all cause me all kinds of undue public and private scrutiny. I lied (quite boldly) and said I was 18. He saw right through that for reasons I'll divulge later. He said "Nah. You're younger than 18. Aren't you?". I hung my head in shame and he asked what my real age was. Still knowing that what I was doing was illegal, I lied again and said 16. He bought it this time. He said that he was cool with my age as long as we didn't tell anyone. He never once said the proverbial "This is our little secret" line. I think he knew I was mature enough to understand what we were doing was illegal.

We arrived at his apartment and I can still remember it today. I have driven by several times over the years wondering if he still lived there. Being a college town it was highly unlikely that he did. It was pitch dark outside and the parking lot was deserted. Brian led me into his apartment and showed me to the couch. He asked me if I wanted anything to drink and I said that I would take a coke. After retrieving our drinks he came and sat on the couch next to me. We sat and exchanged small talk for a little while before he asked me if I wanted to check out his room. I happily agreed and followed him into his room. Once in his bedroom, Brian began to kiss me and lick up and down my neck. It was at this very moment that I realized that one of my "g" spots was my ears and neck. I shivered from head to toe and my already rock hard dick became even more engorged. After removing my clothes, Brian laid me on the bed and began sucking my dick. This was the first time that anyone other than myself has touched my dick in a sexual way. Almost immediately I told him to stop because I was so close to cumming. He said that it was okay and returned to kissing me.

After about 30 minutes of Brian and me making out and grinding our bodies together, it became evident that he was a top and wanted to fuck me. I, realizing at an early age that I was a bottom, had been inserting various inanimate objects up my ass in an attempt to know what the feeling of a dick sliding in my hole felt like. I experimented with carrots, plunger handle, and my favorite was a candlestick with the wick removed. On a few occasions I'd become a bit over zealous and break out a cucumber or banana. Needless to say the last thing a virgin needs up his ass is something as thick/long as a cucumber. The banana on the other hand I was confident would fit but that damn pesky knob on the bottom made it IMPOSSIBLE to get that thing started up my ass. It was just a very rough textured knotty end that hurt like hell. Candlestick it is. Brian sensed that I was probably willing to let him fuck me even though I told him I was a virgin. He was adamant about him being able to take my virginity. I told him that we could try but I couldn't promise anything. He agreed and he soon got the bottle of lubricant out of his nightstand drawer. I never asked him about condoms. Probably because I knew deep down inside that I was born to be a cum dump. That my only purpose in life was to wind up taking loads in any and every orifice that I could find a dude to nut in. He greased up his dick and my hole and started very slowly trying to ease his dick into my hole. He was able to pop the head into my tight virgin hole but then the pain became absolutely unbearable. He kept telling me to relax, and "Push out while I push in". I felt the fire from 50 hells burning in my asshole and begged him to stop. He did pull out but kept telling me to relax. I can remember the smart ass in me coming out and replying to him with "You try and relax when you've got a damn hot poker gettin' shoved up your ass". He laughed and said we could take a break.

After some more small talk I told Brian that I didn't think he was gonna be able to take my ass tonight and he said he understood. He asked me if I had ever tasted my own cum and I replied "Of course." He asked if I wanted to taste his cum and of course I said yes. Brian said for me to lay down on my back and to open my mouth. He started by easing his dick into my mouth and started pushing at the back of my throat. I immediately started to gag and he pulled out. Sensing I wasn't ready to start deep-throating an 8" dick he told me to stick out my tongue and he started to slide his dick over my tongue and face using my spit as lube. He continued to "face fuck" me pushing the head of his dick from my tongue up into my eye. He continued this until he began breathing heavy and said he was gonna cum. I thought that he was gonna put his dick back into my mouth but I would later learn that his favorite thing to do is paint a young boy's face with his creamy load. That is just what Brian did. He said he was cumming and the next thing I knew there were thick ropey strings of cum squirting out of his dick. I, not knowing better, never closed my eyes and wound up with an entire face full of cum. It was in my hair, in my eyes, up my nose (which burned worse than my eyes), and in my mouth. He came down and started licking his cum off my face and then started to feed me all that he licked up. He cleaned my entire face off and I swallowed it down eagerly. After cleaning up a bit Brian asked if I was hungry and I said yes. He took me to Taco Bell and we each got a bite to eat and I got a large coke to wash down that salty taste in my mouth. He notified me that eating cum makes you hungry and now during all these years I've found that to be true. On the way back to my house Brian told me that he has an affinity for young boys. I asked him how young and he said boys my age. He asked me if I had a good time and I said yes and looked forward to hooking up with him again. He told me he wanted to also but reminded me that we
would have to be very discreet. I said that I could do that.

Brian and I hooked up several more times over the next few weeks and after a few times trying, a lot of lube, and a lot of patience, Brian was finally able to take my ass cherry. He continued fucking me and blowing his load in my hole whenever he was horny for some fresh boy pussy. I was like his little cum dumpster that he used when he got horny for some innocent boy hole. I learned in our encounters that Brian had gotten into trouble before by playing with boys my age. At one point he told me he was a registered sex offender. I remember telling him that it was okay. In my head I secretly thought that it was hot as fuck having an older guy take advantage of me. I knew (subconsciously) at that time that I was going to spend the rest of my life servicing guys and allowing myself to be taken advantage of. This is my destiny. This is my purpose.

My First True Rape Experience

Fast-forward 14 years.....

I had been chatting with this really hot guy on Manhunt from San Francisco that was visiting my area. He says in his profile that he likes urban redneck bottoms. Well that caught my eye because that describes me to a "T". His profile says he's a top looking for bottoms for everything from vanilla to extreme. Including edging, water-sports, cbt, b/d, s/m, rough and much more. We chatted for a while about what he wanted to do to me. He said he'd like to handcuff me, blindfold me, and give me the rape experience of a lifetime. I was all game for that. I had done a little bit of role-play before but never like this. I decided to give him a try and see if he was true to his word.

He said he was going out with his friends but said he'd call or text me when he got back. I was supposed to be at work at 4 am and at midnight he texted me saying that he wanted me to come over so he could rape me. He said to meet him at 1:15 am at the corner of ****** Street and ********** Street. At 1:18 am I texted him saying I was there. I stood on the corner leaning against the light pole. After a few minutes I saw a man walking down the street with a black t-shirt and camouflage shorts with black leather gloves on. He came up behind me and put his hand over my mouth. He pulled out a blindfold and tied it around my eyes and then forcefully led me back down ********** Steet.

We came to the driveway of house which he led me down. He made me get on my knees and start sucking his dick. While on my knees he pulled out his handcuffs and put them around my wrists. Tight. We were only about 35 feet from the roadway and there was no cover. A car came driving by and I freaked a little bit. He said "Shit!" and I asked "What?". He said it was a cop car. I said "Holy Fuck!". I told him we couldn't do anything here because police cars routinely travel the road we were on. He said to get up and then led me further down ********** Street to the house where he was staying. He led me through the gate and beside the pool. He forced me down on my knees and made me start to suck his dick. He had no mercy when it came to shoving his dick down my throat and I started to gag some. While he was skull fucking me I could feel something in the waistband of his shorts that was hard and was hurting my nose as he forced me down on his dick. He pulled me off his dick and the next thing I knew he had put the barrel of a .40 caliber handgun in my mouth. It dawned on me then that this dude was for real about raping my hole and had evidently done this before. He told me how he got off on forcing faggot cock-suckers down on their knees and holding them at gunpoint while he totally raped them and had his way with them. He was dipping Skoal the entire time and kept spitting his Skoal juice in my face, in my mouth and all over the top of my head. This skull fucking and went on for at least 45 minutes. He would alternate his dick with the barrel of the gun and then spit on me some more. He kept making me gag on his dick, force feeding me poppers, and at one point he had forced me down on it so hard I threw up in my mouth. He shoved me away and I spit it out on the concrete. He forced my face down on the concrete and ground my face in my own puke. I was totally humiliated.

Shortly after him grinding my head into the concrete and puke with his boot, he force fed me some more poppers and threw me over a lounge chair and spit Skoal juice all over my hole and used it to lube it up. He then shoved his dick in my ass with no mercy. It hurt like fuck and burned like fire. He had obviously ripped my hole open and the Skoal juice was burning the tears in my ass. This got me rock hard because I knew that his man juices would be sure to get soaked up by my torn hole. The poppers kicked in and my hole opened up allowing him full access to my cum dump.

During the time he was raping my hole one of his buddies came out of the house to see what was going on. I could hear his buddy say "Carry on". He did just that and out came the gun again. He made me suck on the barrel of the gun while he pummeled my hole. After about 20 minutes of fucking he said he was going to piss up my ass. He flooded me with a massive load of piss and then pulled out abruptly. I could feel some of his piss dripping out of my hole and onto my legs and feet. He turned me over on my back and laid my head against the lounge chair. He straddled my head and made me eat his hole and suck his balls. He alternated his hole with his dick and the barrel of the gun. All the while telling me he was going to blow my brains out when he came.

At this point it was getting late (almost 3:30 am) and he said he wanted to see me shoot my load. He took off the handcuffs and allowed me to start jacking my dick. He then made me continue to eat his hole and he jacked off and shot a massive load all over my t-shirt. He made me leave the blindfold on and then led me back out to the street. He walked me back to the light pole and removed the blindfold and told me to get lost. See the attached picture that shows my shirt covered in cum, Skoal spit, piss, and puke.

27 November 2008

Cum Craver Loosing His Virginity Part 1

Well my first sexual experience was when I was 15 years old living in a small town in the south. My sister, her boyfriend, and I as the "3rd wheel" went to the movies. Of course my sister and her boyfriend went to a different movie than I so that I wouldn't see them making out. About halfway during the movie I had to take a piss badly. I went to the bathroom and stood at the urinal. While letting loose the piss of a lifetime, an older guy (late 20's) came in and sauntered up to the urinal next to mine. I noticed that he was rather good looking and was rather manly. I have always been attracted to masculine men and he was the epitome of masculinity. Just before I got done pissing I noticed that he was checking out my package. Having known that I like guys but never acted on it I immediately became rock hard and when I glanced down at his package he was rock hard too and stroking on it. I remember like it was yesterday. My heart began to race, my face and neck flushed red, and my knees started to shake almost uncontrollably. Here, the details begin to fade. Mainly because I was lost in ecstasy at what happened next. He (I'll call him Brian) commented on how nice my dick looked and of course I returned the compliment. Brian (in my mind) had a huge dick. Much bigger than I had ever seen in the locker room at school. Of course none of those were hard. I remember reaching out to touch his cock and it was the most pleasant (so I thought at the time) thing in the world. Brian said that we might get caught if we continued standing at the urinals and he suggested we go back to his place. I told him I was with my sister and that I couldn't leave the theatre. He said that we could go into the handicap stall and mess around in there. I (not knowing the inherent risks) agreed anxiously and followed him into the stall. Brian sat me down on the toilet and said that he wanted to feel my mouth around his dick. I opened my mouth and in his dick came. I remember him being exceptionally long and thick. Although that could be because I was so young and a hard dick right in my face for the first time probably made me think it was a foot long and as thick as a beer bottle. Knowing better, I'd have to guess that he was about 8" long and about 5" thick. He tried to stuff the entire thing into my mouth but it just wouldn't fit and my teeth were scraping him pretty badly. He notified me shortly thereafter that he was not going to be able to cum because of the location. I suspect that it could have possibly been that it was also my first time ever sucking a dick. He asked how we could meet again and I told him that I could take his phone number and call him. He gladly offered it up and he thanked me for sucking on him some. I remember returning to the movie with my hard 6.5" dick rock hard stretched up and into the waist band of my tighty-whities and tucked away tightly under my tight fitting wrangler jeans and leather belt. It was absolutely painful to sit there with that kind of hard-on. I rode home with my sister and as soon as I got inside I made a bee-line to my bedroom where I quickly jacked off and shot my load all over my stomach. A few days later I called Brian and we set up a time for him to pick me up.......

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride