11 December 2009

200 Followers Already?

It seems just a few days ago I was posting on here that I was approaching the 100 follower mark . That was the end of June. Now it seems I am just days away from 200 followers. Milestone to say the least. I'm just glad there are (as of this writing) 194 dudes that are interested in my sex life. I rewarded you guys with a hot re-count of this hung Cuban daddy that bred me deep and some other adventures that night.

So my question is this. What do you guys want from me as a reward for reaching 200 followers?

To get you in the mood here's some pics of this muscled Russian hottie I saw in Subway tonight.

Cute face

Strong back

Awesome arms

Comment on this post if you care or just email me and I'll post it for you. Of course you can remain totally anonymous and your privacy will be protected.

Cut the Shit Anonymous #5

This post also comes from the comments on my Ask Cum Craver Anything series.

Anonymous #5 writes -

"Cool blog...I'm a BB bottom as well. Although I am somewhat experienced at douching, I still haven't mastered the technique to make sure I am always 100% clean. Although I have had very few "oops" moments, I still get nervous sometimes. Any tips? Greatly appreciated."

Very good question Anonymous #5. I'm surprised no one else has asked this one yet.

To start there are a few rules that I always follow.

1. Never eat immediately before getting fucked if you can help it. If you must, eat a light meal or just a snack to hold you over. After eating a full meal I am in no mood to fuck.

2. When you feel the need to go. GO. This is one of those 24/7 rules you must follow always, even if you're not getting or planning on getting fucked. The chute (for lack of a better, less medicinal title) is only made for two purposes. The first, biological, purpose is to transport it from your innards to the bowl. Secondly, it's there to accommodate dicks of all sorts. It's not meant to store anything for periods of time. So. Bottom line (pun intended) when you feel the need to go. Get your ass on the bowl.

3. Buy yourself a good douche. I have 3 different styles. One that is semi-permanently mounted to my shower head,

Courtesy of Fort Troff

one that is portable,

Courtesy of Fort Troff

and one that is convenient for quick jobs.

Courtesy of Fort Troff

4. Whichever douche you decide to buy make sure you use it good and thoroughly. One tip though. Only use plain luke warm water. Never use soap or anything else you may be tempted to shoot up your bum. Soap will strip away the natural lubricant your hole produces as well as the bacteria that you need down there. If you were to strip away that lubricant and bacteria you'd make your hole a breeding ground (I should really stop myself) for some viruses. Now if you're a chaser then this may be a way to hasten your goal. But back that's a topic for another post. What I do most often is douche in the shower because you probably wanna get clean on the outside as well as the inside. I turn on my shower mounted douche and let it run at about half-power. I stick it up my bum and hold the water in and let it fill me up until I can't take any more water. Then I shoot it out like I'm aiming for some poor bastard's eye. I repeat this several times. Then when the water runs completely clear I put it back in me and let it sit there except this time I relax my ass and let the water fill me up and run out at the same time. I then wiggle it around to get in all the nooks and crannies . I then expel all the water out that I can. This gets most of it but just in case I always douche when I first get in the shower. That way I can spend time cleaning up and washing. Then, in case any more water finds it's way out I will still be in the shower. This has proven to always be a successful method for me with the few exceptions when I was in a hurry and not as thorough.

I hope this helped you out some.

Popping Anonymous #4's Question

This posting comes to you courtesy of my Ask Cum Craver Anything series.

Okay, well sort not really popping the questions but it does relate to poppers.

Here's his comment -

"Hey buddy...great blog! I too am a cum craving bottom. Especially love that you love to get fucked while sniffing poppers. Best way to go. Question, what's your favorit brand? I was digging Locker Room for awhile but the bottle always runs empty way to quick. I understand everyone has different reactions, but I'm looking for something in which the high is good, bottle last, and doesn't give you that dreaded poppers headache. Let me know. Thanks!"

Thanks for the comment Anonymous #4 and the compliments.

Personally I dig Jungle Juice Black Label. It's a tad more expensive but definitely worth it. I almost always buy my poppers and other gear from Fort Troff . I find their prices extremely reasonable and their customer service is top notch as well as their shipping/delivery times. Back to the poppers though. I have found that you need to keep them in the fridge, or even better, the freezer. I find that they give me a good high and last a while. However, when they do start to turn rancid (I guess rancid would be appropriate here) I notice they give me a pretty pounding, yet brief, headache.

I'm not sure if I build up a tolerance to them but I have learned to switch to a back-up brand if I'm hitting the JJ too hard for too long. Of course if I'm in a group setting I like to try everyone else's poppers. That way I can try before I buy if it's a brand I've never partaken. Definitely get some JJ Black Label and try them out. If they don't work for ya send 'em my way.

Speaking of poppers I need to go get a new bottle. Juan is coming to visit me for the weekend and if we're gonna fuck as much as I'm hoping then we're gonna need them.

Here's a pic of me taking Chaz's dick back in February. It's saved on my computer as "Poppers does a body good"

08 December 2009

Anonymous #3's Conflictions

Okay. So confliction isn't a word. Sue me. I like to imitate Ruby on the Style network and take two independent words and make my own word from them.

So the question on my Ask Cum Craver Anything post is as follows (original misspellings and grammatical errors were left unchanged) -

"Hey Just found your blog, very nice. I have a question for you. I just meet a guy who is positive. He is the first and only positive guy I have ever meet (or who told me they were positive I should say). I am negitive and am really interested getting to know this guy better. My question is do you ever date and/or fuck around with guys who are negitive? also have you to your knowledge ever infected anyone? I know you are not Orpah but I really sort of lost. I want to stay negitive but really like this guy as more then just a fuck buddy. What do you think?"

Anonymous #3,

I'll try to answer your questions sincerely and give you the most thoughtful responses I can.

Although it wasn't phrased as a question, I could read between the lines of your comment to see that you are seeking advice on pursuing a relationship with a positive guy while you yourself are negative. I am sure you have had sex with plenty of guys who are positive that have just not told you. Whether the sex was bareback or not. I have encountered COUNTLESS guys who are positive that would not tell you for fear you may back out and not allow them to get what they wanted.

Secondly, I am a true believer that love knows no bounds. If you really think that this man could be the one then you have an obligation to yourself to pursue it no matter what. Obviously there would be risks involved. Depending on your preference for position the risks are either greater or lesser. Well known research has indicated that the receptive male partner in a homosexual encounter carries a much greater risk of infection than the active male partner. Of course there are always condoms. But even with condoms you are not guaranteed a risk free relationship. If this man is your true love and soul mate then you will, at some point, have to face the real possibility of seroconverting.

Without knowing you, your personal sexual style (so to speak), and your willingness to accept someone into your heart who is positive, it's hard to recommend which path you should choose. Ultimately the decision is yours and no one else's.

Now on to your first question. I have tried dating guys who are negative but it has never worked out. It's ended with me being the one to break it off because I couldn't bring myself to tell them everything. I guess it is a fear of rejection or some sort of cowardice behavior but the fact remains that I was not able to bring myself to tell them. The relentless struggle in my mind of how I tell someone. Do I trust them enough not to break my heart? This wave of different emotions ebb and flow over my insides like nothing I've experienced before. It's far too difficult for me to continue placing myself in that situation so I now avoid it.

This segues into your second question. Of those guys who have pursued relationships with me, I have never slept with them. I have never knowingly infected someone. I do have LOTS of sex and almost always the issue of condoms is never mentioned. I am a firm believer in personal responsibility and I make it clear that I am a cum whore. I take loads in my hole from anonymous guys all the time, I take almost any load (very few are ever refused), and I make it clear that I ALWAYS bareback.

I hope this answered some of the questions that you have and helps you in your decision.


So, as always, I'm slow on the uptake. Mainly because I'm not one to jump on technology bandwagons and I'm not too technical. I just joined Twitter and find that it may be a useful way to update you guys (or really fucking kinky girls) about my sexploits when I'm not able to write a full entry on here. So if you want to follow me just find me on there under cumcraver .

'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Pozzing Style

Here's a new twist on the classic - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

07 December 2009

"Can u take one right now?"

Earlier today while taking a break from decorating the house for Christmas I decided to log on and see what kind of trouble I could get into.

I signed onto ManHunt, Adam4Adam, BBRT, etc and started the hunt. It didn't take long for me to spot a familiar profile. You may recall from my Southern Decadence post about the 24th load I took while there. In case you're not, it's immediately following the video of the black guy deep breeding me. You can read up on it there as to how I know this guy.

His profile text changed a little bit and this time it said " swapping loads where we don't see them (BB inside you).

I sent him an email saying I was a BB bottom into taking all anon raw loads. He quickly replied back saying "sweeeeeeeeet" and asking where I was. I told him and reminded him of who I was. Back during Southern Decadence, I had told him about the blog and he seemed to enjoy know that I keep a tally and share my experiences with all of you.

We continued chatting and he soon asked me "Can u take one right now?" I told him yeah but that I had to go to work soon. I also gave him my number. He didn't reply for the longest time then (after I had gotten to work) he sent me a text message saying that his check in at the hotel had taken longer than he planned. He asked if I still wanted his load. I told him yeah but it would have to be while I was on my lunch break. We made plans to meet up on my break and for him to load me up.

We continued texting until the time finally arrived. I texted him after I had gone home, showered and was leaving to head over to his guesthouse. I got there, let myself in, and climbed the stairs to the sun deck. Once up there I texted him to let him know. I took off my pants but left on my beanie hat and hoodie. It's unseasonably cool in South Florida. So I notice a guy approaching out of the corner of my eye and I just stand there and start huffing poppers.

After what seemed like a few minutes I finally feel some fingers probing my hole. They feel that I've shoved some Elbow Grease up there and then I feel the head of his dick sliding gently over my hole. He's rubbing it against my pucker getting it fully hard and then he grabs his dick by the base and shoves it in me. I wasn't quite ready to take it and it hurt a bit. He pulled out and shoved in again. Each time he was coating the length of his 7" dick with some lube. He continued this for about 5 total thrusts when he finally buried it in to the hilt. I am bent over the railing of the deck taking his dick raw and moaning. I kept the bottle of poppers snug against my nostril and would take a hit every other breath. I maintained a high for the full 15 minute fuck that followed. Towards the end he asked me if I was ready for his load. I told him to give it to me good. At this point I still didn't know if this was my top or some other guest that happened by. While telling him to breed me deep I said his screen name. He replied "Yeah." I told him to make sure his seed took hold inside my ass. It wasn't much longer before he was really slamming into my ass and unloading his sperm. He stayed in me for a few seconds then pulled out immediately. He said thanks as I reached back to feel my hole. I felt some of his cum around my hole so I pushed it back in. I then licked my finger clean.

As he was leaving I told him to tell the guys down by the pool that there was a BB bottom taking loads on the sun deck. After he left I could see him down at the pool chatting with about 4 other guys. All nude of course. I couldn't make out what they were saying but they kept pointing and I could tell the conversation was lively.

Here's his pics. Used with his permission of course :-)

Dumb Fucking Bot Wannabes - Rant

So I'm on Adam4Adam today and come across this really hot profile. Screen name is top4anyone and his profile reads "Nasty, kinky and naughty, love to try new things, I am open for any subject, love to have people watch me, love to watch aswell, love to please (full load in my balls, fingering, spaking, swallowing, kissing, tie up, belt, rimholes, fisting, sucking and fucking, anal, oral, large toys, bondage, pain, cum Top 8" uncut, Anything Goes HIV Don't Know"

Here's his pics

So I hit him up saying that he has a nice profile and ask what he's up to. He replies back saying that he is staying at a local hotel (gives me the name) and says he's filming a porno there. Immediately I know he's a fake because the hotel he named has been recently demolished and only someone who lives here would know that. I decide to play his game for a bit. Here's our chat in reverse order (because that's how Adam4Adam does it and I'm feeling lazy and don't want to rearrange it) -

Me: no it's far more gone than just "renovation". It's completely torn down. Good luck scamming others.

top4anyone: i know it's under renovation we are the ones who do it boo. later then

Me: ok cool. def some hot pics but i'm really into guys that are real and dont lie. unfortunately you cannot be at the *******. take care.

top4anyone: ok here is the web address just register for you to get in then tell me when you are in so i can guide you to my that cool?

Me: sure.

top4anyone: online will give you the web address. cool?

Me: where can i find it?

top4anyone: cool why not try to watch my latest movie and maybe rate or coment on it

Me: yup all the time.

top4anyone: for a week will be here 2 days u watch gay porno tho

Me: really? cool. how long have u been here?

top4anyone: yeah i am in ****** visiting. ********** hotel that's where i am at now filming a gay porno

Me: ya? where can i find it? in ******?

top4anyone: not much bored checking ratings and comments on my latest porn movie

Me: sup man? How's it going?

At this point I block him and then report the email that he sent me with that crappy link in it to Adam4Adam as spam. So with any luck, by the time you're reading this, his profile will be deleted.

You may wonder why I would chose to expose this character and show his face pics and screen name. I'll start by saying that I have no sympathy for scammers. He may be using someone else's pictures but he's still trying to scam others. Furthermore I would never divulge any of my sources of cum unless they give me express permission to do so. Some have, but I have chosen not to disclose them for other reasons. Mainly I just want to rant about this scum bag.

He does have some hot pics though. Doesn't he?

04 December 2009

"Drop your clothes....cum sit on my face"

Been trying to hook up with this guy for about a week. He's in town on business and was constantly in meetings. Of course late nights are always best for me but they aren't so good for him. Well it was about 11:30pm last night and we had been chatting for a bit. He kept stringing me along promising to fuck me deep. There was no talk of condoms when he sent me the following message.

"Come to the doors of my hotel. Look to the left where there is a plant. I've placed the room key in the plant. Use it to get in the building. Go to floor 3. when you get off the elevator...take a right and come to room 304. use the key to get in the room. Drop clothes...cum sit on my face..." deal?"

I replied that I'd be there in 20 minutes. I got ready and headed right over. I got there and found the key exactly where it was hidden. I let myself in and went up the elevator. Got to his door and opened it to find it pitch black inside. I stripped beside the bed and climbed up. I sat down on his face and he immediately began eating my hole. This guy could eat hole like a pro. It fell awesome to have him chowing down on my pucker.

After about 15 minutes of steady hole eating and 69'ing he came out from under me and retrieved some lube from the bedside table and squirted some on his and my dick. He lined up his dick with my spit covered hole. He pushed in and my hole gave way easily. He fucked me deep and raw for a good 20 minutes. At one point he started sucking on my toes. I'm not a huge foot fetish fan but I was like ehh whatever gets him off. He continued fucking me and at one point his dick slipped out. I reached down and he had become soft. He got back up to my head and put his dick in my mouth. The lube tasted nasty but I was like if me sucking his lube covered dick gets him hard again then so be it. After about 5 minutes of trying to get him hard he announced that "it just wasn't going to get hard again. sorry I just got too poppered up." I was pissed that I didn't get his load but took this as my cue I should leave. I got dressed and excused myself.

After I got home I stripped back down and got online looking for more tops to fuck me. After a little while I noticed a wet spot on my sheets. It looked clear and I thought it was lube. I went and got a cloth to clean it up and that's when I found out it was cum. THAT FUCKER STEALTHED ME.

Little did he know he didn't need to stealth me but the thought of him getting off on stealthing me got me hard as a rock. I turned on some porn and immediately shot a load

Here's his pics

01 December 2009

Gay Fight Club Music Video

Check out this hot video starring Peto Coast.
Right-click and choose show full screen for the best effect.

Anonymous #1's Curiosity

This question came from my entry titled Ask Cum Craver Anything . "My question is if [sic] how long you've been fucking bb for? Do you remember your first poz load, and if so, how was it? Were you chasing?"

Good questions Anonymous #1. I'll answer in order.

I have been fucking BB ever since I lost my virginity. It was not exclusively BB until mid 2008.

Secondly I do remember my first poz load. It was quite sometime ago and I was stealthed by the top. It wasn't until about a year later that I learned he was poz. I started chatting with him again and it was obvious he didn't remember me. He stated in that conversation that he had been poz for 10 years.

I met him on AOL. It began like a lot of my earlier chats with men. I'd ask them all sorts of probing questions to see if they met my expectations and this one did. He was sexy, masculine (country boy), straight acting, nice average body, and furry. He invited me over to fool around and get fucked. I gladly accepted. There had been no talk of condom usage and I could never remember if he told me flat out that he was negative or if in my haste I failed to ask. We made it up to the bedroom where we passionately kissed and fondled each other. He laid me down on my back and began sucking my dick and eventually moved down to my hole. He ate me out for a few minutes and then moved up to kiss me some more. His dick probed my ass and I pushed back to help his dick invade my hole. He wasn't huge but it did take me a while to get used to it. Once he was inside and I was relaxed he pumped in and out all the while making complete eye contact with me. Looking back on the experience he did seem to have that evil stealthing glimmer in his eye. He picked up his rhythm and announced that he was close to cumming. I asked him to pull out but as the words left my mouth he said "too late." I could feel his dick pulsing inside me releasing his toxic load in my bowels. I didn't really freak out like some guys would, mainly because I assumed he was negative and I had taken many negative loads before. I had enjoyed that experience and wanted a repeat until I learned that he was poz. As soon as I learned of his status I went to get a check up and found that I was still neg. Like so many others it was a relief and a disappointment at the same time. It was almost like the two feelings canceled each other out and I was indifferent as to the outcome.

The answer to your third question should be obvious by now. No. I was not chasing at all.

Breeding Jock's Curiosity

This question, from my entry titled Ask Cum Craver Anything is - "How old were you when you had your first sexual experience? And have you ever used condoms?"

To answer the first part of your question, I was 15 years old. You can read about the experience in two of my very first postings: Cum Craver Loosing his Virginity - Part 1 and Cum Craver Loosing his Virginity - Part 2 . I thought it would be fitting to start the blog with an explaination of how a cum craver came to be.

The short answer to your second question is "Yes."

My very first sexual experiences were without protection. Though not a deliberate decision not to use protection, but rather an inadequate knowledge of why protection should be used. After a while of experimenting and knowledge gathering I found out the "why" of why one should use condoms. From that day forward I too, like so many others, led a younger life in fear of contracting an STD. The problem was that I had started without condoms and I knew what it felt like. It's easy to not miss something when someone doesn't know what their missing, but as soon as they do it creates a guttural need to reconnect with that lost feeling. I did what every other closet bare-backer did. I would only play with "negative" guys, I'd ask if they were clean, I'd inspect them for any sign of disease, etc. I did this know I was taking the reigns into my own hands and trusting these tops to tell me the truth.

In closing, I am reminded of a quote from an unknown source that goes something like "Life, itself, is a chronic and terminal sexually transmitted disease."

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride