30 September 2009

Catching up from last week. Part 2

Part 2 begins a few days later. I had been chatting with another tourist who didn't have a face pic. I'm always leery about those who decide not to show their face online. I decide to take a chance and invite him over to my place. He had previously told me he was of Puerto Rican and Japanese descent. On a closely related tangent, While in New Orleans for Southern Decadence , Hville and I were at lunch with 2 guys that we both blogged about. One of the guys was talking about genetics (I know a boring topic but he really made it interesting) and was discussing mixed guys. He was saying that people whose parents come from vastly different gene pools tend to repress recessive genes which allows the more dominate genes in each parent to rise to the surface. Well this theory held true when I met this guy. He came walking up the street and was EXTREMELY good looking. He had on a pair of very loose fitting gym shorts, a dark blue wife beater and a blue visor. He made a motion as he walked towards me saying "Well? What do you think?" I told him he looked good. We walked in my place and went straight to the bedroom. I felt for his dick as he started to undress. His dick started to grow and I pulled down his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his dick flopped out. He was packing 8" x 6" and was nicely uncut. He climbed up on the bed and started watching the new Treasure Island Video - Bone Deep . He got rock hard immediately and I could tell he enjoyed watching Go-Go Eddie's Fuck Party. I got down between his legs and started sucking on his dick and chewing on his foreskin. He started moaning and I feared that he would cum too soon. I asked him if he cums quickly and he replied no. I kept sucking his dick and he continued to moan. Then, as if someone turned on a faucet, he started pre-cumming. I lapped up the sweet nectar that leaked from the head of his meat like I was a pot-bellied starving Nigerian baby. I kept that up until I just had to get his dick in my hole. I figured that straddling him would be the best option since I hadn't taken a dick that big since SD. I got up and reached for my jar of Elbow Grease and started kissing him and playing with his nipples. I lubed up his dick and put some on my hole too. I eased back and aimed his dick head for my pucker and sat down. I was shocked that I slid almost all the way down on his dick with out a care in the world. It felt amazing and I didn't even need time for my hole to adjust. The only conclusion was that I was well on my way to being a power bottom (something I've never claimed before). I rode his dick as he continued to watch the video. He really liked it when I would sit all the way down on his thickness and pinch his nipples. After a while my legs started to hurt so I suggested a different position. He told me he wanted me face down on the bed. That has to be one of my least favorite positions because I love to jack off while a guy is drilling me. But, being the subservient bottom that I am, I complied with his request but instead of laying on the bed proper, I laid across the bed diagonally so that we both could get a good view of the video.

This positioned lasted a little longer than the first and I could sense from his breathing pattern that he was possibly getting close. Of course it is right at the time of the movie when Go-Go Eddie is getting bred by 1 of 4 really hot tops. My suspicions were right and he asked me where I wanted him to shoot. As if he hadn't gotten the clue that I was a bareback cum pig? I hastily told him I wanted it inside me. He asked me if I was sure and I said "YES!" emphatically. He started grunting and let loose a number of nasty comments about me taking his fucking babies. I could feel his dick pulsing inside my hole and I knew that he was breeding me good.

After he shot I was in no position to jack my dick and shoot my load so I got up and offered him a towel. He asked if he could take a shower and I told him yeah. I got him a clean towel as he got in the shower. A few minutes later he emerged with a flaccid dick but still looked damn good. As he was getting dressed I managed to "pretend to check my email on my phone" while I was actually snapping some pics. The light was really horrible and the motion blur was captured but I did get a picture of him.

Here's his posted dick pic online.

Here's the pic I took. If you look closely you can see his soft dick.

Catching up from last week. Part 1

First. If you recall from my last post I hooked up with a tourist that traveled with a portable glory hole. As I mentioned before that's not really my scene. OK so the other morning he hit me up again and thanked me for the welcome present of me giving him my hole as his first while on vacation. I told him that I enjoyed it too and that I'd gladly be his last also if he wanted. He told me he was flying out later that morning and that if I wanted to, I could come over. I told him that I wanted to be blindfolded again and used. If he could find more tops to breed me that would be hot too. He told me to come on over to his hotel and that when I got there I'd see the glory hole (which turned out to what appeared to be a sheet with a hole cut out at the appropriate height and more than likely held up by a shower curtain rod) and to strip down and put on the blindfold. I showered and headed over to his hotel. I walked in the cracked door and saw the "glory hole". I immediately stripped and put on the blindfold. I took a hit of poppers and got down on my knees in front of the glory hole. I felt him slide the fabric out of the way and felt his dick on my face. I started sucking and he started getting verbal with me. He said he was excited to pimp my hole out and couldn't wait for the other top to get there. My dick shot up to rock hard status knowing that another top was on his way over. He lifted me up by my shoulders and led me blindfolded to the bed. He bent me over and made me kneel on the bed with my hole exposed to the crisp air of his air conditioned room. Goose bumps cropped up on my cheeks and I shivered. I wasn't sure if it was because it was chilly in the room or the anticipation that another TOTALLY ANONYMOUS top was on his way over. Just as I was ruminating on that fact I heard the door open and top 2 came in. First words out of his mouth was "NICE!" Top 1 said that I was ready for breeding just as I was taking another hit of poppers. With that top 1 opened up the lube and lathered my hole and his dick. He started pushing in and of course my hole gave way easily. He started pumping my hole good and hard and continued his earlier barrage of words spewed at the back of my head. I felt top 2 get on the bed and he put his dick in my face. He was about the same size as top 1 and was rock hard. I started sucking him as top 1 continued pummeling my hole. I continued jacking and sucking top 2 while top 1 fucked me. Top 2 got off the bed and tagged out with top 1. He shoved his dick in my loose hole and picked up the same pace as top 1 had. Top 1 got up on the bed and I started licking the lube and ass juice off his dick. He was still verbally abusing me and telling top 2 to breed me deep and raw. That pretty much all it took for top 2 to let loose a torrent of sperm in my raw hole. He pulled out and top 1 jumped off the bed and slammed into me. He must have been edging because he too let loose his jizz almost as soon as he got inside me. Top 2 got dressed and I heard him leave. As I laid back on the bed top 1 started gathering my things. He handed them to me 1 by 1 as I got dressed. Still blindfolded after I put on my shorts and flip flops he led be back to where the glory hole was and closed it behind me. He instructed me to get out and to not look back.

Here's his dick pic.

21 September 2009

More Early Morning Breedings

So I've become quite the exhibitionist. I've found that hooking up with guys on my front porch. The hedges out front obscure the casual passerby from seeing what is going on. However if they were to hear something or stop and gaze they'd get quite the eyeful.

It was around 6 am when I was hit up by this guy on ManHunt. He was a visitor and his profile touted that he traveled with a portable glory hole. Not really my type of scene but I do enjoy the anonymity of it. I instead decided to invite him over to my place. He insisted that I be blindfolded and I happily agreed. I gave him my address and directions and told him to text me when he was close. I was already outside naked when he texted. I put the blindfold on and bent over the railing. A short time later I heard him approaching. He came up behind me and whipped his dick out. He slapped it against my pre-lubed hole and it started to get hard. He was about 6" with average thickness and soon he was shoving it up my hole. He fucked me steady for a few minutes before grabbing at the bottle of poppers in my hand. He took a huge hit and then handed them back to me. He started to pick up the pace and soon he told me to clamp down on his dick. Just as I did he said he was letting loose his 3 day load in me. After a torrent of slutty comments he pulled out in one quick motion. He put his hand up to my hole and made sure none of his load came out. After I squeezed my ass some more I was sure none was gonna leak out. He left as quickly as he came and I went back online to see if anyone else was up.

I came across a guy who's been wanting to fuck me for a long time but to be honest he's not really my type and our schedules never matched. He was online this morning and I was just horny enough to take his load. He told me he had the keys to a rental property that was vacant and it turned out to be not far from me. He said he wanted me to piss on myself and then he'd piss all over me and then he'd fuck me. We set up the meeting time and I prepared to head over. On my way it started to rain and I got soaked. I figured I was gonna get wet anyways so what the hell. I got there and he was waiting on me. We walked in and headed straight for the shower. I stripped down and knelt in the shower. He started pissing on me and that's all it took for me to let loose. When he got done I stood up and rinsed off. We then headed to the bedroom where I got on all fours while he played with my hole and ate the previous guys load out of it. When he finished he stood up and started fucking me. His dick was about the same size as the first and he didn't last very long. He blew his load in me and held it in for a bit. After he pulled out a little leaked out onto the bed. The thought of some unsuspecting guy or girl sleeping in the jizz that leaked out of my hole really turned me on. So much so I left it there. He made no move to clean it up and we both got dressed and left.

14 September 2009

Southern Decadence Video

So I was finally able to get the video uploaded. You can check it out Here

12 September 2009

Late Start.....Great Ending

So I was cruising online around 12:00 am doing the usual when I remembered it was a Friday night and still fairly early. I decided to get in the shower, clean up, and head out to the bookstore nearest my house. I got there and got a new bottle of poppers (my others got "used" up at SD) and bought some tokens for the booths. I got in the back and there were a few guys back there. I hung out for a minute and noticed that one of the glory hole booths was occupied and the other was empty. As I was standing there I kept noticing that the guy in the glory hole booth kept looking out at me. Soon after I noticed him I heard another dude start to walk towards the back. He came around the corner and was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. He was tall about 6'1 big worked out arms accentuated by an exceptionally tight gray wife beater. He was also wearing a pair of loose fitting gym shorts. I couldn't see if his dick was swinging because he made a bee line to the empty glory hole booth. I waited a few minutes to see if the guy that kept looking back at me would take the other guys bait and close the door. He didn't. I walked over to the door and found an average looking biker type guy with long black hair stroking a nice 8" dick through a pair of jeans. Not exactly my type but after seeing his face I recognized him from online. He was a total top into getting his dick sucked and fucking ass. Nothing else. I figured I'd suck him off and/or let him fuck me then hopefully the hot guy will still be there. I walked in and locked the door. I started playing with his dick and he whispered to me that he wanted to feed me his dick and cum. I sat down as he stood with his back to the glory hole. I took his dick in my mouth and playing with his balls. He had HUGE bull balls with 2 ball stretchers on. As I sucked him I reached around and put my fingers through the glory hole to make sure the hot guy knew that I was there for him too. I continued to suck biker's dick all the while he was talking trash and telling me how much he wanted to shoot his babies down my throat. This continued for a while and I finally got him to shoot and when he did he held me by the back of the head all the way down on his dick as he pumped his sperm directly down my throat bypassing my tongue. He kind of lingered a bit and I thought he wanted me to leave the booth. It was kinda backwards because he only had his dick out through the zipper and I was completely naked.

He finally got the hint and zipped up and left. I immediately bent down and peeked through the glory hole. I saw the hot guy had his dick out of his shorts. He was half hard and was average in length and girth. He saw me down at the hole and then turned and put his dick through the hole. I started sucking and immediately my mouth was full of dick. He was definitely a grower and his dick grew to a full 9" and almost filled up the entire hole. I was really shocked and delighted. I slobbered on his dick and the remnants of biker's cum coated the hot guy's dick. It was getting really slick and perfect for me to back up on. I spit a gob in my hand and slicked up my hole. I stood up and continued jacking his dick while opening my brand new bottle of poppers. I took a huge hit and turned around. I rubbed the head of his dick against my hole trying to get it lined up just right. Some guys realize this and pull out but this guy didn't make a move. I eased back on his dick and it popped in my hole. Ever since getting back from SD I've noticed that I can take bigger dicks easier. This is good for this type of situation when you really need to just get on with it. As I reached the base my hole was FULL. I took another hit of poppers and eased off his dick. I came all the way off and then slammed myself back down on it. Most guys just let you press your ass against the hole and they take over drilling in and out. This guy just kept his dick still and let me do all the moving. I almost had to take a step forward to get off his dick then a step back to get back on it. I worked like this for only a short time before I noticed that he had gotten soft. His dick slipped out of my hole and he pulled it back through the hole. Immediately I knelt back down and he pushed his softer dick back through the hole. He got hard almost immediately and I decided I'd give it a try again. While sucking him I took another big hit of poppers then stood and forced his dick back in my hole. This time he pulled back some and I pressed my ass against the hole. He pushed back in starting slamming into my ass. After about 2 minutes of him deep dicking me he went soft again. This time when I went down to my knees to suck him some more he had put his dick away and was walking out of the door. Soon I heard him leave the store. I got back up and sat down on the bench sulking that I didn't get his load. I was pissed but glad at the same time that I actually got to service him. About this time the poppers were starting to wear off and whenever I switch brands of poppers it tends to make my throat tickle. I coughed real quick and at the same time I felt my hole give way. I reached down and did a hole check and found it extra slimy. I sniffed and licked my fingers and sure enough. It was cum. I had indeed milked the hot guys cum up from his balls. This made me smile and gave me a renewed effort to seek more loads.

After stroking for a bit more I got dressed and went back out into the halls. I signed onto ManHunt to see what was going on. A buddy that I had hooked up with about 6 months back was in town and wanted me to come over to his hotel. I sent him a message saying that I'd head on over. Right before I left there was semi-cute guy that walked in. He had tattoos on each forearm which is really hot. He went in a booth and left the door cracked. I walked up and he had his 6" dick out of his zipper and was jacking it to some straight porn. I walked in and pulled out my poppers. He grabbed them from my hand and took a big hit. I knelt down and started working on his dick. He immediately got into a rhythm and started skull fucking me. After I could tell he was getting close I managed to pull off and ask him if he wanted to fuck me. He declined and I went back to his dick. He soon got back in his rhythm and was blowing his load down my throat. I thanked him and walked out.

I arrived at my buddies hotel and we hung out for a while and it came out that he had too much to drink and wasn't able to fuck me. After several hours of hanging out we finally jacked off together.

I headed over to the bathhouse which was very close to his hotel to see what was going on. I wasn't expecting much as it was nearly 4:30 am but you never know. When I got there I heard voices from the gym area. I went to inspect and found 2 regulars and 1 guy that had fucked me before but I've never blogged about. Not sure why I've never blogged about him because he if really fucking hot. He's probably in his early 40's VERY well built with an average dick. I'll call him James. The first time we met was up on the sun deck early one morning where I sucked him off. The second time we met was in the video room immediately following his workout. He remembered me from the BJ on the sun deck and came right over and expected another blow job with no talking or expectations. Then I did as he wanted and then he started to finger my hole telling me he needed to fuck. I bent over and let him have my hole where he quickly pounded his load into it. This time, he saw me come into the gym area and make eye contact. I didn't want to interrupt his conversation so I went over to the urinals. Shortly thereafter he came out of the gym and hit the hot tub. I walked past and went to the video room hoping he'd soon follow. After waiting for about 5 minutes I gave up and walked out to walk around some. I came back to the video room shortly after that and right after I walked in so did he. I immediately went to the bench and dropped my shorts and bent over with my poppers in hand. He came in and came to the side for me to suck him off. I did that and he kept playing with my hole while I was sucking him. He then moved up behind me started working his dick in my hole. He kept telling me I had the "most beautiful big ass". I thanked him and he asked me if I wanted him to shoot inside me. I told him hell yeah and not to waste it by pulling out. Soon after that he was blowing his sperm in me. He pulled out quickly and a drop of cum followed his dick and hit the floor. He grabbed his towel thanked me and headed out. I bent down and scooped up the cum and ate it.

Tattooed BB Top

Going to get bred by a tattooed BB top.

Be back soon.....

So my shitty internet has been down. Finally able to blog about yesterday afternoon. I should first mention that this guy and I hooked up about 8 months ago and had a hot time. I took a shower and put on my PIG cockring

and Nasty Pig jock strap. I headed over to his place and he answered the door with just a pair of shorts on. He told me he had everything set up in the bedroom. We walked back and on the TV was one of my favorite porns, Treasure Island's Bad Influence. I stripped down and he started feeling my hole. He started to pull down my jock and I took the opportunity to bend over and give him full access to my hole. He started fingering me and I stayed bent over for a bit. I stood up and grabbed the poppers off the bed. I took a whiff and told him if he wanted to take some pics he could. He literally ran out of the room to get his camera. He came back, adjusted the light and started taking some pics.

A little bit through he stopped and lubed up his dick. He started easing in and then stopped to take some more pics.

I grabbed the lube and put some on my dick. He began pumping my hole in and out at varying paces. He would put his right foot up on the bed to give him better leverage to pound my hole. After a bit my legs got kinda tired (must have been all that SD fucking) so we took a bit of a break. After watching the porn some more we went back to fucking. This time it didn't take long for him to cum and I could tell he was getting close because he kept looking me in the eyes and really kept pounding my hole HARD. He told me he was getting close and that was all it took for me to blow my wad. Just as I could feel his dick pulsing in my hole I let loose a torrent of pent up cum. He kept pushing in and pulling out all the while saying he was still cumming. The entire time I could feel his dick pulsing in my hole. After about 30 seconds of pulsing he finally stopped. He kept in me for another minute and very slowly eased out. I did a quick hole check to make sure no cum had leaked out and my fingers came back clean. We washed the lube off our dicks and hands and I got dressed and prepared to leave. As I was about to leave we were making small talk and he mentioned that he had hosted a sex party where about 12 guys showed up. I told him to make sure that he kept me in mind next time he hosted one. With that I headed out.

10 September 2009

Interesting Interview and Question to my Readers.

I was surfing the internet tonight looking at various tattoos and came across a very interesting interview of Liam Cole from Treasure Island Media . It's pretty short but I respect the reporter for her well thought out questions and Liam for his exceptional answers.

Furthermore, what do you guys think I should get as a tattoo? I don't want the traditional biohazard symbol but would entertain other variations of it or something completely different. Here are a few things I've come across but of course the placement would be different.

09 September 2009

Christening the New House...Twice!

Well after returning from SD, I had made plans to move. I flew back home on Monday and was moving all day Tuesday. Well it's currently approx 4am on Wednesday morning and I've been up all day and when I finally got ready to settle down for the night I realized I was horny. Well I got online and checked out MH. Not a lot was going on there but 1st and 2nd guy of the 3 guys that bred me in my previous video post was online. One is a total pig and loves to breed me, give me piss enemas, and order me around. Well to be such a pig he doesn't like groups. I wound up inviting him over to breed me on my front porch. Anonymous style with me blindfolded and naked for anyone walking down the street to see. He told me he'd text me when he got close so I could get ready. True to his word he texted me a bit later and it read "Get ready boy!" I was already outside so I put on my blindfold, stripped down naked, and bent over the railing. A few minutes later I heard footsteps on the sidewalk out front. It was him. He came up and immediately started fingering my pre-lubed hole. He got instantly hard and shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose. He didn't waste any time getting his dick in me either. He pushed in and I was able to take him pretty easily. He's a very quick cummer so it only took about 3 minutes for him to breed me. He started breathing heavy and I could tell he was nutting in my ass. He pulled out and as per our previous conversation I turned around bent down and opened my mouth. He wanted me to lick his dick clean. I did so and battled through the horrible taste of lube but savored my ass juices and his cum. He quickly zipped up and ran down the street.

After a few seconds I ripped off the blindfold and immediately logged onto MH Mobile to email the second dude and let him know to come on over. He replied that he would be here in 10 minutes or less. After about 5 minutes I went outside and stripped down and put on my blindfold. About 7 minutes later I hear the tell tale footsteps again. It's him. He came up and started playing with my rock hard dick and loose nut sack. He was working up his hard on and alternating between my dick, balls, and cummy hole. Once hard he pushed into me also with ease. He takes a little longer to cum and seems to savor the cummy-ness. After about 10 minutes of fucking he decides to let loose his 3 week load and it literally took him 2 minutes to finish cumming. I could feel the head of his dick pulse as his sperm shot out and coated the walls of my ass. After the majority of cum had oozed out of his dick he would pull almost all the way out really slowly then shove it back in. Almost as if he were letting my dick muscles milk his cock and then shoving it back in to make sure it joined the rest of his seed. He did this about 1o times and with each time his dick head would jump inside my hole. After pulling out he too zipped up and walked away briskly. When I no longer heard footsteps I took off my blindfold grabbed my phone, shorts, and shirt and went inside to blog about it.

Southern Decadence

So I got checked into the hotel. Turns out I'm rooming with Adventures of a Huntsville Barebacker . He's a total cum slut pig too and we're lining up tops to breed both of us.

As soon as I got here I dumped a load in him to kick start the festivities.

Well 3 guys just left. One white guy hung like a mule and 2 black guys with average dicks. Hville got bred by the white guy and I got bred by one of the black guys (+).

Updates to follow...

9:18PM - Just took a load from a cute guy on A4A. Now headed to rawhide to see whats goingon there.

Saturday 9/5/09

Okay. So no more updating the blog on the iPhone. Wow that text is big. LOL

Rawhide last night turned into a complete disaster. There were lots of hot guys and lots of fucking and breeding going on but the place was jam packed. You could hardly move an inch much less to the back room to get in on the action. After about an hour of fighting my way to the back I found an entire wall of bottoms bent over the back wall getting plowed. No room for cum craver. So I managed to get back out to the front and found a place to have a drink. I met this really good looking rugged architect from NYC named "Jon" and we sat and chatted for a while. After about another hour we decided to go outside to get some fresh air. I leaned against the wall as he smoked and we continued chatting some more. Then the night that I couldn't think could get worse, did. This shitty faggot dressed in a wrestling singlet came up and started groping him. Needless to say Jon wasn't into him. Jon kept pulling away but the idiot never got the hint. To make it worse this guy was nasty looking. He was all chewed up in the face and for some strange reason he had his chest hair shaved except for a patch between his nipples that looked like a 8" long mohawk. To say this dude was nasty is being far to complimentary. Just as I was about to ask Jon if he wanted to walk somewhere else, he said "Fuck this shit" and left. I really wanted to knock the idiot into next week but there were cops stationed all along the block and the last thing I need is to go to jail.

Well that was last night.....on to bigger and brighter days.

I woke up around 1030 to find Hville getting plowed. What a wake up call. I, sporting morning wood, sprang up out of bed and joined in. Hville was doggy style getting plowed and the other guy was watching. The other guy had a 2GA PA and a nice tramp stamp. He kept feeling me up while his BF plowed Hville. PA lubed up my dick and his hole and motioned for me to fuck him. Just as I was entering the first dude dumped his load inside Hville. It didn't take long for me to breed PA.

Not long after that Hville had another visitor over. This guy was older but had a HUGE dick. About 7" long but probably 7" around. Hville was hesitant to take it at first and it did take some time to get it in but like a good cum dump he managed.
Older guy fucking Hville

Older guy's dick

Shortly after the older guy left another dude was knocking on the door. This guy was a light skinned black guy with a nice dick that was immediately hard. He started out fucking Hville doggy style and he kept looking over at me asking me if I wanted some of that. Not wanting to take away the limelight from Hville I played it off. I managed to shrug it off enough until the guy pulled out and said that he wanted to fuck me. So I lubed up my hole (which hadn't been fucked since the day before) and told him to take it easy on me. He eased in my hole and it wasn't long before he was pumping away. He kept pumping till he said that he was close and wanted to know if I wanted to take it. I told him yeah to give it to me and he pumped my hole full of cum(+).
Hville getting plowed by the light skinned guy
Me just after getting bred by the light skinned guy
Me getting held down so he could breed my hole. No holding was necessary

After the black guy left a bearish guy came over and plowed Hville. He shot a big load in his hole and I followed it up with pushing my dick in and mixing the loads up.

1200 - Two guys that Hville had chatted with on MH were supposed to show up at noon. True to their word they were knocking on the door soon after. One is short and skinny with a nice dick and tight hole and the other was a bear with a smaller but thicker dick. When they got here we immediately got down to business. As I'm writing this my mind is a bit foggy but I know everyone topped and everyone bottomed except for Hville who's sole mission this weekend is tot take as many loads as possible. In the end Hville got the short guys load, Short guy got my load, and I got the bears load(+,+). What was cool was that after we all came we went down to the French Market and got a bite to eat. We hung out, ate, drank, and chatted. After we got down we went back to the room and played around some more. Short guy fucked Hville again and Short guy got fucked by bear again. I got sucked by Hville. No one shot a load this time because we were still too spent. Hville has gone to a dom masters house to get flogged and fucked. I am now texting with this extremely cute guy that wants to come over and breed my hole. He's on his way now so I'll post an update when he and updates to follow.

640pm - Load 5 - The cute guy from MH just left. He turned out just like his pictures. He was EXTREMELY camera shy and wouldn't let me take any pics even of his dick. So he comes in and is very friendly he takes a piss and gets a drink of water. We start feeling each other up and he drops his shorts. He isn't hard and tries to hide the "smallness" of his dick by covering it and jacking off. Oh these boys are so cute sometimes. So sit on the edge of the bed and start to suck him off. He immediately leans over and starts to play with my cummy hole. I knew that was why he was there but I did have to get him hard first. When he got hard I squirted some lube in my hand and spread some on his dick, my dick, and my hole. I leaned back on the bed and he entered me in one swift motion. He was pounding away when he pulled out and told me to get on my knees. I did so and took a huge hit of poppers. He slammed back into me and then asked for some poppers. After he took a good whiff he kept pounding away. He whispered to me that he was close and I told him to give me his load. I also told him not to pull out. He complied and began pumping his load in me. I could feel his dick twitching and he just leaned over and laid on top of me while my ass muscles continued to squeeze his dick and milk out every drop. He probably laid on me for a few minutes and would ever so slightly pull out and push back in. He was making sure his load was crammed as deep in my hole as possible. He leaned up and at the same time his dick popped out of my hole. After chatting for a while he cleaned up and got dressed(-).

Pre-Bathhouse breeding
I was getting ready to go to The Club and was of course chatting to various guys online. The night before I chatted with this semi-cute hispanic dude who was staying over on Canal St about 10 blocks away. The previous night I was not in the mood to walk all over town for loads when I could stay local and get plenty. Well as you read that kinda fizzled but I digress. I originally was chatting with the hispanic guy on A4A but had since found his profile on MH. He had many more pictures posted on MH so we started chatting there and he eventually unlocked those pics for me to see. He was very handsome, muscular, and had a nice 8" uncut dick. None of his 2 pictures on A4A showed this type of detail or else I would have been there the night before. So one thing leads to another and I tell him that I'm headed to The Club after I leave his place. He takes this as an invitation to have me over so he and his buddies can share me. He tells me he has 2 buddies that are also tops and would love to breed me.

So I get into the shower and freshen up knowing that there are loads to be had. When I get in the area I call him and he said to meet him down by the elevators. He finally comes down to get me and we head back up to the 42 floor of the 49 story hotel. He is just as hot in person as he is in his pics. He tells me his buddies are already hard and watching porn waiting for me to arrive. We get to the door and he lets me in. On the bed sits his two buddies. One is younger kinda muscular with an average size dick. The other guy is older but still very dapper and he's got about 8.5". Hispanic guy led me over to the bed where he started to undress me. I wore my thin wire cockring, no underwear, a pair of camouflage shorts and a plain t-shirt. After undressing me he told me to get up on the bed between the 2 other guys. I did so and started playing with the older guys dick. I started sucking his dick and the host and younger guy started playing with my hole. I got out my poppers and started taking hits. It wasn't long before the host had my hole lubed and was easing into it to loosen me up. He plowed me doggy style for a while and I switched between the older and younger guys dicks getting them plenty wet. After the host loosened me up some the younger guy made the comment "Better let me in there next or else he'll be so loose he wont even feel me." We all got a chuckle and he took up position. I was on my back by this point and had my legs hoisted up. He entered me in a quick motion and began pounding away furiously. He lasted about 5 or 7 minutes before he asked me if I wanted his load. Of course you all know the reply. He unloaded in me and despite being loosened up by the host I could feel the younger guys dick pulsing as his sperm shot in my hole.

The older guy was next because the host had made it clear he wanted to use their loads as lube for when he fucked me. The older guy was hot in his own way and of course had a nice dick. However, he couldn't quite get the motion down. Not sure if he was inexperienced, didn't know how to fuck, or just had an off day. Thankfully I didn't have to put up with him for long as he was soon blowing his wad in me. As soon as the older guy was done the host was right there to take his place. He slammed into me and I could feel the loads squishing around his dick making a weird noise as he pumped my hole. It was like a sloppy noise but on the inside instead of the outside. Weird feeling but hot knowing he was physically churning the loads and mixing them up. That was his goal and he didn't last long either. He blew in me and held it in so my hole could soak up as much as possible. He pulled out slowly keeping his hand near my hole to catch any that might have fallen out. Some did leak out with his dick and he scooped it up and pushed it back in with his finger(-,-,-).

By this time it was about 830 and I knew if I wanted to get a room at The Club I'd have to hurry. They often sell out pretty quick and after that the line forms out the door and around the block. I got dressed and thanked them all for the loads and showed myself out....

Bathhouse -

After leaving the hotel on Canal St I made a beeline to The Club. I got there and there was only 2 people in line ahead of me. When it was my turn I asked if they had any single rooms and the guy looked at me with a discouraged face and said "Hang on. I don't think so." He came back and said it was my lucky day. I had gotten the last room available. Room 333.

Having never been to this club before I did not know my way around. What I did know was that it had 5 floors and my room was on the 3rd. After wandering around some I finally found my room. I got settled in and then headed out to explore. My first mission was to cruise the entire venue and get a feel for the lay of the land. After wandering around for about 30 minutes I finally felt comfortable to cruise the guys and let myself go some.

I found an area that contained a sling. It was pitch black and I couldn't see anything. I could only hear the grunts from a lucky bottom and the chains of a sling being used as intended. I managed to pick a spot out on the wall and just leaned up against it so let my eyes adjust. There was barely any light and after 15 minutes all that had improved was that I could finally see outlines of shapes. I waited a good while longer hoping the bottom in the sling would get tired and get up. Of course when you got a good thing going no sense in letting it go. So after realizing that the wait was futile, I decided to head to the far upstairs area where there was another sling but not in a prime location such as the first. When I got there it too was occupied by a bottom but there was no tops around to fuck him. I decided I'd give my room a shot and went back there. I laid down on the bed and left the door open so passing guys could see my naked ass on the bed. After laying there for an unknown amount of time (because I actually fell asleep) I woke up to someone standing in the door. I motioned him to come in and join me. He said "Damn your ass is looking hot in that jock." I thanked him and he started fingering my wet hole.
He climbed on top of me and his dick was already hard. He wasn't that long but was very thick. He slid in me fast thinking I had just been fucked. Well I had been but it was about an hour before that. I don't think it's come up in the blog before but after I get fucked, my hole usually returns back to it's original tightness as before. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good for guys that like a cum dump to have a tight hole, bad for those who like really sloppy gaping "throw a hot dog down a hallway" hole, and definitely bad for me when a guy with large girth dips into me in one quick motion. I winced in EXTREME pain but that kinda got him off. He kept fucking me without letting up. These boys that say the pain soon subsided and was "replaced" with pleasure must be fucking high because that shit hurt like a mother fucker. Thankfully he didn't last long because no matter how much poppers I sniffed it still hurt like a bitch. So after he left my hole was screaming "Thank You!" I laid there for a while and recovered. When I went to check my hole to see if anything had leaked out I felt a stinging sensation that brought back the painful memories of 15 minutes prior. I then decided I'd pop a pain killer and continue with my quest. I was pissed at first but then the thought of all those guys dumping their loads in me while my hole was torn really turned me on. All I had to do was get past the pain.

I left my room and headed back to the dark sling area hoping that it was empty but not expecting it to be. When I got there I heard the same sound and this time I decided I'd stand a little closer to the sling in case the bottom wanted to leave. Well after only 5 minutes of waiting the bottom got tired and got up. Like a flash of lightning this other bottom makes a beeline to the sling pushing and shoving everyone else out of the way. Once there he hopped up in it and waited for the first top to pound him. Little did he know his stunt pissed off not only me and the other bottoms but also the tops. Everyone left in droves and left him there in the sling to ponder his actions. I thought Karma's such a bitch and I love her dearly.

I took this opportunity to walk around some more but nothing really caught my eye like that sling. I knew I wanted to be mounted up in there for all to enjoy. I went back to my room and this time I tried a different tactic. I opened my door and got face down on all fours with my ass facing the door. This way anyone walking by would see a hole that is lubed to the hilt and ready to be fucked. Also by this time the painkiller had kicked in so I was feeling no pain. I was like that for about 10 minutes when I heard footsteps and then nothing. Next I felt a hand probing my hole and the surround area. Next was the head of a hard dick. It wasn't very long and not very thick (kinda on the thin side). I enjoyed it regardless knowing that I have no clue who's breeding me. After he came I gave him a few minutes to get long gone and then headed back up to the sling area. This time I stood right next to the sling and it was only about 5 minutes before the bottom was up and out. I got in and positioned myself comfortably for I knew I was gonna be there a while.

As I said before there was absolutely no light in the area and it was pitch black. My eyes did adjust and I could make out shapes of men but nothing else. This is where the story gets a little blurry because there were no details to share. I have no clue if the old nasty farts where breeding me or if it was the hottest of the latinos that I saw. I'd like to think it was a happy mix of both. Anyways 11 loads and 3 hours later. Yes 11 loads and 3 hours I was spent and it was nearing my checkout time.

I got out of the sling much to the chagrin of some awaiting tops and the answer to some bottoms prayer I'm sure. I made it back to my room and composed myself and headed out. On the way out the line was out the door and there were some hot guys waiting to come in. Too bad I couldn't stay. But there will be a next time(?).

I made my way down the block and I came across Cafe Du Monde. I stopped in and got some Beignets and a cafe au lait. After eating I headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest....

Sunday -

I went to bed around 300 or 330 am on Sunday morning. I slept till about 830 only to find out that Hville had a dude over around 530 breeding his hole. I slept right through it. Around 1000 Hville had a dude over from BBRT who wanted to breed him. He told the guy that I was passed out from the night before and that I wouldn't wake up. What the BBRT guy didn't know is that I was faking being passed out. He came in and they started doing their thing. After some sucking and fucking BBRT guy was blowing his 4 day load up Hville's hole. During their fuck session I managed to uncover my ass so that the guy could see my ass laying exposed on the bed. After breeding him, Hville asked BBRT guy if he could cum again. He replied yes and Hville told him that he could tag my hole. BBRT asked if I might wake up and be pissed. Hville told him I was passed out from doing too many drugs the night before. He also told him that I would sleep right through it. BBRT guy stroked his dick and started fingering me. I continued to play like I was passed out and he climbed on top of me and pressed his dick against my hole. I tried my best to relax as one would be if they were asleep or passed out. He eased into me and I "groaned" in my unconcious state. He started pounding my hole convinced that I wouldn't wake from my coma. He really got into raping a comatose cum dump and he was quickly pumping a second load of jizz in my hole. He got up and he and Hville continued their banter about how I might react when I was told later that I had been raped. After cleaning up he left and Hville and I chatted about how hot a scene that was(-). We both then got back online to continue the hunt for more loads.
Entering my comatose hole
Still breeding
Fresh cumfilled hole

Pushing his cum back in

A little bit later I was chatting with this really cute really hung black guy while Hville was out and about. He was staying about 6 blocks away and wanted to come breed me. He was packing 9.5" and a very nice girth. He cleaned up and came right over. Once there I told him that Hville might be coming back and asked if it was okay if he watched. He said sure and I got down to business sucking him and getting him hard. He didn't lie about his dick size and he was every bit of 9.5" if not 10". While I was sucking on him Hville walked in. Hville went over and sat on the other bed while I worked on this guy. After getting him good and hard I poured generous amounts of lube on his dick and my hole. I laid back on the bed and took several large hits of poppers and lined his dick up with my hole. He pressed in and it easily slipped in my cummy hole. He pushed almost all the way in but stopped just short of the base. He pulled almost all the way out and then back in. He got a good rhythm going and with each set of strokes he slide further and further in. While this was going on Hville had grabbed the camera and begun snapping pics. The hung guy would pull almost all the way out and let Hville snap a pic then slam back in. At one point he had me turn over on my stomach so he could pound me doggy style. After turning over I heard Hville ask hung guy if he could turn on the light. I wondered why he'd ask that since there was a flash on the camera but I didn't dwell on it long. Mainly because after turning over and getting on all fours the hung guy had unimpeded access to my prostate. Most guys love it when a dude is hung enough to pound their prostate but for some reason it's EXTREMELY uncomfortable when I guy starts hitting mine. I also seem to have more trouble than most taking larger girth dicks. This was a bit of a buzz kill for me and I tried to overcome it with more poppers but that didn't do the trick. Thankfully he didn't last too long in this position and was soon squirting his load really deep in me. He pulled out and Hville took a couple pics of my used hole. After he cleaned up he left and I then found out that Hville asked to turn on the light because he was shooting video of the breeding(-). (Authors Note: As soon as the cable company fixes my internet which should be on 9/9/09 I will have the video posted. So check back)

Later that afternoon the light skinned black guy hit up Hville and asked him which one of us had the most loads because he wanted to add another to the cummiest hole. At this point I had more loads in me so he said he'd be right over. In about 5 minutes he was knocking on the door. I answered and we came back to the bed where I lubed up his already hard dick, laid back on the bed, and guided him into my hole. His dick was thicker than the previous guy but no where near as long. He eased in and stretched my hole back out. He fucked me on my back for a few minutes then pulled out and told me to stand up and bend over. I did so placing my hands on the floor to brace myself. He re-entered me and began pounding my prostate. This position really got him off because in no time he was blowing another load up my hole. He cleaned up and left and I got back online for more(+).

Later that night I came across a profile that I recognized. I remembered the picture and the profile from one back in FL. This guy was a blue collar very good looking guy and his profile was very specific about him only wanting to dump loads in willing holes. Nothing more and nothing less. No talking, no bullshit, and absolutely no condoms/pulling out. My kind of guy. I immediately sent him a message telling him that I was in my hotel taking loads from as many tops as possible. He really liked the idea of dipping his dick in a cum filled sloppy hole. He told me he was across town at a hotel and was bout a 25 minute walk away. He got dressed and left and about 20 minutes later he was knocking on the door. Hville was passed out on the next bed as I let him in. He immediately stripped down and so did I. He was already hard as I laid back on the bed. He began fingering my hole and swirling around the loads. He took some lube and jacked his dick some then eased it in me. He immediately began pounding me hard all the while whispering that he loved that sloppy hole and could feel the cum around his dick. He fucked me on my back for about 15 minutes before he said he was getting close. I told him "knock me up" and with that he started grunting and planting his load in me letting it mix with the other loads. He slowly pulled out and turned to go to the bathroom. I stopped him and slid off the bed and down on my knees. He was so sexy when he came in my hole I wanted to lick his dick clean despite there being lube on it. I took him in my mouth and could taste my ass and the heady smell of the other loads from my hole. It had that fermented cum smell that was unmistakeable as loads baking in a hole. He had a huge gob of cum down near his nuts and I licked that clean also. He went to the bathroom and cleaned up and I grabbed the camera and asked if I could take a pic of his dick. He agreed then finished cleaning up, got dressed, and left(-).

Right after that I got back online for a little while then decided to head over to the Phoenix....

Phoenix -

So I took a taxi to Phoenix and when I got there I immediately went inside. I'd never been so I was unsure of the layout etc. I found that it was pretty dark there but I finally found a staircase. I climbed the stairs and found another bar with a lot of guys with no clothes on. I made my way around and found this hot guy getting fucked by this even hotter stud while leaning against the wall. He had his shorts in his hand and the top had no shirt on and jeans. The top guy was very hot. Hairy muscular defined chest, tight jeans showing off his ass, big dick hanging out through the zipper and a baseball cap pulled down low. I managed to worm my way against the wall and when I finally got a spot I reached down and pulled off my shorts and Nasty Pig underwear. The top reached over and started jacking my rock hard dick and then asked if I was ready for to fuck his bottom. I told him "Nope. I'm ready to get fucked." He immediately pulled out and pushed my shoulder that was closer to him against the wall kind of forcefully. He lined up his dick with my hole and punched through my sphincter. I was loose and lubed already and it felt great having this very sexy stud drilling me. He really got into a good rhythm where he'd pound away at my hole then slow down and go deep and pulse his dick making me squirm with delight. He didn't last long as he was already close when he started fucking me. He started grunting loudly and was definitely getting the attention of the others when he let out a very loud growl as he seeded my hole. He pulled out and his dick was replaced with a flurry of hands wanting to feel my hole and how sloppy it was.

It wasn't long before I had another dude poking his dick at my hole. I decided this time that I would just enjoy the fuck regardless of who it was. I still have no clue which guy it was but he had a nice thick dick and he too didn't last that long and soon after starting he was spilling his seed in my ass.

After that I decided to walk over to the bathroom since I could see some action going on over there. I walked in and a guy started groping me telling me how good I looked. I leaned against the wall hoping he'd start fucking me but he hesitated too long. I lost interest and went back out into the bar. What I didn't mention before was that it was pretty packed and if you wanted to walk from one side of the bar to the other it would take you probably 10 minutes. After battling the crowd I returned to my original spot and waited for someone to come fuck me. After a little bit of waiting two guys (a couple I presume) came up and started pinching my nips and jacking my dick all while fingering my hole. They hauled out their dicks and I knelt down to service them both. They were both in their late 40's and had nice dicks. Once I got them both hard I stood up and turned around. One of them got the hint and started fucking me. He fucked me fore a few minutes then offered my hole to his partner. His partner started plowing me and I could tell he was getting close. About that same time his BF (the first fucker) came close to me and was jacking his dick. Then I felt his load hitting me on my foot (I was wearing flip flops). I was pissed that he wasted it on the floor. At that same time his partner told me he was cumming. I took his load and then started walking around some more letting various hands probe my cummy hole. I made it to the far side of the bar where there is a ledge perfect for bottoms to bend over and take loads. What I found there was a line of bottoms all getting loaded up. I waited patiently for a spot to open up and when I did, I bent over to await more loads. Here too, I decided that I wouldn't turn around to see who was fucking me. I stayed bent over for about an hour before my legs began to hurt. During that time I took 2 loads from 2 different guys(?).

So total loads from Phoenix was 5 in the hole and 1 wasted.

By this time it was 2am. I had given myself a pre-determined curfew because I had an early morning flight. I decided it would be 2am. That would give me time to pack up and catch the shuttle to the airport at 3am.

Total SD loads taken in my hole is 29 and 1 wasted on the floor

The poll results are as follows:

00-10 Loads 34 votes or 8%
11-20 Loads 65 votes or 15%
21-30 Loads 102 votes or 24%
31-40 Loads 83 votes or 19%
41-50 Loads 59 votes or 14%
50-75 Loads 37 votes or 8%
75+ Loads 78 Votes or 17%

08 September 2009

Southern Decadence Updates

So I'm back home after SD and had a blast. I'm finishing up the blog a little bit at a time. Just so happens that my return home coincides with me moving so when I get tired of packing I take a break and write some. I'll also be updating the pics and video as soon as I can. Don't worry about me moving. I'm not going anywhere just moving houses.

04 September 2009

Catching up on an older experience....

On a recent business trip I decided to do what I always do and that's surf the internet for guys to fuck me bareback. It didn't take long until I found an EXTREMELY good looking guy on ManHunt and immediately hit him up. We only exchanged a few emails before I had his cell phone number and I was on my way over to his place. I got there with relative ease and he met me at the door. What stood before me was probably one of the best looking guys I've hooked up with in a long time. He was 43 but looked 35. I have a thing for older guys anyways so he was right up my alley (so to speak). He immediately grabbed me and began to kiss me intensely and passionately. We made it to the bedroom where we stripped down and continued to make out. He was packing a nice dick and LOVED to eat ass. He rimmed me for quite a while and was awesome at it. I guess by this point I should give him a name. I shall call him "Juan". Juan ate my hole for a while then fucked me for a while then ate my hole some more then he wanted me to cum in his mouth. I jerked my dick and blew my load down his throat. Juan then flipped me over and continued to eat my hole before plowing me again. He had a really nice thick dick and it felt great going in me. After a while of fucking Juan pulled out and shot his load all over my hole. I continued to egg him on he started pushing his load into me. It felt so good to have a hot man taking me and owning me like that and what made it even hotter is that he seemed like he was really into me.

We continue to chat and he doesn't live too far from me so I hope to see him again.

Southern Decadence Load Count

Well the final totals for the load count wound up being 421 votes. 24% of you guys voted that I would take between 21-30 loads. I will NOT let you guys down. It's pretty early here on the East coast but I have several errands to do before getting on my flight. I arrive in New Orleans around 4pm Central time and have already chatted with several guys that are eager to breed.

Updates to follow...

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride