30 March 2009

A Night Like None Other (sorry it's a long one)

Last night started out like most others. I was horny and decided to go out trolling for dick. I decided I'd hit up one of the gay bars that's known for it's action. On the way to the bar I passed a well known adult bookstore with a great arcade and a glory hole. When I looked in the parking lot I saw it was jam packed full of cars. I decided to make a quick u-turn and head back in the hopes of finding lots of cock. I parked and walked inside to find that it was indeed packed with people. What I soon found out was that it was mostly old men inside. I decided to hang out a bit and see what kind of trouble I could get into. After about 15 minutes of waiting I saw a tall tattooed dude walk in. He was probably 6'1 175lbs and in his late 30's. He had full sleeves on both arms and walked with the swagger of a cocky asshole. My favorite type. I hung out and played it cool. I noticed that he was watching me and kept looking in my direction while grabbing his crotch. I kept my eyes glued to the growing bulge in his denim jeans. He obviously could sense what kinda cock whore I was and the next time I looked up at his face he motioned for me to follow him into a stall. I obviously followed knowing what I wanted. When inside he fed the machine a couple of bucks and told me to get down on my knees and suck his dick. I immediately dropped my jeans and went to my knees. I fished out my bottle of (insert shameless plug here) Jungle Juice Black Label (no they don't pay me[although I wish they did]) and took a heavy hit. Tattoo dude hauled out this dick that must have been about 9" long with heavy veins and above average thickness. He was pretty rough about using my throat to get off in. He kept slapping my face making loud noises so everyone in the arcade could hear exactly the abuse I was taking from this fucker. He kept telling me "Take another hit of those poppers. You're gonna need it". By this I knew that this fucker wanted to poke my hole with his monster dick. Of course me being one not to back down from a challenge greedily accepted. Soon he hauled me up off my knees and roughly bent me over the bench seat in the booth. He hocked up a gob of spit and lathered my hole with it. Expecting the invasion I already had my bottle of poppers glued to my nose inhaling deeply. He lined up his dick and covered my mouth with his big hand. I guess he had come to expect boys to scream when he starts to fuck them. Well I'm not so much a screamer but damn this dick was big and it burned like the fires from hell. Of course the poppers made it easier to take and soon he was plowing away with ease. It didn't take long before tattoo dude was shooting his wad up my hole. After he got done pumping his load into me he leaned over and whispered for me to keep it in there for the rest of the night. Well it must have been him reading my mind because that was exactly what I was going to do. At this point my hope was to use his cum as lube for the next guy. After pulling out slowly so as not to prematurely evacuate any of his seed from my hole he zipped up and told me to keep my face in the corner for a few minutes until he had a chance to leave. I obeyed and zipped my pants up and just stayed in the corner dripping sweat onto the bench seat. After about 2 minutes I composed myself and headed out the door. The place was still pretty packed with people and all of them had smiles on their faces. I knew that they had heard him plowing my hole and heard me take the load in my hole. I'm sure they were envious pigs but oh well. I hung out in the halls seeing if anyone else there was worth taking an interest in and this one guy came out of a booth that looked pretty hot. He wore a tight blue t shirt with a ball cap turned backwards and tight blue jeans. He looked like typical spring break frat boy. I decided that I'd take an interest in him and see where it lead. I hung out in my usual spot where I could see most of what was going on and he kept pacing back and forth down the hall way. He'd glance my way once in a while but nothing to let me know he was overly interested. I saw him go into the booth that shared a glory hole with the booth next to it. As soon as I saw he was headed that way I made a bee line for the adjacent booth to make sure I got there before some old fart did. Once inside I played it cool and put a couple bucks in the machine, pulled out my bottle of poppers and loosened the cap. I started rubbing my dick through my jeans and got myself rock hard. I leaned over and glanced through the hole to see that this guy has his dick out and hard already. It was average size about 7" long or so with average thickness. The head of his dick was slicked with precum. He saw me looking through the hole and he stood aiming his dick for my mouth. He slid his dick through the hole and my tongue immediately started lapping up the precum from his piss slit. It was very sweet tasting like most precum is. I have managed to become quite adept at huffing my poppers while sucking dick through a glory hole. I kept huffing away when all of a sudden he pulled out abruptly. I knew what was coming next. I was sure he was going to turn away and jack off and shoot his load all over the floor. Such a fucking waste. Instead he surprised me by kneeling down and whispering through the hole that he wanted to fuck my ass. I didn't say a word but just stood up and pressed my ass against the glory hole. This is exactly what he wanted. The next thing I felt was his dick head poking at my hole. He quickly found his way in and of course the entire time I'm getting poppered up like never before. He fucked for a good 10 minutes, just to the point my legs started to hurt from the awkward position I was in. Just when I was about to pull off I felt his dick stiffen and his abs hitting the wall harder than before. I could hear a really faint grunting noise and I knew that he was breeding my ass. I stayed there for as long as he pumped. He must have enjoyed the feeling of my sloppy hole around his cum covered dick because he just kept sliding in and out of my mushy hole. He finally eased out of me and before I could turn around and attempt to clean off his dick he had already zipped up and all I could see was his tight ass walking out of the booth. As soon as he left the booth this old nasty drunk man came in and tried to play around with me. I was just not having it so I zipped up and decided my time at the bookstore was over. I headed down to the bar I mentioned previously and of course being a Friday night it was packed. I walked in and found that they were doing a "Who's got the biggest dick" contest. This bar is one of those sleazy back room type leather bars. I managed to squeeze past most of the people and went straight to the bathroom. Mainly because I love to suck dick and get fucked while bent over the piss trough. As I walked in I noticed 2 dudes fucking in the corner. I walked over and watched as this skinny latino kid with a huge uncut dick was getting his ass plowed bareback by this average looking joe. I rubbed my dick through my pants and my hardon started growing. Next thing I know there is a guy standing behind me feeling up my ass. I had just walked into the bathroom and hadn't quite made it known that I was there to get fucked. For all this guy knew (or so I thought) I was there to help this joe tag this cute latino kid's ass. Which, by the way, I would have done in a heartbeat had things turned out a bit different. Well the guy that was feeling up my ass (we'll call him "John") kept whispering "I wanna piece of that". After he said this about 3 times I was thinking to myself that he was rather pushy but like always I'm not one to shy away from a fucking. And if this dude wants to give it to me right here then thats what he's gonna get. I unzipped my pants and let them fall down to the floor. His fingers immediately went for my hole and with his other hand he bent me over the piss trough. I already had my poppers out and was huffing away. He sauntered up behind me and placed the head of his dick against my hole. He shoved it in and started pumping away. It was hot as fuck to watch this hot latino getting drilled while I was getting my own hole drilled. The latino must have had enough because shortly after I started to get fucked he made the joe pull out and stop. I immediately went for the joe's dick but I guess I wasn't good enough for him. It was okay though because right after that John shoved his dick in me one last time before dumping his seed in my hole. I stayed at the piss trough hoping that there would be more guys to come and use me. Right after John zipped up and headed out he was replaced by another guy. This dude came up to the trough asking what was going on. Another bystander said "Sucking and fucking". This guy said "I love sucking and fucking". He continued over to the piss trough where he hauled out his dick and promised he would try and not pee on me. I said that it was okay if he did and he chuckled. I quickly gathered that he was just there for a quick piss and had no intention of shoving his dick in my ass. After he zipped up I walked out and decided to go across the street to a different bar. When I got there it was equally as packed as they were in the middle of a drag show. I managed to wade through the crowd and make my way to the outdoor section. I headed to the bar and ordered a drink. I then went upstairs to check out the roof for any action. There were a few guys up there but they were all pussys and weren't fooling around. I finished my drink up there and headed back down. I ordered another and hung around outside. There was not much action going on so I decided to head back over to the first place. I made it back over there as they were finishing up the biggest dick contest. It turns out the cute latino kid getting fucked in the bathroom won the contest. I went in the back room and not much was going on. I checked out the bathroom and the same story went for in there as well. I went back out and noticed that the crowd had dissipated quite a bit. So I went back across the street where more guys were hanging out. I figured I'd go get drunk there and take my chances. As I was walking in the door guy obviously didn't recognize me from before and carded me again. As I was trying to fish my ID out of my wallet a buddy of mine named Peter came up and vouched for me. He pulled me over to the bar where he gave me a hug and a kiss. First a little background information about Peter. I met peter a few years ago at the local bathhouse. We started fooling around there and he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place. I agreed and that started a week-long affair of him using my hole for all it's worth while he boyfriend was in Central or South America. Peter is hung like a mule about 9" and thick. He spent that entire week opening me up and trying new stuff with me that I'd never done before. My most favorite was my first piss enema that he gave me in the shower. It was hot as fuck and to this day I've enjoyed them. We lost contact with each other after that. I had assumed since his boyfriend came back from his vacation that he wasn't interested in playing anymore. I chalked it up to a good time had and hoped for more in the future but definitely wasn't expecting anything. Well I re-connected with Peter a few weeks ago at the same bookstore I mentioned earlier. He was there and recognized me and decided my hole needed some more attention from that nice dick. Well we had seen each other out a few times and he acknowledged me and I returned the sentiment. So on this night he wanted to know if I wanted to be introduced to his boyfriend. I said I already know your boyfriend. Peter replied "I know I'm the one who sent him in there to fuck you". I looked at him with a quizzical look and said "Huh?". He said "In the bathroom back there. I'm the one who sent him after you to fuck your hole". I replied with a shocked look. "Oh. That was him. It was kinda dark and I didn't recognize him". I had no idea that the guy that was so persistent in the bathroom was Peter's boyfriend the whole time. It all made sense now as to why he was so pushy and demanded a stab at my hole. Apparently Peter had told him what a good hole I had and said that he needed to take a stab at it. I then told him that I knew him from before that. He said "Oh?". I said yeah he's my ****. He said oh ok. After that he introduced us and made sure to mention the fact that we already knew each other on a more professional level. He blushed excessively. Peter then asked me if I enjoyed it. I replied "Hell yeah". He said "You want some more?". And like always I wasn't about to back down so I said "Hell yeah" again. He told me he needed to say hi to a fag hag that had just walked up and that we would go upstairs shortly. I waited nearby and when he was done he led the way. We went up on the roof and he told me I'd have to wake "him" up. I knelt down hauled out my own dick and bottle of poppers. I started sucking his big ole dick and it wasn't long before he was rock hard. He lifted me up by my shoulders and bent me over the railing and proceeded to drill my ass. At this point a crowd started to gather. He told me he hated crowds and that it really turned him off. I turned around and said that I'd be at the bathhouse later on if he wanted to finish it there. He pushed me to my knees and made me clean his dick off. As I did as I was instructed this old man came walking up wanting to join in. He was quickly shot down by Peter and retreated hastially. Peter said that he would be at the bathhouse later on also and that we could finish things up there. He zipped up and so did I. He went back downstairs and I went back to the outside bar for another drink. After a few more drinks and about an hour I was getting pretty buzzed and decided it was time to head over to the bathhouse. I got there and stripped down to just my cockring and my bottle of poppers. I immediately went to the video room to see what was going on. Once there I was sorely disappointed as there was no one under the age of 60 in there. I headed to the steam room and sauna and found the same dismal situation there. I decided I would be better off to feed my buzz at the bar than to continue trolling amongst the old foggies. I went back to the locker room and got dressed and headed to the bar. Once I walked up I saw Peter and John sitting at a table with a bunch of other guys. I decided to again play it cool and see where things led. I sat at the bar and chatted up a cute guy that was from out of town. While sitting at the bar I ran across another guy I met who had pimped me out the night before. Thats another story all together. While sitting there I realized I've become quite intoxicated. I headed towards the bathroom to break the seal and Peter followed me in. He stood there beside me and pissed with me. After that he forced me down on my knees to suck his dick clean. He lifted me up after I had gotten him hard and he bent me over the toilet and rammed his dick in me again. He kept plowing me and then asked how many loads I had up my hole. I told him 3 and that got him even hornier. He asked if I wanted to come back to his place and get loaded up by a few more guys. I said of course. He pulled out and made me clean his dick again then zipped up and headed back out. I managed to get back to the bar and ordered another drink. My friend and I kept chatting and after about another 15 minutes or so I had to take another piss. I headed back for the bathroom and Peter followed me again. Once inside he asked me if I was ready. I said "yup". He said to meet him out front. I stumbled back to the bar and said my goodbyes and then went out front. We rode back to his place together and I guess the other guys backed out because it was just us. As we walked into his backyard (which incidentally is the same backyard that I was "raped" in. See related post "My First True Rape Experience" I told him I had to piss like a race horse. We went over to one of the lawn chairs and both stripped down and got out our bottles of poppers. I started sucking him again and this time working his nipples over. I sucked and chewed on his nips like they were going out of style. He asked me if I was ready to get fucked. I said yeah and presented my ass like a bitch in heat. He took a hit of poppers and then offered me some. I greedily sniffed a huge hit and thats when he shoved his dick in me. As soon as he started fucking me the urge to piss hit like a ton of bricks. After a few minutes he asked if I still had to take a piss. I told him "Yeah" and he said go stand in the grass. I walked off the concrete and into the grass and started to piss. At this point he stepped in behind me and shoved his dick in my hole. I immediately couldn't keep pissing and my stream stopped suddenly. He kept his dick in me still so I could concentrate. I'm not one to be pee shy but there's just something about a big dick being up your ass that doesn't make one want or need to piss. He sensed this and pulled out telling me to go ahead and piss then come back to the lounge chair to get fucked some more. I did as I was told and went back over to him. He jammed his dick back in me and continued fucking me. After a bit he asked if I wanted his piss load up my hole. I told him I did and he complimented me on what a good fucking pig I was. He held me down while he kept his dick in me. I could feel the rush of piss leaving his dick and invading my guts. After about a minute of pissing he asked if I was full yet. I told him not quite and he continued with more piss. After a few more seconds of this he pulled almost all the way out and then shoved it back in. I could feel the sloshing of his piss in my guts. It was something I'd never felt before. I had only had a few piss enemas since he broke me in a few years ago. He fucked for a bit like that it I have to admit it was somewhat painful. Imagine taking a gut full of liquid, piss or whatever, and then having a 9" dick shoved up there like a butt plug except it kept churning it up. He asked if I wanted to let it loose and I said yeah. He held his dick in me and told me to make sure I kept it all in me and not to get his cushion dirty. He then told me that he knew I had puked on his cushion once before and to make sure I didn't get it dirty again. He slowly pulled out and I made my way over to the grass where I knelt down and let loose a torrent of piss and cum outta my hole. Once finished he came over and made me clean his dick off yet again. While I was squatting in the grass licking the piss and cum off his dick he reached back and began fingering my well used hole. He pushed me down on the grass and got behind me where he started fucking me with no mercy. He SHOVED his entire dick back into me and it made me loose my grip on the grass. I fell face first into the patio and hit my head on the concrete. It hurt like hell. He asked me if I was okay but gave no indication that he was going to stop drilling into me. Once he saw my face and how grimaced it was he again asked me if I was okay and if I wanted to take a break. I said yeah we'd better. My head felt like it was split open. I reached up to see if I was bleeding and thankfully I wasn't. We took a break and both headed back over to the lounge chair. He laid down and I laid down beside him. He instructed me to start working on his nips again. While doing so he asked me what I wanted. I told him as long as it ended up with his cum load in me that was all that mattered. He asked if there was anything I was not into and I said my usual line of "No severe pain, blood, or shit". He said it was so hard to find such a good pig like me. He kept telling me that I should be his regular cum dump and come over every morning and take his load. I of course fell in love with this idea. Nothing like having a regular bud to keep my hole full of seed. He sat up and pushed me over on my side and slid his dick back in me. After a few more minutes of fucking he asked me if I wanted his load. I emphatically agreed and he flipped me over on my back and really started pumping in me deep. He let loose a torrent of cum and thoroughly soaked my guts in jizz. When he finally got done pumping out his cum I cleaned his dick off for the last time. I collapsed on the chair trying to catch my breath. We laid there for a few minutes and made small talk. I told him about the blog and where to find it and that I would be posting that night's experiences. He asked a few questions and I answered them. After a few minutes more and exchanging ManHunt screen names I got up and started to get dressed. I then realized that his boyfriend hadn't come home yet. I asked him if I should just stay on the lounge chair with my cummy hole up in the air. Right at that time John came walking in the side gate and stumbled inside drunk off his ass. Question asked. Question answered. I quickly dressed and made my way out and home. He thanked me and reminded me to call him sometime for some more loads. Once home I crawled in bed with an extremely used hole. It and my head ached so much so that it kept me from falling asleep right away. Fastforward to the next afternoon. I was on ManHunt when I got an email from him. After a bit of small talk he asked if I wanted to come over for a quick load. I obliged and headed right over. Before leaving I looked in the mirror to see if I had a bruise on my head. It was very tender and red but no bruise. Thank God. I got to his place about 5 minutes later and he met me on the sidewalk in nothing but a towel. I followed him in. Not quite knowing what to expect. I wasn't sure if we were going to fuck outside again or what. He led me up the stairs to the back porch and into the kitchen. He dropped his towel and exposed his semi-hard dick. I of course knowing my place knelt down and started sucking him. He got hard and then told me to follow him. He led me into the media room where, to my surprise, sat John watching TV. He led me to the front of the theater style room and bent me over the couch. In no time John was up from his chair in the back and came down to the front row and had his dick out for me to suck on. While sucking John's dick Peter shoved his dick in me. My God the fire from hell returned to my hole. It felt like I hadn't been fucked in 2 weeks. I'm sure it was because my hole had seen so much action the night before. I quickly became accustomed to it and soon John was rock hard. What I've failed to mention during this is that John and Peter have the exact same size dicks. Equally as long and equally as thick. Peter pulled out so John could have a poke at my hole. I wasn't expecting to get tag teamed this morning but what the hell. As John was drilling me I cleaned off Peter's dick. Peter kept egging John on saying that he found this whore on ManHunt and that I was just a filthy cum pig that needed their 2 loads. Peter even said we're gonna teach this boy a lesson and double fuck him like he needs to be. My eyes widened and I was not so keen on this idea. I usually have to be high on weed and poppers to try shit like that. Not to mention the fact that I'VE NEVER BEEN DOUBLE FUCKED IN MY LIFE! I attempted to say no and that I needed to be high to do that but there was no turning back and "No" was not in Peter or John's vocabulary. John sat down on the couch and I was instructed by Peter to get on top of him and ride his dick. I straddled his dick but before lowering myself down on it I took the biggest hit of my poppers ever. Just sitting here thinking of it makes my head spin. I lowered myself down on his dick and kept the bottle to my nose. I continued taking deep huffs in a vain attempt of readying my hole for what I certainly knew would be the invasion of a lifetime. I could feel Peter coming closer to me and then I felt the head of his dick poking at my hole that was already stuffed with John's dick. I took one last hit of poppers before the flood gates to hell's lava opened up and my hole felt like the devil himself was spitting fire on my backside. It was the worst, yet most pleasurable, pain I had ever imagined in my entire life. Oddly enough it the pain didn't last as long as I had experienced when an exceptionally hung top mistook me for a power bottom and decided to rip me open in the first stroke. That is the kind of pain that doesn't go away quickly and takes a good 2 minutes to subside. I wasn't sure if it was the poppers or the just the fact my hole was pretty much used to it by now but it was an awesome feeling having 2 equally as big dicks invading my hole at the the same time. It wasn't long before Peter said he was going to shoot. He did so with both dicks up my hole. Once done he pulled out and stood beside me milking his dick and the last few drops of cum. While still riding John he pointed his dick towards me and instructed me to lick off the pearly drop of cum that he had milked. After a few more minutes and another drop of cum from Peter's dick, John finally said he was cumming. I kept riding John's dick making sure I milked every last drop from it. After he was done pumping his load in me I climbed off trying to recover from the fucking of a lifetime. They both thanked me and I quickly got dressed and left. I can't wait till I get get high and take both of those dicks for a longer session. HOT!

Cum Fucked and Piss Soaked

So the top who's in video 1 posted on 29 January 2009 hit me up the other day. He said he really wanted to drop a quick load and wanted to know if I could host a quick pump n' dump. I told him that I was about to head out and asked him how long it would take for him to get to my place. He replied with about 20 minutes. I told him that I could come by his place or we could meet in a public place somewhere for him to breed my hole. He said that if I was REALLY quiet I could come to his place and bend over his steps outside his apartment and get nailed and bred there. I agreed and when he replied back it was that if I could be REALLY REALLY quiet he would bring me inside and bend me over in his shower and give me a piss enema followed by a deep breeding. I emphatically replied YES. I told him I could be VERY quiet and that I really wanted his piss and cum load up my hole. He finally replied with the address and I was out the door. I made it to his place in under 5 minutes and waited by the telephone pole as instructed. He came out in only a pair of underwear to retrieve me. He led me up the stairs and into his apartment. He quietly whispered for me to take off all my clothes and place them on the table. I did as I was told and he led me into the bathroom. He instructed me in a hushed voice to bend over in the shower. While bending over he exited briefly and came back in with a bottle of ice cold poppers that he had just retrieved from the freezer. He placed them on the sink next to me and I quickly retrieved the bottle and began huffing away. He slid his dick in my hole and held it there for a few seconds. He quietly whispered that he had a massive load of piss saved up and was going to give it all to me. I just shook my head in agreement abiding my promise not to speak. After a few seconds of his dick in my hole I could feel an immense pressure building in my gut and I knew immediately that he was flooding my hole with piss. The pressure kept building and building until I thought I probably couldn't take it any more. I noticed then that some of his piss was dripping down my leg. You'll remember from the previous visit he made to my place this guy doesn't last long when he's fucking. After he got down flooding my ass he pumped my hole in and out for about a minute and then shot his load all inside me and mixed it with his load of piss. After pulling out and some of his piss dripping down my leg he offered me a towel and an opportunity to shower. After showering I dressed quietly and he led me out the door just as stealthily as I had entered.

23 March 2009

BB Sex Party

So you all remember my first sex party experience (blogged about on 12-31-08). Well about a week and a half ago I attended my second sex party. I decided I'd get a hotel room a few miles from the house where the party was held so that I could get some loads before and after. One thing I've learned is that at these parties you don't get that many loads at the actual party but you do get fucked by a multitude of dicks. All shapes and all sizes.

Well I checked into my room early around 3pm. I immediately logged on and placed the appropriate BB cum dump ads with my hotel name and location. I got a lot of responses and of course most of them were flakes. A lot of dudes wanted to come over and watch, or felch the cum outta my hole. I politely responded to them all and said that it was a pump-n-dump only. No hanging around. If they wanted to felch out some loads they could but they'd have to deposit theirs and then leave. Well the party started at 9 so I placed my ads and jumped in the shower. After cleaning up I headed to the store to get a drink and such. While there I started getting the first of many emails. I wound up taking 5 loads before the party and that was just enough to get me primed and ready for action. Here's the pics of the dudes that loaded me up before the party.

Top #1
This guy has one of those dicks that gets really thick towards the base. As the first one I took for the day he really ripped me open good. I am sure my ass was torn but it was a hurt that was so fucking nice. He took quite a while to cum so my ass was really fucking worn out. He shot a load up my hole that leaked out all over the comforter. Of course I licked it all up. This is the only top who's face I saw. The rest were totally anonymous and I would never know them if I saw them again.

Top #2
Nice dick but a quick cummer. Really plugged it in deep while kissing and biting my neck.

Top #3
Older top daddy nicely thick dick.

Top #4
Really thick dick. Loud cummer.

Top #5 (sorry no pic)
By far the hottest pre-party top. He was about 6'2" 175 blond hair and brown eyes. He was packing a good 9" and about as thick as my wrist. He kept calling me "bro" and shit like that. Totally fucking hot frat dude sound to his voice and he really pumped me good. He kept telling me that he was gonna seed my hole and to take it like a cunt. If there was any uncertainty about my hole being ripped open it was made a fact when this dude started pumping in me. He (thank God) didn't last very long but it was one helluva fuck.

BB Sex Party
So at the party I walk in and there are a bunch more guys this time than last time. I made my way through all the corridors and rooms finding that the action was in full swing. I found my spot and the action began. I probably got fucked by 7 or 8 guys. I met this one dude Mark who's load I took at the last BB party and we started chatting and such. Turns out he's quite interested in yours truly. We wound up sucking and fucking for about an hour. He loaded me up in the sling (which was a first for me) so he could have full access to my hole. This man can eat a hole like you wouldn't believe. While he was down eating my hole a hot guy with a full chest tattoo came up and made it clear he wanted to poke my hole. Of course I was in the sling and really didn't get a choice. He slid in my well lubed hole mixing the spit and cum around his dick. He pulled out and shot all over my hole then pushed it back in. Mark immediately went to licking up my hole and the tattoo dudes cum. Mark stood up and shoved his big dick in me. He was quick to cum after that and of course I soon followed. He knelt down and swallowed my entire load.

Mark helped me out of the sling and we continued to chat more while we walked out. He and I exchanged phone numbers and will definitely be in touch.

Back at the hotel I was beat but wanted more. I logged back on and checked my email. I wound up finding 2 dudes to come over and tag team me. One was white and one was black. After they left (with both loads in my hole) I started some Treasure Island Media porn and jacked off another load.

I got up the next morning and a buddy of mine had texted me wanting to come over and seed my hole. He told me to be completely naked on my hands and knees with my hole facing the door. I did as I was told and left the door cracked for him. He walked in and immediately started eating out my cummy hole. I has left all the cum loads from the night before in me so they were starting to work their way out when I got up that morning. He fucking loved it. He then pushed his 8.5" dick in my hole and it wasn't long before he added his load to it. Here's his pic.

I checked out and headed home after having a great time.

10 March 2009


Some of you may get the title. Some may not.

Anyways, I'm at the bathhouse and I'm sitting at the bar chatting away with some buds when this average looking guy strolls up. Well one of my buds (the whore) immediately says show us your dick. Well this college boy obliges and unfurls his towel revealing a 9" cut dick. my draw dropped and I needed help picking it up off the floor. This 22 year old white boy was hung like a mule. Well of course my buds were in as much awe as I was but I knew I'd have to make it my mission to make sure this boy fucked the living shit outta me. He kept hanging around like he was waiting on something. He finally got an opportunity to come closer to me and we started chatting some. Turns out he is down on spring break with a bunch of his frat brothers. He found a chance to get away and decided to try the bathhouse out. Well his school and my alma mater are bitter rivals and the 2 can't stand to be around each other unless it's on the field. Well this of course came up in conversation because I was wearing my best hat touting my schools championship record. Of course being the whore I am I managed to turn the conversation around to him taking out his frustrations on my ass. He was all to eager and I couldn't quite catch if he was actually serious or just playing with me. Of course I kept the topic of sex on the forefront of the conversation. Well after a few more minutes I figured it was time to make the move. I asked him straight up if he wanted to take a stab at my ass. He replied "Yeah. Lets do it". I said quite matter of fact "Follow me". We went into a bathroom at the bathhouse because I wasn't sure if he was into the exhibitionism. When we got to the bathroom I stripped off his towel and got naked myself. I started sucking his dick and getting it all slimy. I stood up and took a hit of poppers and bent over beside the sink with my hands bracing myself on the toilet. He eased his dick in my hole and started pumping away. I continued to take hits off the poppers and it made it feel so much better. He abruptly pulled out and what I fear the most happened. He aimed his dick over the sink and started pumping out huge thick ropes of sperm. SUCH A FUCKIN' WASTE! Without even giving it a second thought I scooped up a gob of sperm and sucked if off my fingers. He chuckled. I assume he thought it was funny that I was such a cum whore. Then, with that gob swirling around my tongue, I scooped up another and lathered it all over my hole. The last gob of cum I scooped up went on my dick for lube. I then proceeded to jack my load all over the floor. It was a hot quick fuck session and the cum shot photo below depicts just how much cum was left in the sink after I scooped up 3 huge gobs. This boy could shoot a fucking load and I just wish it all had wound up in my hole.

Saturday Night Tag Team

Spring break is definitely here. As evidenced by this weekends loads.

I'm at my usual cruising spot and I run into this really hot short muscled up guy in the video room. He's getting his dick sucked by this hot military looking dude. I'm just standing there watching this hot oral session when the military dude stood up and started jacking his 8" dick. He seemed like he was done sucking dick so I took that as my cue to suck down some dick. I started off on the short muscled guy and could taste the military guys spit all over his dick. I turned my attention to the military guy and started sucking him. While sucking the short guy another dude came up and started sucking my own dick. I pulled off the short dude and stood up. The dude on his knees kept sucking my dick and the short dude started pinching my nips and telling me to feed the fag my load. This got me rock hard. Not hard enough for this bottom slut to feed on my load but hard enough to precum for sure. Short dude kept telling me to feed the fag my load and I finally replied that I can only cum while getting fucked. His eyes lit up like Christmas tree lights. I could tell he wanted to fuck the hell outta me. I turned my back to him and bent over slightly letting him know I wanted it right there. He started fingering my hole and spitting on his fingers getting my hole completely wet. What I didn't realize was that he was slicking up the military dudes dick to slide in me. I turned around to see what was taking so long and noticed that the military dude just getting ready to stick his dick in me raw. I quickly retrieved my bottle of poppers and took a huge hit getting ready for that 8" prick to breed me. I bent back over and gave him full access to my raw hole. He lined up and slid in me easily. At this point the thought fleeted through my mind that I might be too loose and I quickly dismissed it. I instead decided to just relish in the thought that I was getting bred by a hot dude, in front of a hot dude, in front of a bunch of other dudes. The military guy must have been edging a while or new to the whole raw fucking scene because by the time I could get the bottle up to my nose again he was gripping my hips hard and really ramming into me grunting in a gruff husky voice that he was fuckin' cummin'. I told him to fuck me deep and blow that load up in my hole. He kept fucking me for a few minutes after he blew his wad. He really got it ground in my hole good. He pulled out and quickly toweled up and left in a big hurry. The short muscled guy toweled up too and I figured he didn't want to take a stab at my cummy hole.
I recovered and toweled up too since there were no other guys I was interested in. I walked out onto the deck and was cooling off when the short muscled guy came up to me. He saw me and his face lit up again. Just like before. He said "Well there you are". Like I had disappeared or something. I replied (quite cockily) "Yup. Here I am". He introduced himself as Sam. I replied and he said that I was one hot fucker. I said thank you and he said that his boyfriend was in a room and Sam wanted to know if I was into getting tag teamed. I told him yeah and that I would really be up for that. He said he had to run it by his BF first. I said ok and thought that he would leave and ask his BF if we could all fool around. Sam kept playing with his dick and keeping it hard. He kept eyeing me and finally said "Fuck it". "Follow me". I did as I was told and followed him to a somewhat secluded but not private area and he told me to get down and suck his dick. I knelt down and glued the bottle of poppers to my nose. After taking a huge whiff I spit on my hand and started jacking my dick while sucking Sam's prick. He pulled my hands up and off my dick and straight to his nips. He loved to have his nips tugged on rough. After getting his dick slicked up I stood up in the hopes he'd just go ahead and bend me over and nail my ass. He asked if I was ready to get tagged. I replied emphatically "Hell yeah". He said he'd be right back and went to notify his BF.

After a few minutes Sam returned and said that his BF was ready for me. He told me that I'd get bred but to make sure I played it cool. I'm assuming his BF had no idea what kind of cum pig I was or for that matter his BF. I walked in and introduced myself. His name was Charles and I immediately went over and peeled off his underwear. I put my face in his crotch and took a good sniff of his man scent. He was not hard at the time but quickly got there. He wasn't as big as Sam and not nearly as thick. Sam was packing about 7.5" and above average thickness. As I was getting Charles hard same lined up behind me and started eating my cummy hole. It wasn't long before Sam had started drilling my hole. He kept this up for a good 10 minutes but it was then that his BF was getting jealous and wanted a piece of my hole. I obliged and the BF got up and took up position behind me. Same laid down and had me sucking his dick and ravaging his nips while I was getting bred by Charles. It wasn't long before Charles was moaning and groaning. He never said a word but I could tell he was getting ready to cum. I could feel his dick stiffen and his pace picked up. He was a quiet cummer and he flooded my ass with his load. Sam shot up and stood over my face jacking his dick. He forced me under his nuts and to his hole. I started eating that hole like a starving Ethiopian kid. Soon he was cumming and he painted my face with his thick sperm. I greedily licked it off my face and scooped up what my tongue couldn't reach and fed myself his load. I was in hog heaven. Oink. Oink.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride