31 December 2008

Finally caught up....

Ok. I finally got caught up on the stories I needed to share. It's New Years Eve and I'm about to head out for a night on the town. Hopefully there will be several loads mixed in throughout.

My resolution for 2009 will be to keep a running tab of all the loads I take this year. I have always been curious about how many cum loads get shot down my throat, all over my face, or in my hole in any given year.

Well folks, this is the year for that. I'll start my count at midnight tonight so any loads I get before then will just have to be counted for 2008. Don't worry though I will be posting a synopsis of tonight's activities sometime tomorrow. I may not get a chance to write about every load I take throughout the year but I will keep the tally up to date and try to describe in very brief detail who it came from. As always the extra hot, extra special, and extra ordinary encounters will get a detailed review from yours truly

Stay Tuned

First BB Sex Party

Well on December 20th I attended my first ever sex party, bareback or otherwise. I managed to do some legwork and get my name on the list of a VERY well known all bareback sex party. There was going to be nothing that stopped me from attending this party. I scheduled to take off from work the next day so I didn't have to worry about that and I decided early on that I would get a hotel room nearby so I didn't have to drive home. I completed all the planning about a week in advance and was completely stoked about going.

Well the day finally came and I just didn't think I could make it through the work day. Finally I was able to leave work and go home to get my overnight bag. I made sure to pack 3 bottles of poppers (what can I say, I like variety), cock-rings, jock strap, phone charger, laptop, weed, and a change of clothes. I loaded up and headed out.

When I arrived at the hotel I was running late (damn Miami traffic) and checked in very quickly and jumped in the shower. I began douching my hole knowing that it was going to see a lot of visitors that night.

I left the hotel speeding down the road heading to the sex party praying I didn't get pulled over. I got in the area and there were cars EVERYWHERE. I found a fairly close place to park and locked up the car. I approached the house and rang the bell. The door opened and appeared a well built guy in a tight pair of jeans and no shirt with some papers in his hand. He was the door guy an I had made it with about 10 minutes to spare. He checked the list for my name and then welcomed me inside. He asked if I had ever been to the party before and I said no. After making a quick virginity comment he told me where to find the booze, and did a quick pointed out tour of the layout. He told me to disrobe in the foyer and to place my bag beside the Christmas tree. I did as I was told and then the host came over and introduced himself. I thanked him for the invite and he told me to make sure I had fun.

After putting everything in the bag and grabbing my favorite bottle of poppers I headed off to explore. I wandered around not committing myself to anyone or any one scene. I wanted to get a feel for the layout (you know to make a speedy exit if needed) and to get a feel for the vibe of the party. I quickly learned that all I had to do was to bend over and let everyone else know I was a bottom and that would be all she wrote.

I decided to start out in the bedroom where there were about 6 bottoms all over the bed and bent over the sides taking dicks up their holes. I decided that would be where I would start out. There were probably 100 people there and about 40 were in the bedroom area all around sucking, fucking, and getting fucked. I waited for a spot to open up and when it did I started for it and knelt over the side of the bed. I buried my head in the mattress and started huffing poppers. It wasn't but about 3 minutes before I felt someone touching my ass. Once their fingers found my hole they noticed that I must have just gotten there because I was still really tight and dry. It was as if someone unleashed a beast. The guy was about 6' 165 nicely built with blond hair and about 8". He started rimming my hole making sure to lube it up good. He must have known he was the first to enter my hole that night. He lined up his dick and I was more than ready to take him. He started fucking me and as soon as he got buried to the hilt I felt another set of hands feeling me up. My hole knew as soon as this guy was done he'd be replaced by another dick.

There was a great mix of guys at the party. There were young guys, tattooed jocks, older daddies, and hairy older men. While I'm not into older men there were guys there that definitely were. There were so many guys there it was almost hard to hook up. I wandered around quite a bit until a set of hands would reach out and grope me. I would stop and make it well known I was there to get fucked. Almost all of them would oblige and shove their dick up my well worn hole.

I left the party with 6 loads and about 10 dicks that had pushed past my puckered hole. It was starting to wind down so I started to get dressed. I put on my clothes and headed out the door after thanking the host again. When I got to the car I sat down and immediately felt that my shorts were wet from all the loads leaking out of my hole. I headed to get something to eat and head back to the hotel to hookup with more guys. After getting back to the hotel I quickly logged onto Manhunt and Craigslist. I quickly posted some ads in all the right places and made sure I was out there for dudes on the hunt. It didn't take long before I had this really young guy heading over to do an anonymous pump and dump. I left the door cracked with the lights turned out and me face down on the bed with a bottle of poppers under my nose. He got there, disrobed, and climbed on top of my ass. He positioned his dick against my hole and pushed. Earlier in our chats he really got off on the fact that my hole was well worn and already had 6 loads of cum inside it. He pumped me for about 5 minutes before he said he was gonna breed me. I told him to blow his wad as deep in me as he could. He shoved one last time and I could feel his dick pulsate as it shot it's wad inside me.

This was the start of 8 more guys coming over to dump their loads in me. At one point I had 2 different guys over and I wanted them to double fuck me bad. I was so ready for it but one dude had trouble keeping it up. While the limp dude was feverishly pumping away his dick the other dude was busy deep drilling my hole. In no time he had shot his wad and was out the door. The other dude finally got it up and shoved his dick in my hole in just enough time to blow his load.

When the night was over it was 4 am and I had 14 loads in my hole and had 18 dicks in my hole. This was by far the most I had ever taken in one night.

It was definitely a night to remember.

08 December 2008

Sorry it's so late.....

Well Friday (three weeks ago) night was the night of a sex party disguised as a benefit. These are always pretty hot so I though what the hell, I'll give it a try even though I had to be up very early the next morning. I arrived towards the end of the official "party". Usually thats the best time because people usually wait to show up until then. I got there and it was pretty slow. I was thinking that either I had got there too early or way too late. As I got naked and started prowling around for dick and loads I found that there were a few guys there but nothing worth getting on my knees for. About an hour after I got there the attendance picked up pretty heavily. There were some decent guys but mostly nasty old men. I guess these things tend to attract that type of crowd.

I decided that I wasn't going to lower my standards just to get some cum loads so I headed over to a local bookstore. I got there and paid the admission to get to the booths in the back. Once back there I saw a few dudes in the hallways that looked pretty good. Then I eyed one dude that I recognized. We made eye contact and I saw him go into a booth that I knew had a glory hole.

I went to the door and of course it was unlocked. I opened the door and saw him sitting down. He summoned me to enter his chamber of peverted bliss. Once inside he started rubbing my crotch and I was instantly hard. He pulled out my dick and started sucking on me deep. My god he gave me some great head.

He stood up and pulled down his trackie pants and exposed his 8" cut dick. I immediately sat down and went down on his dick. He shoved it down my throat and held me by the back of my head till I started to choke on it. He let me up to catch my breath and then he forced me back down on his dick.

At this point we both heard the door open to the booth next door. A really hot military dude walked in. One of the same dudes that was in the hallways before. He was there to suck dick and apparently my buddy knew that. He pulled me up by my shoulders and told me to stick my dick through the hole and let the military guy suck my dick. I did as I was told and shoved my dick into the waiting mouth of the military guy. After a few minutes he made me sit back down and told me to eat his ass while the military dude sucked his dick. After a few times switching off I put my face to the hole to see the military guys dick just on the other side. He slid it into my mouth and pumped out a huge cum load all over my tongue. The 2 of us composed ourselves and headed out into the hallways to see what had come in while we were preoccupied in the booth.

Outside in the hallways there were a few good looking guys all standing around to see what all the commotion was about in the booth. The guy that I had recognized turned out to be someone that I had hooked up with previously while out cruising the beach. We had fucked a few times at his place and I remembered he was a really good fuck. Out in the hallways my buddy would keep pulling his dick out exposing it to the hot guys wandering around. Like a lure at the end of a fishing like he kept snagging them up and bringing them over. He motioned on each one for me to join them. Turns out he wanted to pimp my hole out to all the guys that would fuck me and dump their load in me. I'd suck him and them at the same time and he'd start by shoving his dick up my hole and getting me primed for them.

This continued with 5 or 6 guys and for about an hour. He really got off on pimping my hole out and I was an all to willing participant. Just keep the poppers and dick coming.

What started out as crappy sex party turned out to be quite the cumfest at the dirty bookstore.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride