30 January 2009 Finally Back Up!!!

Finally. DOWN????

Jan 30, 2009 @ 12:19 pm — Please note, we are experiencing a temporary system outage that may affect your usage of the site. We are working quickly to resolve it. Thank you.

Blurb from online-buddies.  Dammit I wanted to get more seed in me today.  Still hosting pump n' dump's all day today but I guess I'll head to the bathhouse instead.  Videos are uploading hope you all enjoy.

29 January 2009

Pump N' Dump

So I decided to host bareback tops today.

1:23pm - 1st top just left. Very verbal made me clean his dick off straight out of my ass. Working on video now.

2:12 - 2nd top on his way over now.

2:35 - 2nd top just left. 1st vid is done and is uploading now. Working on 2nd vid now.

4:29 - 3rd top just left. 1st vid done. Still working on 2nd and 3rd vid.

2nd vid

3rd vid

Damn this top really ripped my hole open and showed NO MERCY!

26 January 2009

Boring Monday....Good Ole Joe Cums Through

I headed to the bathhouse and there was absolutely nothing going on. I signed onto ManHunt and started cruising around some. Joe emailed and asked "need that sweet hole filled?" He also said he had a hard dripping penis" and that was like music to my ears.

I immediately emailed him back and said I'd be over in a few minutes. I arrived and like always he and his dog greeted me at the door. We immediately went to the bedroom and he peeled off my shorts. He got down on his knees and started expertly sucking my cock. He moved down to my balls and started playing with my hole. He stood up and started shedding his clothes. We moved over to the other side of the bed and I laid down on my back so he could have full access to my cock, balls, and hole. After a few more minutes of sucking my dick he lifted my legs up and started tonguing my hole. He fucking licks hole better than anyone ever. He finally had his fill of my hole and spat a gob of spit in his hand and slicked up his dick and started to slide it into me. The whole time I was sniffing poppers. My hole was primed and ready for his 8" dick to slide deep in me and breed me. Once in all the way he pulled all the way out and slammed back in. He really gets off on slam fucking my hole and so do I. After a while of him slamming into me while on my back he told me to get up and turn over. I shot straight up and immediately got a rushing sensation in my head from all the poppers. I felt like I was gonna pass out but I knew if I did he would just keep fucking me and I wouldn't enjoy it. Although the thought of being raped while passed out is REALLY hot. So he flipped me over and started drilling me deep again. He soon started grunting louder and I could feel his dick stiffen even more. I knew he was blowing that hot jizz deep inside me. He quickly pulled out and I squeezed my hole tight to keep his load in. I wasn't quite quick enough and a bit of his load leaked out of my hole and ran down my leg. I scooped it up and ate it.

As always I quickly got dressed and headed out the door. I will ask him next time we meet to video it so I can share it with all of you. I appreciate comments and if anyone has any suggestions I'll be glad to attempt to fulfill them.

23 January 2009

First Video

So I decided to try something new. Setting up a camera and filming an anonymous breeding session. I met this guy online who had fucked me once before a few years ago but he didn't remember me. He's got a nicely thick dick and loves to fuck raw. I hit him up and let him know I wanted him to fuck me again. I told him I liked it raw and it would be hot for him to come over and seed me without me ever seeing his face. He said he'd be over in 3-5 minutes and I quickly got ready. I was lying on the bed face down with my hole lubed. He came in, undressed, and lubed up his dick with the bottle laying on the bed. He climbed on top of me and eased his dick in my tight hole. I hadn't been fucked yet that day and was still pretty tight. It hurt like hell when his thick dick popped inside me. He pulled out briefly and then resumed his ass-ault. You can see in the video that he kinda gets into it. I only wish he were more verbal. You can't tell in the video but I had my bottle of poppers glued to my nose the entire time. I was high as a fucking kite and loved it every minute. It didn't take him long to cum and as soon as he was done he pulled out, got dressed and left just as quietly as he came in.

Enjoy cumcraver's first video.

09 January 2009

No loads tonight....

Well I have to say that I passed up on a couple of opportunities to get loaded up tonight. Not often do I EVER pass up on a chance to get loaded. However, I absolutely couldn't miss the FEDEX BCS National Championship game for anything. My alma mater was vying for their 3rd national championship and they wound up pulling it off yet again. So there's many more days and nights to cum and I'm sure I will make up for it in the coming nights.

I'm not one to gloat but so sorry Sooners.


06 January 2009

Double Loaded at the Bathhouse

Monday was a hard day at work. So hard in fact I had to bring some work home. I try to avoid that at all costs but it just couldn't be avoided.

It was late before I even decided to go to the bathhouse. I arrived by 1:30 this morning and it wasn't too busy. There were a few hot guys wandering around but no action was happening when I got there. I stripped down and toweled up and headed to the steam room. As soon as I passed the indoor hot tub I saw a really hot looking guy soaking. He seemed pretty quiet and I decided to to join him. I continued into the steam room and turned on the steam. I kept peeking out to see the hot guy in the hot tub and he was just minding his own business and didn't seem like he was interested in playing with anyone.

After about 15 minutes of getting steamed I heard a locker door shut. That means fresh meat probably just arrived. I peeked back out and saw an extremely hot Cuban guy stepping into the hot tub. He was about 5'9 150 pounds black hair caramel colored skin and a nice uncut dick that was about 6" soft. I decided that I'd steam for a few more minutes then head to the video room to see what was happening up there. Just as I was about to head upstairs when I heard the sauna door open and shut. When I peeked out I saw the shy guy still sitting in the hot tub and the Cuban guy was gone. I thought that maybe the Cuban had gone into the sauna and decided to go in myself. When I entered the sauna I saw a hot bald headed guy sitting there with his towel tightly closed around his waist and the Cuban guy sitting next to him with nothing on at all. I stepped up and sat beside the Cuban guy. I draped open my towel and started playing with my dick. I could see the Cuban guy's dick starting to twitch some. My dick instantly became rock hard and was poking well up and out of my towel. The Cuban guy slowly put his hand behind my back and started playing with my ass crack. I could tell he was horny and wanted to plow my hole. The cute bald guy was obviously not there to hook up and he soon left the sauna. As soon as the door shut the Cuban guy grabbed my very forcefully by the head and shoved me down on his now rock hard uncut dick. He kept fingering my hole and speaking this nasty foul Spanish at me while I was servicing his hot dick.

I don't know how (since my Spanish is less than marginal) but he told me in Spanish to get up and turn around. I did as I was told and he lined up behind me. I had the bottle of poppers glued to my nose knowing that I was about to be split open by this Cubans 9" uncut prick. He did just that. He quickly lined up his dick with my pucker and shoved it all the way in. I was in complete ecstasy as he was bare backing my hole. He must have been super horny because after just 3 minutes of fucking he was spewing more nasty Spanish at me and I could feel his dick stiffening and then he unloaded all of his Cuban spunk inside my hole.

He quickly pulled outta my hole which caused a string of his cum to drip and run down my leg. He exited the sauna quickly and I reached back and scooped up his cum to taste it. When I recovered and turned around I saw the hot shy guy staring at me through the window. My mind wondered how long he had been watching.

As I left the sauna I went to shower off the sweat. When I came back out I noticed the shy guy talking to the cute bald headed guy. They were speaking a foreign language and sounded like eastern European. I went upstairs to the video room to see what was going on up there. There was some old man in there that was only into sucking dick. I hung out for a few minutes when I heard the door open and in came the European guy. He walked past me fairly close wearing nothing but a towel draped over his shoulder. He came close enough for his shoulder to brush up against my chest. When he was done seeing that there was basically no one in the video room he came back past me. I reached out and fondled his dick but he kept walking. Usually a sign that one is not interested but he then turned back around and presented me with his dick again. He was about 5'11 165 pounds slightly hairy chest and stomach and about 8" uncut with a nice chrome cock ring. I bent over and started sucking his uncut dick. After about a minute of sucking he was completely hard to his full 8" and then the door opened. He pulled me off his dick and stood against the wall.

After the dude that came in walked past us the euro dude motioned me to follow him. I did as I was told and followed him to his room just outside the video room. Once inside he threw his towel down and motioned for me to start sucking him again. As I was down on my knees swallowing his dick he kept slapping me around with his open hand and pinching my nipples. I could tell he was probably a rough fuck and I definitely wanted his thick euro dick up my hole. He kept forcing me down between his legs to suck on his balls that were stretched taut by his nice cock ring. At one point he bent over and made me eat out his hole. I did a great job rimming his hairless hole and shoving in my tongue.

After he had his hole rimmed by an expert he stood me up and bent me over so he could inspect my hole. He spit a few gobs on my hole and then shoved his dick deep in my cum hole. I figured out that he must have been watching the Cuban guy breeding my hole. I think he got off on the fact that he was using the Cubans cum as lube for his thick euro dick. He pounded me deep and rough all the while slapping my ass and fingering my hole while his dick was in me. His pace quickened and he told me he was gonna blow. I told him to make sure he kept fucking me after he shot so his cum could mix good in my hole. He did just that and that was all it took for me to squirt my load all over the floor.

I felt like a used bitch and even though it wasn't the most I've taken or wanted to take it was definitely hot and well worth the trip.

04 January 2009

Good Ole' Joe

Well a hard day at work and little sleep the night before has me feeling tired as hell. I decided to sign onto Manhunt and see if anybody new had decided they wanted a stab at my hole. I saw my buddy, "Joe", online and decided to give him a shout. Picture of his dick shown.

Joe is in his late 40's has an awesome body and about an 8" dick. He loves to eat my hole and suck my dick. He always winds up plowing me deep with his perfectly sized dick and shooting his load deep in my hole. (Tonight was no different)

I sent Joe a message and he quickly replied saying that he wanted me to come over in 30 minutes so he could have a stab at my hole. I anxiously waited for the 30 minutes to pass and finally left and started over to his place.

I got there and he let me in immediately. I petted the dog and he led me to his room like he always does. We didn't make it past the foot of the bed before he was fondling my dick through my shorts. I was wearing a pair of dark blue basketball type shorts with no underwear so my cock could flop free, my favorite pig t-shirt, flip flops, and a ball cap. Joe pulled down my shorts and started jacking my dick. He got down on his knees and started deep sucking my dick down the back of his throat. He is an awesome cock sucker (almost as good as me) and loves to lick my balls and hole. He had me sitting on the edge of the bed for a good 15 minutes while he sucked and licked my dick and balls. After he got his fill of dick he led me over to the side of the bed where he quickly disrobed also. He laid me on my back and started sucking my dick and balls again. It wasn't long before I had to hike my knees up to my chest so he could start licking my hole.

Joe LOVES to lick ass and is really great at it. He licked my hole for a good 10 minutes all the while I'm sniffing poppers like their going out of style. He came up and pushed his dick up against my sphincter and gently pushed in. The poppers had me opened up and I was ready for a deep fucking. I forced him into me and he started fucking me with his extremely nice dick. He really gets into fucking my tight hole and is quite vocal about how much he likes it.

After about 20 minutes of him deep drilling me he says he wants to see me shoot my load. By this time I was primed and ready. I told him almost immediately that I was gonna shoot. I grabbed my ball sack and tugged on my nuts real hard to make my load shoot even farther. This was all it took for him to seed my ass. He shoved his dick deep down in me one last time while he was unloading his nut.

He slapped my ass when he was done and kissed my freshly fucked, cummy hole and mentioned how much he missed drilling me. This was probably the 4th or 5th time he fucked me and every time he really enjoys it.

He will definitely be back for more and so will I.

02 January 2009

New Years Dud (Somewhat)

Well New Years Eve started out not too bad. I went downtown and met up with some friends and chatted for a while. Then I headed to a gay bar to see what kind of back room action was going on. There were a bunch old men in the back room and not so many good looking guys. I headed across the street to a different gay bar. This gay bar is known for it's hot guys and great hooking up on the sun deck in the back. Once there I ran into a buddy of mine that loves to fuck raw and has a really nice and thick dick, about 8x6. He loves to fuck but he's not really into group scenes. He came up and started hitting on me and of course buying me drinks. What's a dude gonna do? Turn down free booze? Never! Well I hung out with him and we wound up ringing in the new year together. At the end of the night we walked back to his place and fucked like rabbits. He wound up blowing his load all over my dick and I then shot my load all over myself.

I didn't get as many loads as I hoped for but I did get laid at least. So the night wasn't a total bust.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride