28 November 2009

Ask Cum Craver Anything

It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. With that I was inspired by Raw College Jock Slut and pose the following questions to my readers.

What do you want to know about Cum Craver?

I'll answer every comment publicly. No comments will be censored but to discourage rogue idiots I have enabled comment moderation.

Catholics Don't Use Condoms Anyways

I've kept in touch with one of the 30 tops that bred me at Southern Decadence and I noticed the other day that he changed his profile text. This is some good shit. I asked him if I could post a link to his profile and he said okay. Check him out on ManHunt under the screenname MountUNSkwert .

Whiskey Dick - Rant

Taking note from and out of admiration for my fellow blogger iBi as well as a discussion I had with Huntsville Barebacker , I've decided to use my blog to not only document my sexual experiences but those less desirable ones. This is one such post. If you're looking to bust a nut read no further. I do promise this to my readers that I'll always place "Rant" in the title line so you won't waste your time.

I'm at work and cruising around Grindr with no intention of meeting up with anyone. I start chatting with a few guys and end up speaking primarily to just 2 guys. One guy is a hairy cub and the other is actually a couple. I chat up the hairy cub a lot and we're exchanging pics the entire time talking about how he likes to load up bottom's holes and how he can shoot 4-5 times without stopping and that every time it shoots out like a cannon. This got me worked up big time and I was tenting my khakis with a slight wet spot forming from all the pre-cum. I try my best to convince this guy to let me come over on my lunch break and have him fuck me but he just wants us to hang out the next day and fuck all day long.

I finally bid him farewell and a good night and focus my attention on the couple. It turns out their at a strip club (gay of course) and want me to meet them back at their hotel. I make a lame excuse and out the door on my lunch break I go. I rush home (thankfully I don't live far) and take a superman style shower. I rocket out the front door and speed over to their hotel. I get there and the younger of the 2 is sitting at his laptop watching porn with the older one standing behind him. I strip right at the door making it perfectly clear that I am ready for business. The younger one is Hispanic. In the dimly lit room he appears mid to late 20's, ripped build, dark caramel skin, wearing a pair of 2xist briefs. The other one is stocky build considerably (so I thought) older, bald head, and nice muscular legs (obviously the sugar daddy).

It had already come up in conversation that each of them were 6.5" uncut and I exclaimed my like for uncut dick. I was looking forward to chewing on some foreskin and having those dicks blowing in my hole. I got down on my knees took a hit of poppers and prepared to suck. The younger guy was completely hard already and the older guy might as well had been a eunuch. His dick was virtually undetectable. I sugary daddy/sugar baby situations such as this I tend not to be the typical fag and go straight for the pretty young good looking one. Truth is I found them both attractive or else I wouldn't have been there. So I go to the older guy and start sucking his minuscule member trying to get it hard. It does peek out and become flaccid at best but never got very hard. After a few minutes the younger guy was getting impatient so I started sucking him. I really liked how hard his dick was and knew it would feel nice in my hole.

After a while of sucking I got up on the bed and lifted my legs in the air. The younger guy came up and started rubbing his dick against my hole. I spit on my hand and moistened my hole and his dick and he began to pump in and out with my hand on top of his dick and the bottom of his dick sliding against my hole and crack. The older guy lined up behind the younger one and appeared that he was going to fuck him. I thought to myself "He'll never get inside any hole with a limp dick as he's got." I waited patiently and kept telling the younger guy to shove it in but he wouldn't.

Finally he stepped aside and the older guy lined up like he was gonna fuck my with his limp noodle of a dick. The younger guy got on top of my face and fed me his dick and balls while he kissed the older guy. Then out of nowhere the older guy says "This isn't going to work" and steps to the side. I'm hoping at this point to get at least one dick/load in my hole but the younger guy never gets off of my face. Then the top announces again in a more stern voice, "This ISN'T going to work."

I take the hint and push the younger guy off of me. I startled him at how strong I was and made it clear I was pissed. I walked directly to the front door and began dressing. I knew then that I HATE the cold weather. I had to dress in layers basically so it took me 3 times as long as usual. Most times all I have to do is slip on my shorts (no underwear), shirt and sandals and I'm out the door. This time was different. I had jeans, socks, shoes, t-shirt, and hoody. As I dressed they both sort of surrounded me one on my left and one on my right but still farther than arms reach away. They both watched me like hawks. I guess they assumed that since they couldn't perform that I would try and steal something instead. Little do they know I despise a thief and no one will ever catch me stealing like that. I looked up at the older one and "caught" him staring at me and he immediately averted his gaze. I just stared back at him while I tied my shoes. Then as I stood I looked at the younger one who was standing half inside the bathroom and half out right next to the front door and with the bathroom light on I could see he was clearly older than his mid to late 20's. He was pushing 40 or a younger 30 something that had been rode hard and put up wet. He did have a nice body which was his only redeeming quality. You know as my momma use to say "You can always bag their head. And if they're really ugly you can double bag it."

I reached for the door and flung it open. I guess there wasn't a stop to keep it from hitting the wall and the knob crashed through the drywall. Oh well. No skin off my back.

Here's their public profile pics.

This is the older guy

This is the younger guy.

21 November 2009

Apologies...and a hot night

First, let me lead by apologizing to everyone. Seems I came down with the piggy flu a couple weeks ago. Of course being a true cum pig taking any and all loads up ones hole it would be expected that flu-like symptoms would soon appear. Needless to say I was completely down for a week and not really feeling up to par for another week. Missed quite a bit of work and even more dick. So I have a few stories to catch up on. I start backwards since thats the one thats most fresh in my mind.

I head over to the bathhouse and found it very busy. Lots of hot young guys. Most were in the hot tub in what appeared like a mini-orgy. There were 4 groups of 2 guys each. 4 of them were sitting on the edge and the other 4 were in the water sucking the others. It was a very hot scene but I could tell it just wasn't going to go further. I walked around some more and just in that short amount of time the place had emptied out. I did find one black guy that was pretty good looking. He went to the glory hole and I headed for the other side. I got down on my knees and started sucking him. He was half hard already and it wasn't long before he was fully erect. He had about 8" and I made sure I had slobbered on his dick a lot while I was sucking him. I stood up once he got fully hard and guided his dick to my hole. I eased it in and he immediately began fucking me. I got down in a defensive 4-point stance and let him wreck my hole. I had my poppers out and continued hitting them heavy. At one point I thought he had cum because he pulled out and left. He actually came over to the other side and told me to follow him. We went into the video room where he put me up on the sling. There was another good looking guy with a nice dick jacking off in there and was hoping they'd tag team my ass. He eased his dick back in me and at the same moment a group of nelly queens came in and just wouldn't shut the fuck up. Needless to say it was a complete buzz kill and the other guy quickly got up and left.

Once it became evident they were not going to leave, the black guy and I left together. We went out on the sun deck where I got down on all fours on a lounge chair and presented my hole to him. He slammed it back in me and fucked me like this for a few minutes. He kept reaching around to stroke me but the angle was a bit odd. I pulled off his dick and got on my back pulling my legs up in the air. He filled me up again and this gave him better access to my dick. I was hard and ready to cum and thankfully he was too. It was only a few more minutes of steady drilling when he pronounced that he was ready to cum. I told him not to pull out and just as I felt his dick pulsing I let loose my own load. He pulled out and laid down on an adjacent lounge chair. We stayed there for a few minutes catching our breath before dressing and parting ways.

On my bicycle ride home I decided to take the scenic route. Just 1 block from my house I came up to a stop sign. As I slowed I noticed a good looking guy standing on the corner smoking a cigarette in a faded Army PT shirt and his underwear (it was about 330am). I nodded at him and said "What's up?" He said "Not much. You?" I had already passed him by this time so I circled back around rode up in front of him. I said "Not a whole lot. Just heading home." He then asked "Want a blow job?" I said "I just came but wouldn't mind getting fucked." He said "Lock up your bike and get in here. My dick is getting hard."

I locked up my bicycle and followed him inside. He led me to the couch where he stripped down. I stripped down too and saw he was immediately hard. My own cum covered dick was starting to get hard too. He told me to lie down on the couch and put my legs up in the air. He spit all over his dick and slobbered on my cummy hole to get me wet. As soon as he started eating out my hole I could tell he knew there was a cum load in there. He came up and started kissing me. I could taste the black guys cum on his lips. As he was kissing me he plunged his dick deep in my hole. He kissed me passionately and pretty much kept his dick in me to the hilt. He never really pulled very far out and I could tell he was really into fucking my hole. The entire scene was extremely hot and it didn't take long for him to pronounce his intention of cumming. I looked at him directly in the eye and told him "DO NOT PULL OUT." He nodded and jammed his dick in me and held it there. Almost as if he were holding his breath, he unloaded deep up my hole. He held it there as we continued to kiss. He kept telling me how hot it was to fuck and unload in me. We laid there for a few minutes before we got up and got dressed. We exchanged numbers and promised to meet up again.

This was definitely a hot fuck and hopefully he'll be a regular fuck bud. It's obvious that he's into raw action so there shouldn't be any issue with him wanting condoms.

04 November 2009

Very Hot Grindr Fuck

I'm cruising Grindr a few hours ago (yes I'm one of those iPhone guys) and came across a profile of a hot shirtless guy and decided to drop him a line. I didn't hear back from him and figured he wasn't interested until later tonight when I logged back in and found some messages waiting for me. 6 messages in fact. Here's our conversation:

Me - Hey whats up?

LAman - hey. I got a present for u
let me give it to you

u around tonight?

Me - just got your messages
thanks for the presents

(here's where I sent some pics of me)

LAman - my present will be to make u cum. what are u into? you getting fucked in those pics?

Me - thanks man. bbtm here (my subtle misspelling to indicate I'm a BB bottom)

LAman - vers here

Me - cool.
i am pretty much all bottom here

LAman - i can fuck u

Me - u got a dick pic?

LAman -

Me - very nice

LAman - thats a nice cock in your hole

Me - yeah a buddy of mine breeding my hole

LAman - my wants to breed that hole

Me - hell yeah man

LAman - milk my cock

Me - fuck yeah man. i'd love for u to pimp out my hole

LAman - bunch of guys fuck you together?


LAman - tag team fuck u?

Me - thats my fantasy (lying of course)

LAman - fill u with horny man jizz?
make u my jizz bucket?

LAman - come over now and let me try out that ass then u can plan a gang bang tomorrow

Me - ok i just need to shower real quick

LAman - ok shower then text me ***-***-****

Me - ok

The texts consisted of the usual. Where do u live, I'm on my way, I'm here, etc.

He came walking up and I was immediately surprised at how much better he looked in person than in his pics. He shakes my hand and we walk down the street towards the place where he's staying. He mentioned he was staying with a friend and I soon found out that this must be some friend. We walked in the doorway which was like one you may find on an ancient castle. We went up a set of stairs that led to what I could only describe as a reverse veranda. It seemed like the walls of the building where just housing a huge courtyard and this "veranda" circumnavigated the entire grounds. What I thought was an inside stairwell actually led to an area that was semi-exposed to the elements. We walked down the veranda to a room off to one side. It was lavishly appointed with what to my untrained eye appeared to be a MASSIVE collection of antiquities. This place was absolutely stunning. But I digress.

We walk in and we both immediately strip down. I grab the poppers and he grabs them from me takes a quick hit. He hands them to me and pushes me down on my knees. I take a big hit and start sucking his dick. He takes a few minutes to get fully hard but finally reaches his full 7" length and average girth. After about 10 minutes of sucking he pulls me up and we walk over to the bed. He pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders. He grabbed a bottle of Gun Oil lube and slathered some on my hole, dick, and his own dick. He pushed his dick in my hole and it gave way easily. He sunk deep in me and bottomed out against my prostate. He started pounding away all the while telling me how great my hole felt. I told him that I was going to post a craigslist ad for tops to gang bang me tomorrow and that got him really horny. He kept pounding away adjusting my legs and feet. At one point he pushed my legs down and to the right. So now I'm on my side but still facing him. I wanted to be able to see his face as he was fucking me. I kept feeling up his muscular chest and down his back squeezing his ass cheek. He kept pounding away and I kept egging him on telling him to plow my ass and make sure he breeds it deep. He re-adjusted my legs so that they are now over his shoulders. Throughout the entire fuck he'd have me feed him poppers every time I reached for them. He fucked like that for about 5 more minutes when he told me to get on all fours. He lined up behind me and sunk his dick back deep inside me. In this position he was hitting my prostate good and I was ready for him to let loose a torrent of cum. I started squeezing my dick around his dick and this drove him wild. It wasn't but about 5 more minutes of fucking when he finally fell over the inevitable edge of male orgasm. He started to pull out and I clenched my hole around his dick. What I didn't know was that he wanted to cum with just the head of his dick in my hole. He left just the head of his dick in my hole and I could feel the head of his dick pulsing as he began shooting his cum just inside my hole. His dick head kept pulsing for several more shots and he then shoved it in me and started fucking me again. I could hear his cum gurgle as it sloshed around inside me. It was a huge load to say the least. He didn't keep fucking me as long as I had wanted but instead pulled out. I clenched my hole shut to make sure I didn't lose any of his babies. I then turned over and said that I wanted to cum. He got down between my legs and started licking my balls. He made the impression that he wanted to take my load all over his face. It was only about 30 seconds before I was blowing my wad all over his face painting it in thick ropes of gooey cum. As soon as I got down shooting he jumped up and fetched me a towel. I cleaned up my hands and dick (never touching my hole) and slowly got dressed.

He kept telling me what a great ass I had and how much he enjoyed breeding it. We discussed the gang bang options for a bit as he led me back out onto the veranda and down the lavishly appointed stairwell and door. We bid farewell and I promised to text him.

Hope you enjoy and leave comments. I really do appreciate all the comments from you guys.

03 November 2009

Bookstore Detour

So I take a break from work and decide to go home and change and head over to a nearby bookstore/arcade. I get home change very quickly grab some poppers and lube and head out. I'm in a hurry because I know that this bookstore just changed ownership and has re-organized some of the booths in the back thus allowing for more glory holes; staff sponsored glory holes. These GH's are professionally drilled and then painted over with semi-gloss enamel. They made them VERY large and smooth.

So while I'm changing I decide that I'll take a less direct route but would put me on a street notorious for it's gay cruising. I pull up to the intersection and look both ways. Before making my right turn I take notice of a guy, drunk, walking down the sidewalk with no shirt on. I decide to find a spot to park up ahead of him and walk back and intercept him. This would only take a minute and if he wasn't looking then I could just head on over to the bookstore. As I'm approaching him I notice someone leaning against a light pole that I hadn't noticed before. I saw his right elbow motioning back and forth as if he were jacking off. It was unmistakable. The guy I originally had my eye on was now closing in on me and the jacker was halfway between us. The original guy was so hammered he barely noticed the guy jacking off. I immediately approached the jacker (I'll call him "Ken") and stood in front of him. I reached for his dick through the open fly of his camouflage shorts and he said "Just watch." I pulled my hand back and admired his nice body and dick.

Ken was about 5'8 150 slender build but with great definition to his arms, pecs, and abs. He had a slightly hairier chest and stomach than normal, dark brown in color, dual pierced nipples, and was sporting a 7" average thickness dick topped off with a 4 gauge (approx) PA. Like a cherry on top! His face was ruggedly handsome. Square jaw line, 5'oclock shadow, shaved brown hair down to a peach fuzz and receding hair line. Ken exuded handsome. From the way he confidently stood there stroking his dick under the street lamp, to the piercing gaze when he looked through my eyes to his hairy chest and exceptional good looks. The second thing I noticed about him was his tattoos. He had a simple cross on his left shoulder and a not so discreetly placed biohazard tattoo on his lower right abdomen. My dick jumped as soon as I saw it and I started leaking precum through my own camouflage shorts. I knew right then that I wanted to get his dick in my ass. Without hesitating I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He asked me if I had a condom to which I replied truthfully "No." He kept standing there making no motion except jacking his dick and staring at me. We kept this up for a good 10 minutes when he asked me if I thought I could take it. I told him I could take anything he was willing to offer. He then asked me "Right here?" I replied "Yeah. If that's what you want?" He kept stroking and staring at me. I returned the gaze and eventually he broke it. He said "Suck me." I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth. His PA clanked against my teeth but I swallowed him whole. He took me by the back of the head forcing me to deep throat him all the way to the base of his dick. His pubes tickling my nose. I pulled back and plunged down again. We kept that up for a few minutes then I stood afraid of getting caught. He kept stroking and asked me where I live. After replying and him determining it to be too far, he motioned for me to follow him. He zipped up and crossed the street. I followed close behind.

We got back to his place and he immediately stripped down with me following suit. He cleaned the lube off of his dick and sat down on the bed instructing me to suck him again. I greedily gobbled up his dick and started salivating over it and his well shaped bull nuts. It wasn't long before he was pawing at my ass. I stood as he did too and he reached in the drawer and pulled out a condom. I told him "I don't use condoms." He replied with "Well, If I'm gonna fuck you it's gonna be with a condom." I thought to myself "Deal breaker". I stood there looking at his dick as he slipped the condom on and my wish then came true. He got soft. Normally I'm not glad to see a guy go soft but this was the perfect scenario. He made every effort to get his dick hard with the condom on but it just wasn't working. As he was trying to get hard again he asked me how many loads I normally take. I told him I average about 4-5 loads a week. Even this information didn't help him get hard and he became frustrated and ripped the condom off and said "Fuck it." He asked me if he could just shove it in my hole and if I think I could take it like that. I had confidence that I could do it since his girth wasn't that much. He told me to bend over the bed. I did so and took some hits of poppers. He told me to hit it hard because I was going to need it. He followed that comment with "I like to ram it in, and pound you rough until I blow." I didn't say a word and just took several more huge hits of poppers.

When I capped the bottle, I felt his dick against my hole and then he plunged inside. I didn't hurt at all and I could feel his PA scraping the inside of my hole. He fucked like a jack rabbit for about 10 minutes. So furiously that I wasn't able to sniff anymore poppers for being afraid of spilling them. He finally let up his assault and allowed me to huff some more poppers. He also told me to flip over on my back. I did so and took some more hits. He re-plunged back in my hole and proclaimed that he was gonna blow. I told him to breed my ass to which he replied "Oh I'm doing more than that." He tensed up and his face began to contort. I could tell he was unleashing his load in me. That's all it took for me to blow my load. I was so worked up that the first 3 shots made it to my face. One hit my forehead and the second and third shot and landed on my upper lip running down into my mouth. He pulled out gently and I could feel his PA pop out. He then said "Uh oh!" I got a little embarrassed thinking I hadn't been as "clean" as I had hoped. He then said "I think one of us is bleeding." I said "Oh shit!" I looked down at the head of his dick and the entire underneath side of his mushroom head was bright red. We both made our way to the bathroom to clean up.

I dressed quickly and made my way back to work.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride