28 June 2009

As Promised....

Yesterday afternoon while driving around, I was admiring some hot guys walking around with no shirts on. One I saw was shirtless, kind of a daddy bear, and in a pair of loose fitting shorts. His dick was HUGE and flopping around. Almost to the point of circus side show absurdity. I got rock hard and made up my mind that I was going to be a whore later that night. I swore to myself that I was gonna get loaded up by as many of those kinds of guys as possible. So not so new right? Right.

While at work I had been chatting with this cuban uncut top daddy from craigslist and planning to meet up after I had gotten off work. He wanted me to come straight over without showering or anything. I told him that I was hot, sweaty and rank from being in the sun all day. He said thats exactly how he wanted it. We agreed that I would show up at the all gay hotel he was staying at and he'd fuck me out at the pool for everyone to watch and, if they wanted, join in. I get there a bit after 9 and he answers the door and guides me back to the pool. At the pool are 2 of his buddies. He tells me that he's filled them in on his intentions for my hole. He told them that I was coming over and he intended to pimp out my hole to anyone and everyone that wanted it. Unfortunately for me, his 2 friends were bottoms so they weren't going to fuck me. It didn't pan out to be as busy as I'd hoped either. He told me while we were walking to the pool that his friends would "freak" if they knew that he was breeding me. He also had condoms in hand. I told him flat out that condoms were out of the question. I told him that if he had to put one on then he needed to tear a hole in the top so his dick would poke out and when he cums it too would flood into my hole. He wound up putting me face down on a lounge chair and as promised he tore open a condom package, tore a hole in the tip, and then slipped it on his dick.

He proceeded to plow my hole while his friends egged him on. Little did they know he was actually plowing me raw. Every so often he'd lean down and whisper in my ear "You're taking daddy's raw dick up you're hole. Aren't you faggot?". I'd reply with something like "Yeah daddy fuck my hole". I could feel his pace picking up and his breathing getting faster and heavier. He leaned over one last time and whispered in my ear "I'm gonna breed your hole, faggot. Get ready. Daddy's cumming." With that final admission he let loose a torrent of seed and flooded my guts with his nut.

After we composed ourselves Cuban Daddy told me to follow him. We wound up in a deserted area near the pool. Kind of a garden area. He told me to get on my knees in front of him. I got down on my knees in the mulch and he let loose his piss all over me. He covered my face, chest dick and everywhere else in a warm stream of piss. The entire time I was jacking my dick furiously. I really get off on being a piss slut for a hot uncut daddy.

When he was done I headed over to the shower to rinse off and got dressed. I headed out and over to the bathhouse to get some more loads.

I walked in and the place was LOADED with hot guys. I jumped right into all the action and to my dismay most of the hottest guys there were bottoms. I was soooooo fucking horny and was bound to have some fun. I started walking around and inspecting what was going on. Again to my dismay I found that almost every single top there was fucking wrapped. I was not about to get in on this so I had to make my own kind of fun. This, fellas, is where the story takes a turn. I knew that some of these bottoms had to be raw players and knew that the tops were probably not gonna be interested in breeding my hole so I decided spread my seed far and wide.

While hanging out I came across this really cute bald headed guy sucking this not so attractive guy. I hauled out my dick and started jacking off. I caught the attention of the bald guy and he soon left the guy he was sucking and started sucking my dick. He was a little toothy and I slapped him in the face and told him to go easy on the teeth. I figured if he didn't like it rough then he could get the fuck off my dick. Of course this whore did as he was told and kept sucking this time with no teeth. He came up for air and I guided him to my nipples. I started sucking on his ears as he was working over my nips. I whispered in his ear and asked him if he wanted to get bred. He replied to the affirmative and I asked him if he had a room. He said no and I told him neither did I. I told him to follow me and with that, we headed to a dark corner. He got down on all fours and presented me with his tight hole. I bent down and starting eating his hole and getting it wet with spit. He asked me if I had lube and I said "Nope!" He didn't seem to mind so I kept eating his hole. Even if he had mind I wasn't going to stop. I spit in my palm and slicked up my dick. I lined up with his hole and stopped. I took a hit of poppers and he was hitting his own bottle of poppers. After securing the lid on my bottle I shoved my dick in to the hilt never letting him get used to it. He groaned but never indicated that he wanted me to stop. Not like it would have made much of a difference. I stood there behind this hot bald guy totally ripping his hole open. I wanted to make sure my cum soaked into his torn hole and hoped he would keep my load in him for as long as possible. I was so fucking horny it didn't take long for me to unleash a flood of seed in his hole. I pulled out and left him there steeped in my cum.

At this point I was hot, sweaty, and hungry as fuck. I went and got a bite to eat and cooled off a while. After eating I felt that it was time to get my own hole seeded again. I returned and found even more action but still all the guys were fucking wrapped. I was PISSED. I looked around and tried to find a suitable top to breed me. While searching, I came across this cute latino guy about 5'7 wearing a red Aussie Bum jock. He followed me around some so I decided to give him a try. I also figured he was a bottom but he was really fucking hot. I stopped and he came by and felt up my dick. I starting fingering his hole and found what felt like a fresh cum load deposit. I turned him around and smelled my finger. BINGO. Right again. I fingered his hole some more and extracted some cum into my hand. I used this cum to slick up my dick. He kept trying to turn around as if to tell me he didn't wanna get fucked. I felt bad for him because it was too fucking late now. I pushed his face into the corner and held him there by the back of his neck. He was slender built and shorter than me so he was in no position to resist. He knew what was coming and grabbed the bottle of poppers from my hand. He took a big hit and then handed it back to me. I momentarily let go of him to hit the bottle also. I lined my dick up against his hole and shoved it in again. There wasn't quite enough cum to make it truly lubed so it was pretty dry. He reached back and pushed against my hips to try and make me stop. This just infuriated me. This little cum dump is in no position to tell me what to do. I grabbed his wrist and forced it above his head. I held his hand against his neck and forced him back in the corner. I continued to pummel his hole and eventually he relented to my assault. I was finally to a point I could let his hand go to grab his hips and really plow into him. He gave no further signs of resistance and I was soon breeding his hole also. I grunted loudly as I let loose a second stream of cum up a willing hole.

After this I was beat. I got a bottle of water and headed home. I had to be back at work at 8am and it was already 4am.

I wish I had pics from the bathhouse to share but as you all know that would be close to impossible to obtain. I hope you enjoy and thanks for giving me 100+ followers.

Here's a pic of me enjoying my favorite past times. Poppers and dick.
Poppers. Does a body good.

Expectations Exceeded As Usual...

Well my expectations were exceeded. Nothing new I shouldn't be surprised. Thanks for the 4 new guys following my blog. Special shout out to durhamgayguy for being my 100th follower. As promised the next post will be the special 100th follower post.

Thanks again guys.

A Thank You to All My Readers....

I wanted to say thanks to all you guys for checking out and following my blog. As of this writing there are 98 of you guys who follow me and my sexual adventures (and sometimes misadventures).

I just wanted you all to know that I really do appreciate you and the comments you leave. Of course I'd always love to have more comments about my blog and any suggestions or ideas you guys may have are always welcome.

I added a new feature to the bottom of the blog that is a rotating globe showing the general area of viewers and a hit counter. I must say that I'm impressed that my blog has been hit over 3300 times in 5 days. Lets see if we can get those numbers up. I'd love to get several thousand hits a day but I'll just have to wait to become a bit more popular.

I must give a shout out to 2 of my favorite blogs Boned N Stoned and Matt and Dan's Sexual Adventures

If you guys don't follow those 2 then I suggest you get busy.

As a thank you, after reaching 100 followers I promise to blog about last night which includes something I've never shared on the blog before. I promise you'll get hard and hopefully jack off to it. There will be pictures (real of course) and a great story to accompany them.

Thanks once again and remember. "Keep it raw. Keep it real."


26 June 2009

The Man of My Dreams...

What could be the man of my dreams but will probably never be, texted me last night. First, I guess, I should fill you guys in on the back story. I met Joey about a year ago. We'd see each other out every once in a while and would chat and flirt around some. I even saw him in one of the adult arcades with another really good friend of mine. They were both drunk and stoned out of their mind but we made small talk and they left soon after. I saw Joey a few more times over the last few months and he's progressively opened up and started speaking more about himself and whatnot. Joey is one of those guys thats hard to classify. First and foremost he's masculine. He's got LOTS of tats all over his body including a prominent square block of text in the middle of his back about the size of a 3 ring binder (probably 9"x12"). It is a version of a well known prayer verse. (I'm choosing to be vague because he's actually pretty well known in his "craft". And no he's not a prostitute). He's got dark brown hair which is usually styled into a "faux-hawk" and has a slightly muscular build. I guess he could be lumped into the punk category but that would be based on looks alone. But I digress. The last time we met up he was being hit on by a British guy at a bar. After the Brit left, he and I started talking. The conversation eventually yielded to sex and he said he was going to go and "get off" and that I was welcome to join him. I settled my tab and headed the same direction. By the time I had gotten there the Brit had swooped in and was starting to suck his dick. I just stood there beside them watching the show. Keep in mind up and until this point I had not seen Joey without his shirt off much less his dick. The Brit was going to town on his dick when Joey reached over and started playing with my dick through my jeans. I unbuttoned them so he could have easier access and the next thing I knew he was sucking me off. The Brit was a little creepy and didn't seem to realize he had one of the hottest guys dicks in his mouth. He kept wanting to talk and saying shit like "You going to give me that load?" "You going to feed me your cum down my throat?" all in a skeevy British accent. Don't get me wrong. On the right guy, in the right context and situation a British accent can be hot as hell. But on this guy it just didn't work for him. Joey kept forcing the Brit down on his dick making him choke and gag. He was really skull fucking the guy into oblivion. It was hot as fuck but I couldn't help but smile on the inside thinking that the only reason he was getting skull fucked was to shut his sorry mouth up. I found out later that Joey likes it rough but I'm still thinking that he just was tired of the Brit's talking. After a few minutes of some deep skull fucking Joey let loose his load in the Brit's mouth. I was kinda put off by the fact that I hadn't been the recipient of the load especially given our recent conversation at the bar. Once the Brit recovered he was ready for more. He came to me and tried to suck my dick. I politely refused and zipped up. The Brit left and Joey and I were finally alone again. He composed himself and we just stayed there and chatted some more. He opened up even more than before and I found out that basically he was (at the present time) there to just get his nut. It was a stress relief for him nothing more, nothing less. After talking for a while I came to find out he was under a great deal of stress and I offered him the opportunity to talk if or whenever he wanted. I know, I know, even the cumdump needs to take a backseat to be a friend when someone is in a time of need. Okay. Enough of the back story. Fast-forward to tonight around 4am. I get a text from Joey that reads "Hey, wanna cum over pound out loads and choke on my meat?" Of course you all know what the answer was. I headed over to his place immediately and called him when I got there. He came to the door and led me to his living room where he shed his clothes and sported a nice hard-on. He's 7.5" and gets a lot thicker at the base. We started kissing and I started peeling off my clothes. I immediately had a hard-on too and Joey started stroking it. He then laid back on the couch and spread his legs. I got down between his knees and took his dick in my mouth and started giving him an expert blow job. He guided my left hand up to his right nipple and I started pinching it. I alternated between his nipples and was giving him the royal treatment. I tend to do that with guys I really like so they would be more apt to come back for seconds. He kept forcing me down on his dick the same way he did to the Brit but my gag reflex is a little more in check than the other guy. After a few minutes of this Joey stood up and started feeding me his cock while I was down on my knees. He would press his dick to the back of my throat and wait about a second then hold me by the back of my head and shove it down my throat. He pulled out and repeated this several more times. I started choking from lack of air and then he'd let up and allow me to catch my breath. Then he'd start again. It was really hot having this tatted up dude standing over me skull fucking my throat. After a few more of these types of sessions he grunted that he was gonna nut directly in my stomach. He put his cock to the back of my throat again put one hand under my chin to control my mouth and the other on the back of my head and popped his dick down my throat. He held it there and fucked my throat with very short strokes so as not to to have his dick pop out. I felt his dick stiffen against my tonsils and he grunted loudly telling me to take his load in my stomach. I was choking at this point and trying to gasp for air. His grip was like a vise and he refused to let go until he had drained the last bit of cum from his nuts. He finally let go and I gasped for air repeatedly. He slapped me across the face and thanked me for the BJ then we locked lips again. I dressed quickly and left with a raging boner.

22 June 2009

Thick Dick, Huge Load

I've been chatting with a guy on ManHunt for a while trying to hook up with him but we could never seem to get our schedules to mesh. He said he could host sometimes and I prefer not to host unless it's for the anonymous pump n' dump scenes. I'm online and see that he is too so I shoot him an IM. I ask him if he wants to breed my hole and he seems reluctant but agrees. I'm thinking this guy is probably one of those that says he'll seed your hole then when you get there pulls out a condom. Seems eerily reminiscent of Disappointing Top but I decide to take precautions just in case. I ask him if he wants my hole lubed when I show up. He says yeah so I take copious amounts of Elbow Grease lube and shove it up my hole. We all know the label on Elbow Grease says "This product not recommended for use with condoms". Enough said. I asked him where he lived and he gave me directions. I told him I'd be there in 5 minutes. He said he would be waiting out front. He also said he had a shaved bald head now which if you don't know already really turns me on. Almost as much as his thick dick.

I immediately throw on some shorts with no underwear and grab my bottle of trusty Jungle Juice Black Label. I head on over and true to form he's waiting outside bald head and all. I walk up and he said hi and I returned the gesture. We began walking back to his place down a narrow alley. It was broad daylight outside so I wasn't worried about getting robbed or raped. Although you can't rape the willing. We walk into his place and he immediately sheds his shirt and starts to unbutton his cargo pants. I pull down my shorts and my hard dick flops out and I too shed my shirt. I got down on my knees and drew a good hit of poppers. I started sucking his dick which, by the way, he is definitely a grower not a shower. He put his hands on the back of my head and started forcing me down on his ever hardening dick. He moved over to the bed, laid down and again presented me with his dick for me to worship. I continued taking hits of poppers and offered him some too. He gladly accepted but only took small baby hits. He slid farther back on the bed against the headboard and I continued to work on his dick and playing with his nips.

After I got him rock hard I moved up and straddled his dick and lowered myself down on it. It was THICK and took a while to get used to it. It's one of those dicks thats pretty much thick from the head down to the base. But it gets a bit bigger in the middle. He kept pinching my nips which are hard-wired to my dick and it felt good having him split me open while I jacked my dick and had my nips pinched. Every time I got all the way to the base I could feel his dick stretching my hole even more. It hurt quite a bit because by this time he had let go of my nips and had a hold of my hips forcing me down on his dick harder. While riding his dick he held his gaze into my eyes. It was almost as if he could see inside my soul. It made me feel as if he owned me and was proving it by marking his territory with his dick. He then pulled me off his dick and said to get on my stomach. Anticipating what was on the horizon and I took a few huge hits of poppers while putting my ass up for him to take. And take he did. He shoved his dick back in my hole and I felt a burning ripping pain tear through my ass. At the same time the poppers took effect, my face flushed, my hole opened up and he kept assailing my hole. He leaned over my back and pushed his fist into the back of my neck forcing my face down into the pillows. I started getting really verbal in the hopes his neighbors would hear. I get off on the fact of people hearing my hole getting ripped open or even watching then joining in. He continued fucking me in this position for a good 10 minutes. He started breathing heavy and I asked him if he was close to cumming. He didn't reply but he flipped me over on my back and threw my legs over his shoulders. I kept jacking my dick as he re-entered me. He locked his gaze back into mine and I could tell he was close to marking me with his seed. I was wrong. He kept fucking me in this position for about another 10 minutes. I could tell he was close to cumming because his gaze left mine and his eyes rolled back in his head. I felt his dick start to pulse and I immediately shot my load all over my chest. I could tell he really liked it when my ass pulsated against his dick as I shot my load.

He finally came down from his high and slowly pulled his dick from my hole. I could tell he was a neat freak from the looks of his apartment and by him telling me to "be careful" as he pulled out. Not to disappoint I cupped my hand under his dick and under my hole as he retreated. It's a good thing too because a big gob of his load leaked out into my hand. He headed straight for the shower and I (being a good pig) ate his gob of cum from my palm. As I was standing there for him to exit the shower I felt my hole was really loose and sloppy. I could feel more cum leaking down my leg. It hit the tile floor and I reached around to catch anymore before it escaped. I licked my hand clean again and then knelt down on the floor and lapped up the cum from the tile. Just as I was standing back up he came out of the shower and I jumped in.

We made the usual small talk as we both got dressed and that's when I noticed the pictures all around of a pre-teen girl. I thought to myself "Wow. A dad!". I then smiled on the inside knowing that his neighbors probably heard a dude screaming "Fuck me! Fuck me deep! Breed my fucking hole!" I wonder what they would say to him if they would say anything.

Here's his pic

05 June 2009

Triple Loaded...Lunar Style

I have been chatting with this British guy for a while and last night we finally got to meet. We decided we would meet on top of a local hotel that has a sun deck on the roof. We agreed that I would walk up there, strip and lay face down on a lounge chair and await his arrival. Before leaving home I fingered a huge glob of petroleum jelly up my hole and made sure it was good and sloppy. True to my word as soon as I got there I shed my clothes and laid face down on a chair and starting taking huge hits of poppers. A few seconds later there were hands on my ass probing my hole. The British guy kept fingering me and I could tell he loved my sloppy hole. He hauled his dick out and came around and made me start sucking him off. He was about 7.5" to 8" and nicely thick. He started growing hard in my mouth then suddenly turned around and presented his hole for me to eat. I slobbered up his hole and ate him out for a few minutes. When he had enough he went back to my hole and began fingering me some more. I continued hitting the poppers hard while he lined up his dick with my hole. He slid in me with no problem and immediately began pumping into me. He would go deep for a few strokes then pull almost all the way out for a few strokes. Then he'd slam back into me and continued slam fucking me for the rest of our encounter. I made sure I was vocal so anyone in ear shot would know that there was breeding going on.

After about 10 minutes of good slam fucking he started breathing heavy and I could feel his dick getting stiffer. He let out a loud grunt and proceeded to tell me to "take his babies". I coaxed him on and told him to breed me deep and work that seed in me good. Well he took to heart the second statement and continued fucking me after he had bred me. I was surprised he could stay hard that long after cumming but what I didn't realize is that he was actually working up a second load. His dick got a little softer but when he was about to breed me for the second time I felt his dick get rock hard again. Then he grunted loudly one more time as he shot his second load of sperm on top of the first. He quickly pulled out and walked away without saying another word. I just laid there with a raw hole full of cum.

I decided to stay and got back up on my knees and presented my hole to anyone that would come up there. A few minutes later I felt a second set of hands probing my hole. I made a point to see if it was the same guy but it wasn't. This was an Asian guy. He kept playing with my hole and then I realized his hard dick was up against my ass cheek. It felt odd though. When he got ready to penetrate I reached back and felt a condom on his dick. He quickly pushed my hand away and sunk his 7" dick into my hole. I just didn't have the heart to tell the poor boy that my hole was full of condom degrading petroleum jelly so I figured he'd find out one way or another. He pumped me for a few minutes and I could tell he wasn't going to last long. He thought he was gonna be cute and slam fuck me as he came up my hole. Just as he did the condom broke and his cum flooded my hole. I could tell he realized what had happened and immediately pulled out bringing some of his cum and the two previous loads with his dick and torn condom. The cum dripped down on the mesh of the chair and he quickly scampered away. Me in my triple load glory lapped up the cum from the chair then laid back down on my stomach for a few more minutes. I decided to then call it a night.

Pictures of the British guy. Enjoy.

01 June 2009

Road Trip

Well most of my road trips involve me going out of town, getting a hotel room, and having my hole pummeled by as many dicks as I can. Of course it's ALWAYS raw and no load is refused. This road trip is slightly different in that I was with friends (straight) of course and I was sharing a room with someone. I wasn't delusional and I knew from the onset that I was not going to be able to get as many loads as I normally do or even as many as I wanted. I resigned myself to the fact that if I got any I'd be lucky. Well I cruised my usual online hangouts and of course craigslist was the most popular. I found 2 guys that were really interested in breeding me deep and our chats eventually worked around to me giving them my phone number so we could text and make it easier to meet up. I told both tops where I was staying and that there was a secluded bathroom on the back side that we could meet in. After dinner one night I was busy chatting it up with one of the tops and it was decided that he would meet me in the back of the hotel to fuck. After I got back to the hotel with my group I headed downstairs where the guy was waiting in his car. I approached the drivers side and he got out with a noticeable hardon. He shook my hand and I told him to follow me. The whole night he and I were texting about how much he loved the fact that I am such a cum pig. He was ready to breed and I could smell it on him. He followed me into the secluded bathroom and I locked the door behind him. We started groping each other and I immediately got hard. He unleashed my cock from my shorts and I did the same to him. He surprised me and went straight to his knees and started sucking my dick deep down his throat. I was surprised at how good he could suck dick. I usually can't get off by a guy sucking my dick. However, I had to watch out for this guy cause he had me almost cumming within a few minutes of him swallowing my cock. After a few more minutes of a mind-numbing blow job I reluctantly pulled him to his feet and went down on his dick. He started moaning loud and I had to put my hand to his mouth so the roaming security guard didn't hear us in there. After a few minutes of me blowing him I stood up and he started fingering my hole. I could tell he wanted to get that dick in me so I told him that I was gonna lay down on the filthy floor and I wanted him to breed me like that. I stripped down and he did the same. I got out my poppers and laid them next to the toilet then I laid down. My back was bare against the dirty floor of this public bathroom. I could feel the grit and piss on my back. He got down on his knees and shoved my legs up and over my head and began eating my hole. He not only was an expert cocksucker but he could eat a hole like a pro too. I really enjoyed being on the cold tile having my hole eaten out knowing that a dick and load was soon to follow. He ate my hole for about 10 solid minutes of which I was in total ecstasy. He spit a huge gob onto his dick and started jacking it right before shoving it in me. I had taken several huge hits of poppers waiting for him to do just that. I'm sure he knew exactly what I wanted. After getting inside of me he leaned forward so he could whisper in my ear how good it felt for him to be raw fucking me. He told me I had a tight hole (which surprisingly is true) and that he really liked fucking me in a dirty bathroom. I could feel the piss and dirt grinding into my back as he kept shoving his dick in me. I continued taking huge hits of poppers and giving him a few hits too. After a few minutes of fucking and me jacking my dick furiously he said he was close. I told him to shoot his babies in my hole and make me pregnant with his sperm. His eyes rolled back in his head and I could feel the head of his dick expand as he shot his load in me. Right at that moment I shot my pent up load and hit myself in the eye with the first shot and the chin with my second shot. The rest landed on my chest and stomach. Once he came back down from his high he started licking the cum from my closed eyelid, chin, chest, and stomach. He really liked the taste of pig cum and lapped it all up. He slowly pulled out and I got up to get dressed. I could feel how sloppy my hole was and when I looked down on the floor I could see a dribble of cum that had leaked outta my hole when he pulled out. I smiled and just left it there hoping someone would come in, see it, and smell the sweaty pig sex that had just taken place there.

Here's his pic.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride