29 October 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

So I was celebrating my 30th birthday last night and had a great time. I did the obligatory dinner and drinking with friends and got totally wasted. I headed over to the bathhouse knowing that I wanted to get a couple loads. I'd settle for one load but I really wanted more. When I got there I ran into a friend and we chatted a bit while I massaged his shoulders.

I was still sloppy fucking drunk and getting hard as a rock. I headed to the video room and found a semi hot older guy getting sucked by another dude. I stood there and watched as he was getting sucked and he motioned for me to join in. I gladly got on my knees and started sucking his dick as the other guy started eating his ass. The other guy grew tired and soon left. I devoted my attention to this guys dick which was on the smallish side. About 5.5" and on the slender side. As I was on my knees sucking him this really hot tanned guy about 35 years old with some nice tats on his shoulders walked up and hauled out his dick. I turned to him and started sucking his already hard dick. It was about 8" and very thick. As I was sucking these two guys another younger guy came in. Slender wearing a ball cap and packing another 8" dick. This one was not as thick but just as long. I started sucking on him and it wasn't long before he was rock hard. The guy with the tattoos was really getting off on pushing me around and making me suck the other two dudes.

After a bit they all sat down in a row and I started alternating between all of them. As I was sucking all them I heard someone else come in. As soon as he saw me down on my knees I heard him say "Fuck yeah!" I continued sucking hoping he'd come over and join in. He came up behind me and shoved two fingers up my hole. It made me wince a bit because I wasn't expecting it. After pulling out he grabbed me by the neck and forced my head to snap back and held me in a head lock while forcing me to taste my ass juice on his fingers. He then forced me back down to suck more dick as he continued fingering me. What I felt next reminded me of piss but it was cold instead of warm. It turned out to be beer. He was pouring beer down my ass crack while he was fingering me. Definitely a first for me. He then started slapping his dick on my beer slathered hole. He slid in me and kept forcing me down on the others dicks. The tattooed dude was really getting off on this and as the anonymous beer guy was fucking me he kept guiding me to the others dicks. It wasn't long before the beer guy was unloading inside me. I never saw his face and that made it even hotter. My knees were soaked in beer that was puddled on the floor and it was extremely hot. Almost as being hot as covered in piss.

After the beer guy left the tattooed dude got me up on the platform and told the younger ball cap guy to fuck me. The tattoo dude had a thick Jersey accent and it was a real turn on to hear him boss the others and me around. He did as he was told and shoved his dick in my beer and cum lubed hole. He had gotten really worked up with all the sucking and it was just a few minutes when he shoved in me to the hilt and said he was unloading. He pulled out and away he headed. The tattooed dude told the semi-hot older guy to fuck me next which he happily obliged. To be honest after taking beer dick, and the younger guys 8 inches I could barely tell he was in me. Guess thats what I get for having such a sloppy hole. Well I could tell when he unloaded and it wasn't very long adding the third load to my hole. It was now the tattooed dude's turn to load me up. He shoved his thick 8 inches in me and pounded out load # 4. It was very hot to see him there pumping my hole full of cum.

I stayed on the platform after he left and kind of passed out from being so drunk. I wasn't sure how long I had been out but when I came too I found another hot older guy playing with my hole. When he saw me wake up he shoved his dick in my hole raw. He quickly came and pulled out. His two friends where there watching also and they each lined up to take a turn. I remember that they weren't terribly good looking but my hole was there to be used so I let them unload in me also.

When it was all said and done I had 7 birthday loads in my hole.

It was a great time

27 October 2009


So in a little less than 6 hours from now I'll be marked. For life. I have decided that for my birthday I am getting my first tattoo. I have chosen a design and will post pictures later on. Wish me luck. BTW. I have already decided what my second tattoo will be.

Here's a pic.

17 October 2009

Surprising....even to myself.

Sometimes I surprise myself. Today was no exception. I came home from work for a short break and decided to check out the ManHunt and A4A scene. I logged onto MH and immediately came across a profile I thought I'd like. This guy's ad was simple. 23 years old, down for anything and up for everthing. I hit him up and he immediately replied with a message saying he was almost out of messages but wanted to have some sleazy bare fun and included his email address and phone number. Well I didn't have a lot of time to lolly-gag around so I sent him a text right away. Unusual for me because I don't freely give out my number to just anyone (I guess I'm protective of the number I've had for over ten years and don't want some jealous queen forcing me to change it). So he texts back with the following exchange:

CC - hey whats up? ****** on manhunt. Don't have much time. BB sleazy btm here. U looking for right now?

WC - yeah were r u?

CC - ******

CC - can you host?

WC - can u get to ****** (nearby hotel) and email pics?

CC - yes and yes

WC - u got poppers

CC - yeah but i only got time for a pump n dump

WC - okay bring poppers

CC - what room #?

WC - 118

CC - on my way

WC - cool

The whole exchange took only 9 minutes. A

few minutes later I arrived at his hotel and was greeted by the hotel security guard. He was walking down the hallway as I was walking up and then he stopped and just stared at me as I approached WC's door. I stopped at the door, just short of the guard, and knocked. Thankfully WC let me in and quickly latched the door behind me. He stood behind the door and started stripping down and was naked in the blink of an eye. He was sporting a nice 9" uncut dick with a good amount of foreskin and average thickness. He started jacking my dick which was already rock hard and I returned the favor. I started stretching the foreskin and my fingertips were greeted with copious amounts of precum. I asked him if he was a bottom or a top and he said, in a decidedly unassuming American accent, (you'll find out more later) that he goes either way. He asked me and I said that I was more bottom. He quickly asserted that he would fuck me and asked if I had brought the poppers. I fished around in my pocket for the bottle and handed them to him. He took several HUGE hits and then handed them to me. I took some hits and then decided I wanted to get a picture of his dick. I led him by the dick over to the light on the desk and told him to stand still. This is the result.

After taking the pic I sat down on the bed and kept jacking my dick. He knelt in front of me and started sucking me. Before leaving home I had put on my trusty PIG cockring so my dick was ROCK hard and veiny as he was slobbering up and down it. He kept sucking me all the while furiously jacking his dick. He started fingering my hole and I wanted to make sure he fucked me before shooting his load. I've had enough experiences with young guys who jack their dick and then before they know it their blowing their wad long before I am and never in my hole. So with this in mind I lifted my legs inviting him to fuck my hole. He stood up and eased his 9" dick in my hole. I wasn't lubed very much but he slid in with relative ease. He started pumping me furiously and kept kneeling down to kiss me. I too was jacking my dick. Before long he told me he was seeding my ass.

I detected at this time a hint of an accent but still none enough to make me take notice. He pulls out and I jump up. I don't know what hit me but for some reason I felt like I wanted to give this kid my load. He just seemed young, sweet and innocent. I wanted to be the one that would corrupt him. I told him to bend over where I lined my dick up to his hole. I had only used spit (since that's all he used on me) and started to push in. My dick met quite a resistance but then my head popped in. He squirmed under my grip and finally clenched tight enough to squeeze my dick out of his hole. He turned around and started sucking me but I wasn't satisfied with this. After I let him suck me for a bit I told him to get back up on the bed so I could seed his ass in return. He reluctantly agreed and I forced my way into his hole this time. He didn't squirm as much but I could tell I wasn't going to be able to nut inside his ass. I do believe that my mind was pre-occupied with getting back to work on time and I didn't (much less couldn't) be late. So with this realization I pulled out and made him kneel in front of me with his head bent slightly back on the edge of the bed. I put my nuts on his lips and instructed him to lick them. I jacked my dick furiously with all sorts of demonic thoughts rumbling through my head. The whole time I was jacking I was staring at his face noting how innocent he looked. I worked up my nut and announced to him to get ready to take my seed. Right before I started blowing my wad all over his face I took my left thumb and forefinger and pried his eye lids open. The first shot of seed shot up his nose and the second and third went directly in the corner of this right eye. He winced as my sperm stung his eyeball and his eyelids clamped shut unwittingly sealing my jizz under his eyelid so it could soak in good. The remainder of my load went on to paint the rest of his face. When I got done shooting I told him "Shit man. I didn't mean to shoot in your eye. I was totally aiming for your mouth." He didn't say anything as I headed to the bathroom to rinse off my dick.

While in the bathroom I noticed a large carry-on style bag that had a luggage tag on it. Well being the ever nosey detective that I am, I tell him that I am gonna use the bathroom. I close the door and then take a peek at the tag. It gives his name and some other text on there as well as an address on the Space Coast of Florida. I should also mention his cell phone # started with 321, which is the area code for that part of Florida. Well after I got to work I decided to do a little detective work. I Googled his name and surprisingly found that he is actually a recent graduate from a pilot training academy in the UK and after a little more digging I found that the academy he just graduated from partners with the Kennedy Space Center to offer advanced training. So, yeah. I admit that was a little stalkerish but who cares. It's not like I'm gonna hunt him down and demand in front of his friends and family that he fuck me and load me up again. LOL Although, the thought of someone doing that just brought a smile across my face.

So the story ends with me purposefully shooting my load in this lad's eye just to make it sting and knowing that he's carrying a piece of me. Sadistic?

09 October 2009

New Blog: AWESOME!

So I'm cruising around looking at dudes following my blog and came across another guy who's blogging about his awesome bareback sex. He is self proclaimed to be a "Very ordinary, unassuming, geekish-looking, with a twisted underside" guy. I was able to read a few of his entries and it instantly became a new favorite.

Check him out. iBLASTinside

Straight Guy on the front porch

So the straight guy turned out to be EXTREMELY hot. He had a typical stoner look about him and was wearing a button up shirt and board shorts. He greeted me with a "Sup?" and I led him back to my front porch. When we got there I started stripping down and he said "Right here?" I replied with "Yeah. Is that okay?" He said "Fuck yeah. Whatever!" He undid the velcro on his shorts and slipped them down around his knees. He was already rock hard and sporting about 7.5" uncut. I got down on my knees and started sucking his dick. Then he spotted my bottle of poppers on the ledge and exclaimed in excitement. I guess he's a popper whore too. He took a hit and then his dick started leaking pre-cum. He handed me the bottle and I too took a good hit. I stood up and turned around and he knew exactly what to do. He shoved his dick in my cummy hole and within a few strokes he was telling me he was cumming in my ass. I egged him on and told him to splash my guts with his sperm. He rammed it home a few times after he got done shooting and then pulled out. He pulled up his shorts and was down the stairs before I could turn around and thank him. I did manage to let him know to email me anytime he wants to get off. He replied "Alright" and almost ran down the sidewalk.

Sorry no pic to share with you guys.

Peter's Backyard (again)

I saw Peter online tonight and decided to just chat him up. I didn't have an agenda just wanted to tell him hi and explain why I hadn't been around much (work, class, travel, etc.) He said he was looking to unload and I offered up my hole. He told me to come over to his house so I got dressed and headed right over. He met me at the gate and I walked over to the poolside patio furniture and stripped down. I lubed up my hole and grabbed my poppers then headed over to the lounge chair where he was. He had me sit down while he stood in front of me and fed me his huge but still flacid dick. It didn't take him long to get hard and he pushed me on my back and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I unscrewed the cap on my poppers and started taking a huff when he shoved his dick in me. I wasn't prepared for it and my poppers spilled onto my shoulder burning me. I tried to wipe them off with my hand but Peter just kept hammering at my hole. I resigned to just let it go and deal with the rash later. He pulled out of my hole and got in a 69 position and made me eat his hole. He was telling me that he had hot latino guy with a thick dick that fucked him about an hour before I got there and wanted to know if I could taste the load. I could tell his hole was cummy but there was no cum leaking out. Yet. He told me to turn over on all fours and shoved his dick back in. I took another hit of poppers and he then asked if I wanted his piss load up my hole. Of course I said yeah and he stopped fucking me and held still as his piss load started shooting up my hole. He stopped mid-stream and started fucking me again. I could feel his piss sloshing around inside my hole making me feel weirdly full. I took some more poppers and Peter stopped again and finished pissing in my hole. After he got done he started fucking me again. I could feel some of his piss leaking out of my hole and I think he could sense it too. Thats when he told me to make sure I didn't get any on the white cushion of the chair. He kept fucking me for a bit and then I asked him to stop and let me take a break. I walked over to the edge of the yard and let his piss go out of my hole. He came over with the poppers and had me suck his dick and take hits of poppers until I was done. When I was done he asked if I was ready for his cum. I said yeah and he bent me over and I got down into a football snap stance. He shoved his dick back in me and it wasn't long before he was blowing his load in my gut. I got dressed as we made some small talk and then I headed home.

While writing this post I had posted a Craigslist ad touting that I had a fresh load of cum in my hole and I was ready for more. A 20 year old tourist emailed me saying he wasn't far away and he wanted to load up my hole. In the course of his emails he made the statement that he had only been with 1 guy before. We agreed to meet at the corner near my house and then come back and fuck on my front porch.

Got to go. He's almost here.

06 October 2009

Juan Re-visited

You may recall my last post on Juan but even if you do it didn't do him justice. Upon writing it I didn't have a lot of time but felt he deserved to be mentioned. Well I made plans for a short vacation that happened to be in the same city where Juan lives and I made sure he knew what day I would be available. We made plans to meet up after my vacation but before I headed home. I, being one who likes plans, was a little nervous when he came over to pick me up. I had texted him earlier asking him "what's the plan?" He replied with "Lets play it by ear." I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I had brought an overnight bag with the essentials. Lube, poppers, cock ring, blindfold, etc. I had dressed for dinner but soon found out that was the least of his plans. As I walked up I saw him standing there in a nice tight pair of jeans accenting his VERY nice ass and he looked damn fine. I walked up and gave him a kiss and he asked me how I was doing. We made small talk as we walked to his car. We drove to his place and as soon as we walked in we started making out. We made it to the bedroom where we continued our make out session. We managed to strip down where he laid me back on the bed and continued kissing me. He lifted my legs up and began an excellent tongue lashing on my hole. After a few minutes of eating my ass he got up and retrieved the lube and slicked up his dick he spread some on my hole. Here the order of the details get a little fuzzy but I'm sure I'll remember it all. He told me to turn over where he lined up the head of his dick with my hole and every so gently eased inside. He's got an above average thickness and length and you may remember that I'm trying to get more used to taking thicker dicks. It's not the skill I've mastered as well as I want to, so I'm exploring some new options to "open" me up. But I digress. He got all the way inside me and it felt like I was being split open. I took more hits of poppers and it made the feeling subside a bit. He fucked me in a dizzying amount of positions and of course my favorite is on my back so I can look in his eyes and watch his face as he fucks me. He fucked me like that for a while and then he asked me to turn over on my side. I turned over on my left side stretching out my left leg then bringing my right leg up to my chest. He entered me again and started pounding away again. After a bit he asked me if I wanted his load. I told him yeah and he flipped me over on my back which gave me access to my dick so I could jack off as he fucked me. It didn't take long for me to build up my load and I could see his face twisting in pleasure as he started grunting and pumping his seed in me. Thats all it took to send me over the edge and I blew my load shooting all the way up and past my shoulder.

He stayed inside me for several minutes as he continued to pulse his dick making it twitch inside my hole allowing it to soak up the seed that he just gave me. He slowly retreated from my hole and then laid next to me as we started chatting. We laid there for a while and had some good conversation. We got up and he made us a snack. We laid back down together and watched some TV together. We dozed off and slept the entire night in each others arms. It was some of the best sleep I've had in a while. We both woke up this morning in each others arms and sporting morning wood. He had an early morning appointment but that didn't stop him from getting back on top of me with his hard on and stabbing at my hole. He lubed his dick up again and eased it back in me. He had already told me that it would be a quick load because he couldn't be late. It wasn't long before loading up my hole again.

We showered together and got dressed and out the door we headed.

He did let me take a pic of his dick right after he got done pissing. Hope you enjoy. Oh yeah I almost forgot to let you all know that I told him about the blog. So that makes it a bit hotter knowing he's reading about all my "sex-ploits".

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride