14 January 2010

Hot Piss Video

Damn this made me shoot in record time.

09 January 2010


We, the undersigned bareback bloggers, unify in this statement today.

We believe in the First Amendment and for all people to express themselves. We have chosen to express ourselves through these blogs.

The actions we take are our own and we believe, as consenting adults, we can enjoy the sexual relations in the manner which we choose.

If you find what we write about as offensive, wrong or immoral, we ask you not to read our blogs. If you follow us on Twitter and you consider what we write as offensive, wrong or immoral, we ask you to block each of us. None of our communications is required reading and we do not force it upon anyone.

Since each of us launched our blogs, we all have received vitriolic lies, terroristic bullying, and even death threats.

Our voices will not be silenced. We shall no longer tolerate further cyber harassment. We will not give these threats or statements a voice in our forums.

We thank our supporters. We thank our readers. We thank those who just ignore us and let us live our lives.


Mark Bentson, iBLASTinside

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02 January 2010

Xmas Vacation

So I mentioned in previous post that I had been on vacation over the holidays. I spent most of the time with my family but did decide to get a hotel room over the weekend for 3 nights to see if I could round up some year end cum loads.

I checked in on Saturday evening and stayed through Monday night. As soon as I got to my room I went to CraigsList and posted a couple of ads. It wasn't long before I started getting emails. It turns out that in my home town ManHunt is pretty much non-existent but CraigsList and Adam4Adam are gold mines. Another thing I noticed was how many "safe only" tops there were that with a simple sequence of questions could be convinced to shoot their load in my hole. I would ask some sort of vague question like "Where do you like to shoot your load?" They would undoubtedly answer "Anywhere you want." I would come back with something like "I want it in my hole." and then they'd respond "Hot!" or "Fuck yeah." Of the hundreds of emails that were exchanged on Adam4Adam I only encountered 1 lonely guy who stuck to his guns when he said safe only. Of course we didn't hook up.

On my CL ad it was made perfectly clear that I was taking loads. With all of that said I still had 2 guys who asked me if I had any condoms. I replied back to them and said "No! The ad clearly states that I am taking loads, RAW, and absolutely no condoms." Some guys are just that dense I suppose.

So back to my first night. The first top that came over was this black guy that I had been chatting with on A4A and he was chomping at the bit to get a piece of my hole. He came right over and when he walked in the door I was pleasantly surprised. He was built like a football player and hung like a mule. He fucked me for a good 30 minutes in various positions. My hole was wrecked and slightly sore. After he seeded me I went back online looking for more.

The next guy was a totally anonymous breeder from my CL ad. He wanted me face down, blindfolded, ass lubed, and door cracked open. Of course that's how I was and about 10 minutes later he showed up. It was quite cold outside so all the tops had to take off jackets and such. It took him some time to undress but was soon on the bed feeling me up and probing my hole with his finger. Once he got hard (and warm) he lined up his dick and pushed in. He lasted all of 5 minutes before he was unloading in me. He got up dressed and left. I never saw his face.

The 3rd and 4th guys happened to show up at the same time. I had told each one of them that there might be another guy here. The first one showed up and was about 6' 150 lbs about 6.5 cut average thickness. He had short but very curly brown hair. He came in and got undressed and I sat on the bed and started sucking his dick. I was sucking him for about 10 minutes when the 4th guy showed up. He was shorter about 5'8 160 lbs latin Navy guy with tattoos and 8" uncut. The white guy got really turned on when this guy walked in and told him to strip down. He did and then the white guy pulled me off the bed bent me over and shoved the latin guys dick in my mouth. While I was sucking the latin guy the white guy reached over and put some Elbow Grease on my hole and his dick. He shoved in and started pumping away. This lasted until I had the latin guy fully hard. The white guy pulled out and turned me around and bent me over so I was on all fours on the bed. The white guy shoved back in me while he and the latin guy started making out. Not long after that the white guy pulled out and he egged the latin guy on to shove his dick in me. The latin guy was kinda sheepish acting and it seemed like he had never fucked a dude before. The white guy was doing all the talking and telling the latin guy what to do, how to do it, and how hard to give it to me. They switched up quite a bit and then the white guy wanted to double fuck me. I was worked up just enough to go along with it. The white guy laid down on the bed and had me straddle him. Then he told the latin guy to line up behind me and push his dick in. The latin guy did but could only get the head in. We kept trying it out but it just wasn't working. Then the white guy switched positions and told the latin guy to lay down. I straddled him and pushed his dick in to the hilt. I leaned forward and started kissing him while the white guy pushed his dick in me. This was much better and both these guys were filling me up with dick. It didn't take long for the white guy to profess that he was cumming. He shot in me like that and then pulled out. I could feel how loose and sloppy my hole was as I continued riding the latin guy. I asked him if he was going to cum in me too. He told me that he already came inside me. With him being as sheepish as he was I totally believed him. They got dressed and left right away. I went to bed at this point and when I woke up the next morning I had a huge gob of cum in my underwear.

The second night wasn't near as interesting as the first but I still wound up with 4 more loads in my hole. All the guys were adamant about me being face down on the bed when they got there with my ass pre-lubed and waiting for them.

After the last guy left but before I went to bed I got an email from what turned out to be a firefighter who said he was in the middle of a 24 hour shift and wanted to come over when he got off in the morning. By this time it was already 4am and I was exhausted. He sent me some pics to entice me and I gladly agreed. I gave him the hotel name and room number and he said he'd be there at 8am sharp. I set my alarm and got up early and prepared for his arrival. He wanted me blindfolded, lubed, and have the door cracked. At 750 that morning I was ready. Just a few minutes later he came in and immediately got on top of me after stripping down. He whispered in my ear asking how many loads I had in me. He loved to talk dirty and really got off on the fact that he was using a cum dump. He pushed his dick in me and only lasted about 5 minutes before he blew his load. He got up slapped me on my ass before getting dressed and left.

Later that night was my last night in the hotel and I did the same as before. I re-posted my ads and went on the hunt looking for more dick. The first guy was pretty much the same as the rest. Where are you? I have a big load to drop. What room number? You got a blindfold? etc. I told him where to go and he said he'd be there in 15 minutes. I got ready and awaited his arrival. He came in and stripped down and laid on top of me. He put his hand over my mouth and shoved his dick inside my hole. I screamed at first because I wasn't expecting it. He tightened his grip on my mouth and told me to shut the fuck up. He said that is what I wanted and should have expected someone to come over and do this to me. Of course it didn't hurt as much as it could have because I had pre-lubed with quite a bit of Elbow Grease and I had taken 9 dicks in the last 48 hours. He kept up his anal assault until he finally blew his load. He got dressed and left.

The second guy was a really good looking guy but lived quite a ways from me. He took about an hour to get there but once he was there it was on. We chatted for a bit and then got naked. He had a slim but hairy body about 5'7 160 lbs with 8" cut. He had a really cool tribal biohazard tat on his abdomen above his dick. He laid me down on the bed on my back and started pumping my hole. He really like to fuck fast and rough. He fucked me in a variety of positions and lasted for a good hour before pumping me full of seed.

The last guy was a black guy who had seen my CL posting. He also wanted me blindfolded on the bed. He got there and demanded that I suck his dick to get him hard. I quickly realized he had grossly understated the size of his dick. Once he got hard he got up and lined up behind me. He pushed in and began pumping my ass like a jack hammer. He quickly came, pulled, and dressed.

I'd say I had a great vacation overall and am hoping that 2010 will bring as many if not more loads than 2009.

Rant - Disappointing Top #2

I'll warn you all that this is a rant and it WILL turn your stomach. Don't continue unless you think your stomach can handle it.

As I mentioned before I am trying to take my blog in a slightly different direction but still focusing on load taking. This is one of those such posts.

I met this top (that term is used extremely loosely here) guy on ManHunt a couple weeks ago and he invited me to his hotel so he could raw fuck me. During our email exchange he asked if I ever topped. I wanted to give him my standard reply of "No" but I was pretty horny and figured I could dump a load myself. I told him that we could flip fuck as long as he shot his load in my ass. This should have been my first clue that things were not going to turn out the way I had hoped.

When I drove over to his hotel it was still raining outside (clue #2) and I got drenched. I got to his room and when he answered the door I immediately realized the pic he was using had to be a decade or more old (clue #3). He didn't look gross but in my quest to take all loads I gave him a shot. He started out sucking my dick to which I remained impartial. The entire 15 minutes he was sucking me he never got hard. His puny dick was still shriveled up and bore to indication of stiffening. I decided at this moment that I was going to have fuck him (clue #4).

I jumped off the bed and forced him to bend over. I grabbed the bottle of substandard water-based lubricant from the bedside table and slicked up my dick. I shoved my dick in him with no regard to his personal satisfaction or well being. I began fucking him and when I looked down at his back I noticed a smudge. I almost puked on myself. I pulled out and grabbed my iPhone and made him think I was going to take some pictures of my dick going in his hole. Well I did that too. Anyways, I snapped a picture because I knew you guys just wouldn't believe this shit. Literally.

I also took a pic of my dick.

I threw my phone on the table and continued to fuck him. Then I smelled it. Yup you guessed it. He shit all over my dick. I know that shit happens to the best of us but this wasn't just a little bit of residue. This was full on, dick covered, hole smeared shit! I nearly puked again. It was at this point that I pulled out and headed straight to the bathroom. I began washing my dick off with soap and water when he came up behind me apologizing. I faked that it was alright. He knew I was disgusted and acted as if this was a common occurrence in his sex life. I got dressed and left without saying a word.

For those into scat I say go for it. Whatever blows your skirt up otherwise if you're going to bottom, DOUCHE YOUR GODDAMN ASSHOLE!

Follow up to 200 Followers

So the most requested item from my followers was that I create an Xtube account and post some videos. Well I can't expedite the filming of videos because it's something that just happens but for those loyal readers that have been with me from the beginning will recall that I have 4 or 5 videos that I posted throughout this blog. You can watch them here on blogger and just search the keyword "Video" or you can go to my XTube Channel .

There are currently 2 videos on there and there seems to have been an issue with uploading so keep checking back for the rest of the videos.

Let me know what you guys think.


So I know it's been a while but with the holidays, my vacation, work, school, and load taking it's been quite a time.

Juan came to see me back during the middle part of December and we had a great time while he was here. We went out on the ocean a couple of times and had some great quality time together. I believe that I've mentioned previously that he reads this blog occasionally. I like to think that he gets off reading about my load taking but what is really hot is having his thick Cuban dick shoved up my hole. We fucked several times while he was here and each was as good as the first. I introduced him to my close friends and they all seem to have liked him as well. He did let me take a pic of his dick so I could post it on here.

Hope you enjoy.

11 December 2009

200 Followers Already?

It seems just a few days ago I was posting on here that I was approaching the 100 follower mark . That was the end of June. Now it seems I am just days away from 200 followers. Milestone to say the least. I'm just glad there are (as of this writing) 194 dudes that are interested in my sex life. I rewarded you guys with a hot re-count of this hung Cuban daddy that bred me deep and some other adventures that night.

So my question is this. What do you guys want from me as a reward for reaching 200 followers?

To get you in the mood here's some pics of this muscled Russian hottie I saw in Subway tonight.

Cute face

Strong back

Awesome arms

Comment on this post if you care or just email me and I'll post it for you. Of course you can remain totally anonymous and your privacy will be protected.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride