23 February 2009

Cody's Cum

So I had just gotten back from a road trip and was checking emails and such. As I was just finishing up my emails when a new one popped up. It was a reply that I had posted on Craigslist a couple weeks earlier. I definitely wasn't expecting a response right then but I was like "What the hell".

I started chatting up Cody and he replied to the ad that I had posted about being a BB cum dump. He said he was horny as hell and knew a great place to fuck and dump his seed. I quickly replied and so the email tag began. After a few emails and him sending me a picture of his dick, it was decided that we would meet in about 30 minutes at the front of a local hotel. I quickly get ready and head over. Once there I text him saying I was there. He replied to go in the parking garage and go to the far left corner. He said he was sitting in his car. I did as instructed and immediately found his vehicle parked exactly where he said. I approached the passenger side and opened the door and got in. He was stocky built had an army hat, goatee, camouflage shorts, and a t-shirt. We exchanged the normal pleasantries and he said that he worked at the hotel and for me to follow him. We got out of his car and started towards a flight of stairs in the corner. After walking up a few flights of stairs he hopped over the railing and onto the roof of an adjacent building and I followed. After rounding the corner we came to an abandoned stairwell which looked out over the street on the other side. He hauled out his dick and I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. As I was sucking his dick I glanced over and could see tourists riding bicycles and cars driving by on the street below.

He kept forcing me down on his dick and I could taste his precum leaking heavily from the head of his dick. I didn't want him to shoot before I got to get that dick in my hole. I looked up and asked if he wanted to fuck me. He said yeah and I stripped completely down. I laid down on my back on the landing of the stairwell and hooked my feet into the railing of the stairs. I spit in my hand and fingered my hole and then spit another gob on his dick. I took a huge hit of poppers and guided his dick into my hole. He immediately started drilling my hole and giving me that "take my fucking prick you sorry faggot" look. I told him to fuck my hole and rough me up. He kept drilling me deep and my bare back (pun intended) was rubbing against the rough concrete. I kept taking huge hits of poppers and jacking my dick at the same time.

He said he was close and I told him to really fuck me and breed my ass. He then asked "You want it in your hole?" It wasn't more of a question but more of a demand. He said again that he was getting close and I could feel his dick had gotten a little more stiff than before. I said in a forceful (and probably too loud) tone to "fucking shoot that load in my hole". "Fucking breed me deep man". "I wanna get pregnant from your load man". With that he grunted pretty loud I could feel his dick pulsing and I knew he was impregnating me with his thick army sperm. He pulled out pretty quickly after I had shot my load. He quickly pulled his shorts up and I too got dressed quickly.

I looked down at where I was on my back. There on the concrete was a puddle of his cum that had obviously leaked out of my hole right after he pulled out. I didn't want him to see me do what I did next because I don't think he realized what a cum whore I really am. After he went back up the half-flight of stairs I quickly leaned down and licked the sperm off the nasty concrete. I got a taste of his army sperm along with some sand grit. Of course being a good cum slut is enjoying anything and everything that comes with a load. If that means getting a bit of sand in your mouth then thats what its gotta be. Anyways, I know you guys wanna see pics so here's the dick pic he sent me.


19 February 2009


So it's been a few days since Chaz and I had first hooked up. We had been trying to get with one another for another hot session but it just wasn't working out. Well finally I had a day off from work. On Tuesday I hit Chaz up to see if he wanted to meet up. We decided on a mutual time and I headed over to the house he was staying in. He came down and we snuck back upstairs and he told me he was jacking off on cam for one of his buddies. He wanted me to suck him off while he buddy watched us on the cam. I took a big hit of poppers and kneeled over to sniff his foreskin and smell his manly scent. I worked his dick over good and was putting on a good show for his hung buddy. Next thing I knew the camera was out and there I was sucking dick and smiling for the camera. After a few pics Chaz switched over to video mode and started forcing me down on his dick making me choke. We continued this for a bit and then we noticed the screen went blank. Turns out his buddy's husband came home so he had to go. I continued sucking his dick some more then we lit up.

After smoking some I went back to sucking his dick and swallowing his nuts. I gently tugged on them in my mouth while he jacked his dick. I could tell Chaz like it this way so I continued. Pulling ever so slightly more with my mouth and teeth. He jacked his dick feverishly and soon he said he was gonna nut. He sprayed his load all over my face. I just sat there and leaned back savoring the feeling of his load starting to crust over on my face and forehead.

I cleaned up and then went over to the bathhouse which happens to be right down the street where Chaz is staying.

Pics to come soon!

11 February 2009

New Top: Visiting Town

So I emailed this top guy with a really hot uncut dick on squirt back in January. For the purpose of this blog I'll call him "Chaz". Well it was Monday of this week before he got back to me. I got his email and he said that he got my email but forgot to send his pic before he left home. Well he had limited internet access and couldn't send a face pic. I chatted him up a bit and after studying that hot uncut dick of his I decided to take a chance and meet him without a face pic. His and my state of mind seemed to be in sync with regards to hot, raw, uninhibited, nasty sweaty, man sex. He gave me the address of the house where he was staying and I showered and quickly got over there.

I called him and he said his host hadn't gone to bed yet and wanted to know if I wanted to smoke a joint with him outside somewhere. I said hell yeah and down he came. We walked around for a bit but decided that we would be better off with him sneaking me in.

Once inside we sat on the couch for a bit and smoked a joint. After we got high he unzipped his shorts and hauled out a fat uncut dick. I knelt down between his legs and started sniffing that dick. He got hard and broke out the poppers and digital camera.

Needless to say he was packing a full 9" and a long foreskin that I just really got off chewing on. Turns out this dude is as piggy as me and wound up fucking me for about 4 hours. We posed in all sorts of positions and here a few pics of our encounter.


Poppers: Does a Body Good!

Damn that hole is gaping!

06 February 2009

Taking Requests....

I'll be taking requests from everyone for my next pump n' dump session which I've scheduled for Sat and Sun 2-7-09 and 2-8-09. Let me know what you want me to do.

Well since so few decided to comment, I decided I'd probably be better off at the bathhouse. I wound up taking 8 loads (4 each day) and shot mine all over the floor as the last top of each day was seeding my cumhole.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride