30 April 2009

Loads 105 through 112

Well today started like most others. I woke up horny and headed to the bathhouse. Not much going on there so before I left I signed onto ManHunt on my cell phone. Not much there either but these 2 daddies I had been chatting with for a bit hit me up and asked if I wanted to come over and get 2 loads. Of course I said yeah and I headed on over. Once I walked in I immediately stripped down to my jock and jumped on the bed. I began sucking the one guy on the bed and hiked my ass up in the air for the other one. Instead the other guy laid down beside me and started playing with my dick. I left the first guy and moved over to the second. He was much thicker than the first guy who was about 7" with average thickness. While sucking on the second guy the first moved behind me and lubed up my hole. He started fingering me and preparing my hole for my first 2 loads of the day. I took a big hit of my new K.U.M. poppers that I had just received from Fort Troff. These are some great poppers too. He eased his dick in my hole and went deep immediately. I kept sucking his partner and licking the foreskin and deep-throating his 8" dick. After about 10 minutes of fucking his boyfriend started breathing heavy and said he was gonna shoot. I told him to breed me deep and thats exactly what he did. He pushed his dick in me continously as he pumped me full of semen. I pushed back on his dick milking it for all the cum I could squeeze out of it. He pulled out and his partner took up position behind me. He quickly pushed his dick in me. I wasn't ready for his thick dick and it hurt a bit as he continued to pummel my hole. He gave up nothing and relentless pounded me into the mattress. At this point I'm face down flat on the mattress with my new bottle of poppers glued to my nose. It wasn't long before he too was breathing heavy and whispering in my ear that he was going to breed me deep. I egged him on and that was all he needed to shoot off in me. As soon as he pulled out I jumped up and got dressed. I quickly thanked them for the double loads and showed myself out.

As soon as I left I called Raw Top (I think it's time to give Raw Top a name. I shall call him....George.) and told him about it. He said it'd be hot to fuck my cummy hole. I told him I was going to a local bookstore next and he said he'd see me there. He walked in behind me and immediately told me to bend over and take his load. This was in the hallway between all the booths. I did as I was told and dropped my shorts and got out my bottle of poppers. He slid his dick in my sloppy hole and it wasn't long before he was blowing a load in me. I kept commenting on how good it felt to be fucking me with 2 other loads in my hole. Once he came I pulled up my shorts. He kept playing with his dick through his shorts and told me he could fuck me again. I told him not to tire himself out because we had made plans to visit the bathhouse tonight. He said he usually cums 10-15 times every day. My eyes got wide and I knew I was in for a record breaking night. I pulled down my pants and he started plowing me again. After about 10 more minutes of fucking he shot a second load (4th total) in me. I pulled up my pants again and we started chatting a bit since there was no one there. We heard someone coming in the main entrance and he told me to bend over again so the new guy could walk in and see me getting fucked. Again I dropped my shorts and he slid right in. The new guy was kinda cute, long hair, t-shirt, and shorts. He came up and started rubbing George's hole but he quickly swatted his hand away. New guy then started fingering my hole while Nick was fucking me. New guy then moved around front and fed me his uncut dick. He was wearing a thick stainless steel cock-ring but for some reason couldn't get hard. As George was fucking me and I was sucking New Guy a cute young black guy came in and saw us fucking. He immediately got into a booth and locked the door. New guy did watch as George dumped his 3rd load (5 total) in me. New guy zipped up and left without getting hard much less cumming. After New Guy left, George and I decided to see if the black guy was interested. We went to his booth and tried the door but it was locked tight. We went back to were we were fucking and chatted a bit more. While chatting we noticed that the cute black guy must have finished because he came out of his booth and walked out the door. We went to his booth and found that the cute black guy had deposited a nice thick creamy load on the floor (such a waste). George asked me if I'd scoop it up and lube his dick with it so he could fuck me again. I said "Hell yeah" and bent over. I dropped my pants and scooped up as much of the black guys cum as possible and coated George's dick with it. He bent me over and slid his cum covered dick in me. This was totally fucking hot and it wasn't long before he was pumping his 4th load (6&7 total). After that, George took a pic of my used hole with his cell phone. I pulled up my shorts and we went back into the hallway. There we found this older guy in a pair of camouflage pants. He wasn't terribly good looking but George insisted that I bend over again in an attempt to get him to join in. The name of the game of course is to see how many loads I can get. I did as I was told and George slid in me again. This time he fucked longer than before. It didn't help entice the older guy but it was still a good fuck and obviously the load was great. Total loads - 8.

29 April 2009

Load 104

I got a text this morning around 530 from raw top saying he just put his boyfriend in a cab to the airport. He said "Let the games begin". I asked him if he wanted to load me up and he said of course. He wanted to do it in a dangerous risky place. We decided to meet near this park where there is a an abandoned parking booth. The park is really busy especially that early in the morning. I drove up and didn't see him anywhere. I got out and started walking towards the booth when I heard him call out. I turned around and walked towards him. He said the booth was locked up. He then wanted me to bend over this old metal relic that was right beside the access road. I told him that might be too risky and we then went behind a large tree nearby. I dropped my pants, and took a big hit of poppers. He shoved his dick in me and started plowing away. It was long before he said he was gonna pump my hole full of sperm and I was telling him the whole time to breed me deep. He shot deep in my hole and pulled out abruptly. I pulled up my shorts (over my lucky "Nasty Pig" jock) and we stood there talking for a bit.

He explained to me about his boyfriend coming in within a minute of me leaving. He said his boyfriend saw a cum stain on his shorts and smelled poppers in the room. When his boyfriend asked him if he had cheated, Raw Top replied, "Why yes. Yes I did". That sent his boyfriend into a tirade and he demanded that Raw Top book him on the next flight home. Raw Top was not at all upset over this (and neither was I). He explained to me that after all the fees to change the flight around, it had cost him $480. I apologized profusely and he assured me not to worry about it. He then said that's why you are gonna be my cum dump and tour guide for the rest of my stay. Lucky for me it was for the next 4 days. We made a tentative itinerary for the next 4 days and I can't wait to get started. We talked more about the pics and we are gonna try to get together so I can download and keep everyone up to date.

Stay tuned!

28 April 2009

Rough Seas for Raw Top (from loads 102 & 103)

So I just chatted with Raw Top and he asked me if I wanted to hit up the bathhouse tomorrow. I of course said yeah. He said his boyfriend was flying home tomorrow. I asked him why and he said "He smelled the sex and poppers and saw your cum stain on my bed". I couldn't believe it. I immediately got rock hard knowing that exactly what I had (subconsciously) wanted had indeed happened.

So the boyfriend leaves tomorrow, he and I are gonna hit up the bathhouse together and hopefully I'll get those pics uploaded so all of you can see my cummy hole.

Stay tuned!

Loads 102 & 103

So I'm cruising craigslist yesterday and I found an ad for a "Raw top looking to unload". He said he was a BB top looking for nsa BB bottoms to take his quick load. He said he was in town with his boyfriend and their friends. He also said he liked it in risky places and wanted a quick pump-n-dump. As you all may know that is right up my alley.
I sent him an email saying I was a BB bottom into taking as many loads from as many guys as possible. I included my stats and anxiously awaited his reply. About 45 minutes later I received his reply. He asked me if I was cumcraver from blogger and wanted my cell #. I was surprised that he was able to put 2 and 2 together so quickly. I responded with a resounding "HELL YEAH" and told him that I indeed was cumcraver from blogger. We chatted for a while via email and he finally texted me to make it easier to meet up. We had planned for me to come over to the place where he was staying and fuck around in the bushes after his boyfriend went to bed later that night.

Around 11pm he sent me a text saying that he was at his place alone and his boyfriend and their friends were out at a bar. I asked him if he could host inside since it would be a bit more comfortable and he said yeah but we'd have to make it "mad quick". This even though he said he wanted to pump me full with 2 loads of jizz. I said that there was no problem with that and he gave me the address and said to come on over. He also said it would be hot for us to fuck inside because of the chance his boyfriend would come home and catch us. I quickly got ready throwing on my lucky pair of "Nasty Pig" briefs (mainly because I couldn't find my "Nasty Pig" jock), a pair of basketball shorts, t-shirt, and grabbed my bottle of poppers and headed out the door. I got there a few minutes later and after a bit of searching finally found his place.

He was staying in a complex of condos that were very close together. Each unit was separated by a short picket fence. We stopped on the porch and he asked if I wanted to get fucked inside or outside on the patio. I said it didn't matter to me and he told me to bend over the patio table. I did as I was told and unscrewed the top to the bottle of poppers and took a big hit. As I was bent over and he was fingering my hole I noticed that each of probably 12 neighbors could easily look down into the patio area and see him there loosening my hole up for his dick. This was part of the attraction and I immediately got rock hard. He eased his dick in my hole with only a bit of spit for lube. He started ramming his dick into me and I took another huge hit of poppers. I offered him some but he politely declined. As he kept at it, I was looking up and over at the neighboring condos hoping to see one of them step out to see what all the commotion was. I made sure I wasn't quiet and kept telling him to ram that dick in me and to breed me good. It would have been extremely hot for a neighbor to come out and just stand there and watch me get seeded. After just a few minutes of fucking he said he was getting close. I told him to spray my guts with his load and he rammed in me one last time dumping his seed deep in my hole. He pulled out and pulled up his shorts.

He then asked me if I wanted to go inside for the 2nd load or if I wanted to go somewhere else. I said it would be hot to chance getting caught by his boyfriend so we headed inside. Since I didn't have any pockets in my shorts I had kicked off my flip-flops and threw my keys and phone in the patio chair. I had planned on just leaving them there since I knew I wasn't going to be inside long. As we went to go inside he turned back to me and told me to grab my shit because if his boyfriend came home I'd need to run out the front door. I grabbed up my stuff and headed inside. At this point I still had my shorts around my knees with my hard dick flopping around. He bent me over but I said that I'd like to get fucked on my back so that I could see his face as he was loading me up for the 2nd time. He said okay and told me to pull my legs up. He grabbed his camera and said he wanted to take a few pics of my cummy hole. Of course I obliged and quickly threw my legs in the air giving him and his camera full access to my sloppy hole. After a pic or two he shoved his dick back inside me and started pumping away again. He started talking trash to me which made me get even more hotter. He asked me if this was gonna be load 103 and I said it sure is. He told me he was excited to be fucking cumcraver and that it was really cool that he was breeding my hole. I told him I'd blog about our rendezvous and a huge smile crept across his face. All this talk had me furiously jacking my dick as he was pumping my hole. He asked me if I was ready for his 2nd load and I said hell yeah. He started grunting and pumping his 2nd load of jizz in me. After he pulled out I told him to get a couple more pics of my sloppy hole. He grabbed the camera and right as he was taking the picture I started shooting a massive load all over my chest. I could feel it running down my sides and onto the bed sheets. I quickly recovered and got dressed knowing that his boyfriend would be back at any minute. We exchanged pleasantries and he said he'd be in touch again before he left town to load me up a few more times.
I'm looking forward to seeing how many of his loads I can take this week. Pictures to follow soon.

27 April 2009

Quick Double Load

So I had company all last week (mainly why you haven't heard from me). I decided that during a hour long break I decided to swing by the bathhouse and see what was happening. It was around 530 or so in the evening. I stripped down and headed to the video room and stood there for a bit. I was just about to leave when I saw a guy walking in. He came up to me and acted as if he recognized me. After my eyes adjusted a bit I realized that I too knew him. It was John from "A Night Like None Other (sorry it's a long one). He asked me if was getting into trouble and I told him I was trying to. He smiled and chuckled a bit then walked out. I figured he was just browsing so I didn't expect what came next. The door opened again and John came back in with his boyfriend Peter in tow. Peter came up and asked if I was taking loads. I said hell yeah. He asked if I wanted to go down to the bathroom and get double loaded. I said yup and followed them both downstairs. Once in the bathroom I took off my towel while they hauled out their dicks. I started going down on Peter and getting his big dick hard while John was jacking his dick. I switched when Peter got hard and presented my hole for him. He leaned over and hocked a gob of spit on my hole and rubbed it in. While I was still getting John hard Peter lined up his dick and pummeled my hole. It hurt pretty good because I hadn't been fucked in a couple days and had no poppers with me. He kept pumping me rough and was soon flooding my guts with a load. He pulled out quickly and spun me around forcing his dick in my mouth. He forced me to lick my hole juice from his dick and squeeze the last drops of cum out of his piss slit. While cleaning his dick John proceeded to drill my hole. As he was pumping in and out I could feel Peter's load sloshing around my hole and some of it dripping down my leg. It didn't take long for John to start pumping his load in me. As soon as he pulled out Peter forced me to spin around again and clean John's dick.

They quickly got dressed and left me there with 2 loads dripping from my hole. I didn't have much time left so I quickly got dressed and left both loads in me to make sure they soaked into me good.

Bareback Pride

Bareback Pride