28 June 2009

As Promised....

Yesterday afternoon while driving around, I was admiring some hot guys walking around with no shirts on. One I saw was shirtless, kind of a daddy bear, and in a pair of loose fitting shorts. His dick was HUGE and flopping around. Almost to the point of circus side show absurdity. I got rock hard and made up my mind that I was going to be a whore later that night. I swore to myself that I was gonna get loaded up by as many of those kinds of guys as possible. So not so new right? Right.

While at work I had been chatting with this cuban uncut top daddy from craigslist and planning to meet up after I had gotten off work. He wanted me to come straight over without showering or anything. I told him that I was hot, sweaty and rank from being in the sun all day. He said thats exactly how he wanted it. We agreed that I would show up at the all gay hotel he was staying at and he'd fuck me out at the pool for everyone to watch and, if they wanted, join in. I get there a bit after 9 and he answers the door and guides me back to the pool. At the pool are 2 of his buddies. He tells me that he's filled them in on his intentions for my hole. He told them that I was coming over and he intended to pimp out my hole to anyone and everyone that wanted it. Unfortunately for me, his 2 friends were bottoms so they weren't going to fuck me. It didn't pan out to be as busy as I'd hoped either. He told me while we were walking to the pool that his friends would "freak" if they knew that he was breeding me. He also had condoms in hand. I told him flat out that condoms were out of the question. I told him that if he had to put one on then he needed to tear a hole in the top so his dick would poke out and when he cums it too would flood into my hole. He wound up putting me face down on a lounge chair and as promised he tore open a condom package, tore a hole in the tip, and then slipped it on his dick.

He proceeded to plow my hole while his friends egged him on. Little did they know he was actually plowing me raw. Every so often he'd lean down and whisper in my ear "You're taking daddy's raw dick up you're hole. Aren't you faggot?". I'd reply with something like "Yeah daddy fuck my hole". I could feel his pace picking up and his breathing getting faster and heavier. He leaned over one last time and whispered in my ear "I'm gonna breed your hole, faggot. Get ready. Daddy's cumming." With that final admission he let loose a torrent of seed and flooded my guts with his nut.

After we composed ourselves Cuban Daddy told me to follow him. We wound up in a deserted area near the pool. Kind of a garden area. He told me to get on my knees in front of him. I got down on my knees in the mulch and he let loose his piss all over me. He covered my face, chest dick and everywhere else in a warm stream of piss. The entire time I was jacking my dick furiously. I really get off on being a piss slut for a hot uncut daddy.

When he was done I headed over to the shower to rinse off and got dressed. I headed out and over to the bathhouse to get some more loads.

I walked in and the place was LOADED with hot guys. I jumped right into all the action and to my dismay most of the hottest guys there were bottoms. I was soooooo fucking horny and was bound to have some fun. I started walking around and inspecting what was going on. Again to my dismay I found that almost every single top there was fucking wrapped. I was not about to get in on this so I had to make my own kind of fun. This, fellas, is where the story takes a turn. I knew that some of these bottoms had to be raw players and knew that the tops were probably not gonna be interested in breeding my hole so I decided spread my seed far and wide.

While hanging out I came across this really cute bald headed guy sucking this not so attractive guy. I hauled out my dick and started jacking off. I caught the attention of the bald guy and he soon left the guy he was sucking and started sucking my dick. He was a little toothy and I slapped him in the face and told him to go easy on the teeth. I figured if he didn't like it rough then he could get the fuck off my dick. Of course this whore did as he was told and kept sucking this time with no teeth. He came up for air and I guided him to my nipples. I started sucking on his ears as he was working over my nips. I whispered in his ear and asked him if he wanted to get bred. He replied to the affirmative and I asked him if he had a room. He said no and I told him neither did I. I told him to follow me and with that, we headed to a dark corner. He got down on all fours and presented me with his tight hole. I bent down and starting eating his hole and getting it wet with spit. He asked me if I had lube and I said "Nope!" He didn't seem to mind so I kept eating his hole. Even if he had mind I wasn't going to stop. I spit in my palm and slicked up my dick. I lined up with his hole and stopped. I took a hit of poppers and he was hitting his own bottle of poppers. After securing the lid on my bottle I shoved my dick in to the hilt never letting him get used to it. He groaned but never indicated that he wanted me to stop. Not like it would have made much of a difference. I stood there behind this hot bald guy totally ripping his hole open. I wanted to make sure my cum soaked into his torn hole and hoped he would keep my load in him for as long as possible. I was so fucking horny it didn't take long for me to unleash a flood of seed in his hole. I pulled out and left him there steeped in my cum.

At this point I was hot, sweaty, and hungry as fuck. I went and got a bite to eat and cooled off a while. After eating I felt that it was time to get my own hole seeded again. I returned and found even more action but still all the guys were fucking wrapped. I was PISSED. I looked around and tried to find a suitable top to breed me. While searching, I came across this cute latino guy about 5'7 wearing a red Aussie Bum jock. He followed me around some so I decided to give him a try. I also figured he was a bottom but he was really fucking hot. I stopped and he came by and felt up my dick. I starting fingering his hole and found what felt like a fresh cum load deposit. I turned him around and smelled my finger. BINGO. Right again. I fingered his hole some more and extracted some cum into my hand. I used this cum to slick up my dick. He kept trying to turn around as if to tell me he didn't wanna get fucked. I felt bad for him because it was too fucking late now. I pushed his face into the corner and held him there by the back of his neck. He was slender built and shorter than me so he was in no position to resist. He knew what was coming and grabbed the bottle of poppers from my hand. He took a big hit and then handed it back to me. I momentarily let go of him to hit the bottle also. I lined my dick up against his hole and shoved it in again. There wasn't quite enough cum to make it truly lubed so it was pretty dry. He reached back and pushed against my hips to try and make me stop. This just infuriated me. This little cum dump is in no position to tell me what to do. I grabbed his wrist and forced it above his head. I held his hand against his neck and forced him back in the corner. I continued to pummel his hole and eventually he relented to my assault. I was finally to a point I could let his hand go to grab his hips and really plow into him. He gave no further signs of resistance and I was soon breeding his hole also. I grunted loudly as I let loose a second stream of cum up a willing hole.

After this I was beat. I got a bottle of water and headed home. I had to be back at work at 8am and it was already 4am.

I wish I had pics from the bathhouse to share but as you all know that would be close to impossible to obtain. I hope you enjoy and thanks for giving me 100+ followers.

Here's a pic of me enjoying my favorite past times. Poppers and dick.
Poppers. Does a body good.


  1. Fuck dude, that may be your hottest post yet!! Keep 'em cumming! -Dan

  2. Good to read that you are an aggressive TOP too.

    I enjoyed your video clips and I look forward to more!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Oh man was that hot. Love the blog, keep it up.


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